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The year 2021 saw tremendous change and suffering — not only because of the pandemic but also due to heightened concerns over emerging trends in diversity and recruitment priorities. From the start of what turned out to be a year filled with crises and heroic responses, iMocha has put its best foot ahead to help the recruitment industry come to grips with what was happening and begin to define the new normal that we are all now living through.

2021 Imocha Year End Video low


This is how each month panned for us this year:


The start of the new year was really great! As the next step in our exciting journey, we are headed towards a big change:

On the 26th of January 13:50 PST, i.e., 27th of January 5:00 AM IST, we changed our domain for all the properties, from interviewmocha to  

  • ‘i' as a reminder of what we used to be;  
  • as a signal of what we are — innovative 
  • and as a promise of what we’ll be — iconic.  

To know more, read: 


In this month, we started from the same pace where we left the previous month and worked towards Microsoft’s mission to empower customers, the PLC serves as a perfect partner for organizations to connect, learn, and accelerate growth and success.  

To know more read: 


It was already the time when COVID 19 started showing its second phase of pandemic effect around the world, we at iMocha were putting our best foot front in helping the world of recruitment to stay ahead of the curve. 

Meanwhile, in a Resurgence TIE Conference on Digital Acceleration and the Role of Startups, Satya Nadella, Microsoft’s CEO, praised iMocha’s skilling API. He mentioned how our innovation helps reduce time-to-hire and makes the lives of recruiting professionals easier. 

And as we're truly overjoyed with this appreciation, we took this as a motivation to keep innovating and keep revolutionizing the world of tech recruitment.

Here's the short clip of the same: 

Along the way, this month, we took an initiative in partnering up with iCIMS, a leading talent acquisition solutions provider to simplify the recruitment process further. This Prime integration between the two allows its users to elevate their recruitment process in a user-friendly, predictable manner. 

To know more about the benefits of iMocha partnership with iCIMS, read: 


Helping a large number of enterprises overcome the recruitment challenges due to the increasing rate of COVID 19 pandemic, iMocha became the world’s largest skill assessment platform and was spotted on Times Square, New York. 

Addressing the world at Times Square, iMocha has certainly taken a precedent in the industry. Our platform is used extensively by 300+ clientele for pre-employment screening, IT and technical recruitment, diversity recruitment, university recruitment, lateral hiring, and upskilling.

To know more, read: 


Because of COVID 19, many of the companies had gone out of the recruitment process,  and thus, we at iMocha were helping the companies stay ahead of the curve, meanwhile, Fujitsu, a renowned Japanese multinational information and communications technology equipment and services corporation, has selected iMocha, the world's largest Al-powered skills assessment platform, as its global skills assessment partner for faster hiring of job-fit candidates.

To know more about our partnership, read: 


8 months into the year, iMocha has added to its amazing list of breakthroughs by releasing AI-EnglishPro, a new assessment tool that allows employers to objectively and accurately assess candidates' Business English competence. Recruiters and hiring managers can use AI-EnglishPro to evaluate candidates' Business English fluency and construct winning customer-facing teams in an unbiased, AI-powered, and simple method. 

To know more, read: 


This month, iMocha took a new step from the incredible workplace environment, right through to our health and wellbeing yoga classes and occasional pizza parties, it’s no surprise that our employees feel that iMocha is a ‘Great Place to Work’.  

We have always known that we’re a great place to work, and this accreditation simply solidifies our resolve to ‘Work Happy’ always.

But, we aren’t stopping here! 

We are only going to keep on striving to make iMocha one of the most sought-after AI-powered skill assessment platforms - for both employees and customers alike.

To know more, about our accreditation, read: 


The holiday season is coming near and we are excited and proud to share our October month accomplishment of Microsoft Gold Application Integration Competency status, as a part of Microsoft's Partner Network effort. 

This is iMocha's second Microsoft Gold Competency, demonstrating the company's ability to develop and integrate AI-powered skill assessment software that is inventive, stable, and efficient for a wide range of business demands.


iMocha joined the ranks of IBM and PepsiCo by being awarded the Brandon Hall Excellence Award in Best Advancement in Candidate Assessment Technology. 

iMocha has made great strides in providing innovative solutions in Talent Analytics, and 2022 is bound to be better.


By adding so many feathers to our crown, we are looking forward to coming up with innovative and iconic features and updates to help professionals keep up with the world of continuous change, and help them stay ahead of the curve.

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Amit Mishra
Amit Mishra
CEO, Co-founder of iMocha, the world's largest skills assessment API platform.

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