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Last month, iMocha was part of the Partner Leadership Conclave organized by Microsoft. It was a great opportunity for leaders, particularly Segment and Sales Leaders, to discuss engagements and co-selling within the managed accounts.

This event was specifically conducted for the Microsoft CoSell Ready Partners, wherein they explored the possibilities that being a Microsoft Partner offers. The event focused on how all the partners can find a mutually beneficial platform, and how the partner ecosystem is a great nurturing place.

This conclave gave us a huge platform to talk about iMocha as trailblazers of the new-age tech hiring, and discuss how we can make a positive impact on all your hiring patterns. 

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The event titled Grow with Microsoft Enterprise Child Accounts was led by Ravi Garg, Enterprise Channel Leader at Microsoft, who has over 25 years of experience in high growth industries. He talked about how us, as partners, can grow our business with Enterprise Child Accounts. 

At the conclave, two events were running parallely: one wherein the distinguished speakers took a deep dive into the market and how to grow, and second where the Segment and Sales leaders could interact and understand mutual interests and inculcate a holistic, collaborative environment. Furthermore, one-on-one meetings were scheduled between the Microsoft partner companies and Account Managers at Microsoft. Microsoft even deployed a dedicated tele-sales team for accelerating growth within the Enterprise Child Accounts, to best identify the problems that we, as iMocha, can solve and to build traction and connect with like-minded people across industries. The focus was on solving industry problems and getting insights from industry leaders on curated topics. 

The COVID’s impact across industries is undeniable; tech is as ubiquitous as it can be. The conclave discussed how we can address this, too. 

For instance, some of the topics that were discussed by these industry leaders were how we can empower innovation using Microsoft AI, how GitHub can be used to enhance developer productivity, and how selling with Microsoft can be a non-zero-sum-game for each party involved, with their overall focus on creating the future more technologically savvy and adept. 

Us Mochaites met with SM&C Commercial segment members, wherein each manager was tagged across different managed accounts and/or verticals. With the on-going pandemic, it has become increasingly difficult for people to interact the way they used to earlier; and it is perhaps because of the same reason it has become vital to interact with people across different segments and inculcate relationships. 

Moreover, there’s a dire need to collaborate and co-innovate to meet the changing needs of the customers across segments. With the pandemic, we’ve seen the embracement and use of technology has been widespread and necessary; and similarly, the way we conducted regular business has seen dramatic shifts. With this Partner Leadership Conclave, the objective was to devise innovative ways to accelerate business during these shifting times.

Few of our key learnings from this conclave was to not limit ourselves: not the way we are presenting ourselves, not in the way we tell our stories, and definitely not in the way we approach the market segments. Other segments, besides ITeS, are just as (if not more) viable for us. 

Moreover, through the conclave, we understood the importance of having a robust and dedicated sales team that specializes in finding gaps and problems within the customer segment. And having an equally adept outreach team is a bonus!

It is through these learnings, we were able to find a new set of opportunities within the Microsoft ecosystem. 

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Vishal Balwatkar
Vishal Balwatkar
Vishal, Strategic Accounts Manager, iMocha, has over 13 years of experience as a Tech-Sales Professional and Sales Strategist. Throughout his professional career, he's been working on trending and technology-driven business solutions. He considers himself to be customers' advocate and is dedicated to providing them with the best solutions and business value. An MBA from IIM, he believes that technology is the way forward and advocates the same to his customers.
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