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How do you find QUALITY candidates for your company? or

Are you able to find QUALITY candidates?

As you strive to hire the best and brightest professionals, you just cannot believe in your gut feeling. There should be something more efficient and reliable means of gaining insights into the capabilities and traits of prospective employees. And that something is pre-employment skill testing.

Pre-employment exams are a collection of evaluation tools that recruiters use to screen prospects and discover the best fit for their company. These tests provide tremendous value for your organization. By adding pre-employment assessments to the candidate selection process, companies of all sizes can better handle the vast pool of candidates applying to open positions. And while technology may be responsible for the increase in applications, it also provides an answer, by making it much simpler to integrate pre-employment testing into the hiring process.

What kind of results should you expect from pre-employment testing software?

  • Pre-Employment tests increase the likelihood of hiring high-quality candidates, help screen and select quality candidates for jobs.
  • Using these tests will drive incremental improvements in the hiring results, and minimize the risk of bad hires.
  • Do you know the cost per hire? The cost of hiring a single candidate is rarely calculated. Pre-Employment Testing improves business by lowering hiring and training costs and improving productivity
  • Implementing pre-employment testing results in gains, using an ROI Calculator can help demonstrate the returns a company can expect after implementing testing.
  • A little money spent on the pre-employment assessment that screens out the wrong candidates translates to hours back in your teams’ day.
  • Pre-Employment testing gives you objective insights into applicants’ technical skills.
  • Pre-Employment IT assessment tests improve hiring decisions and reduce the time spent on the hiring process by up to 90%.

What are the benefits of Pre-employment testing in recruitment? 

When recruiters use pre-employment exams to screen prospective candidates, they get a lot of advantages. The following are some of the most notable advantages:

Streamline recruiting process: 

Recruiters can obtain a lot of information on a lot of job candidates in a lot less time than it takes to manually sort through resumes with the help of the correct screening software. 

Improve hiring quality: 

Pre-employment testing assists employers in hiring individuals who are the best fit for the job and the company. This is not just fantastic news for the hiring manager, but it also means that the quality of the hire will be considerably higher overall. 

Eliminate common hiring bias: 

Technical skills assessment helps to avoid hiring prejudice by focusing on important aspects such as skills and personality traits rather than just background or demographics.

Enhance candidate experience: 

Pre-employment testing, believe it or not, can be beneficial to candidates as well! They allow job seekers to discover more about the organization they're interested in while also learning more about themselves.

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Finding candidates who are the perfect fit for your roles is always challenging. Using these pre-employment test results gives the interviewer the ability to know more about the candidate and provides new questions or discussions for the interview. The pre-hire test is one of the important components in the hiring process, it should be used to streamline and improve the hiring process.

Is your company looking for pre-employment testing software for better, faster, and efficient recruiting?



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Tanvi Sharma
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