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Top 20 Recruitment Management Software (RMS) in 2022

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04 November, 2022

As simple as it may sound, with the advent of digitalization, it has become increasingly complicated to perform HR tasks. Today, the process of recruitment begins from the very comfort of your home or place of choice, with remote recruitment and virtual interviews taking over traditional hiring process. As a result, many crucial factors are often compromised, such as candidate transparency, effective communications, onboarding, and more.   

The world went digital quickly, leaving a long list of loopholes in the traditional hiring procedure, making the job of an HR even more challenging. Many organizations faced a shortage of talented labor, causing loss of clients, start-up shutdowns, zero growth of businesses, and more.  

So, what's the solution?  

Virtual recruitment might have some downsides, but it has significant virtue of benefits as well. This hiring problem can be tackled efficaciously by combing human interaction with AI. With the right strategy and a fully-fledged recruiting tool, virtual hiring can even reach remote areas and source top talents for your business. 

Yes, the market has several automated recruitment software that can overcome each recruitment loophole, saving your organization lots of time and dollars.  

These recruitment management tools offer services like:  

  • Automated interview scheduling  
  • Automated tasks scheduling  
  • Report generation  
  • Hassle-free background check  
  • Customized hiring  
  • Onboarding  
  • Ensuring candidate transparency etc.  

So, find out the best recruitment management software from the list of top 20 tools below and automate your organization's hiring procedure now.  


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Top 20 Recruitment Management Software


Skill Assessment Recruitment Software


1. iMocha

iMocha-Nov-03-2022-11-04-14-3238-AMiMocha, an AI-powered skill assessment recruitment software, offers a solution for Talent Acquisition and Talent development to assist you in building a competent and skilful team for your organization.

iMocha's talent acquisition program automates hiring in various aspects, such as remote hiring, campus/university hiring, lateral hiring, and diversity hiring. It allows you to hire in huge volumes free from logistic hassles and 100,000+ man hours.   

To maintain 100% recruitment integrity, iMocha uses AI-powered smart proctoring that includes real-time audio and video proctoring, image capture, window violation, safe assessment browser, IP range restriction, and randomizing questions and answers.  

Besides, iMocha's talent development program also helps L&D managers to quantify learning programs' ROI by identifying and analyzing training needs, understanding employee skill levels, and encouraging internal mobility.   

Founded in: 2015

Founded by: Amit Mishra & Sujit Karpe  


Free Trial: Yes


  • iMocha is one of the best recruitment management software with 2500+ skills in its ready-to-use skill assessment library  
  • It offers 25+ coding compilers with thousands of coding challenges  
  • The software has 30+ integration with the world's leading recruiting partners and learning platforms  
  • It provides ready and custom integrations with leading ATS   
  • It offers provision to add your questions, as per the business need and job role requirement


  • iMocha does not conduct psychometric tests   

Clients: Deloitte, PayPal, Fujitsu, Capgemini, Cognizant, Wipro, Vanguard, CGI        

Pricing: On demand 

G2 Crowd Rating: 4.4/5 (165)      



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Programmatic Job Advertising Management Tools  



iCIMS-Nov-04-2022-11-51-10-7760-AMFounded in: 2000 

Founded by: Colin Day

Free Trial: No


  • ICIMS offers a sizable database that enables you to save the details of both active and passive job seekers, and access them anytime  
  • It allows you to swiftly track a candidate profile from the beginning to the end using the software, and evaluate any significant drop-off spots 
  • It offers a variety of insightful features, including text engagement, Teams integration, job posting, and social distribution, which helps streamline the talent acquisition process for recruiters and candidates alike.   


  • Their self-service options are limited; most things cannot be customized from the user's end and must be handled by customer service   
  • Due to the system's large amount of data, there are frequent errors and slowdowns.  
  • The UI/UX of ICIMS is outdated and occasionally overbearing.  

Clients: Pepsico, Sun Life, Amdocs, intel, Intuitive  

Pricing: $1700/month   

G2 Rating: 4.0/5 (479 reviews)  



3. Joveo

joveoFounded in: 2017   

Founded by: Kshitij Jain   

Free Trial:  


  • Joveo offers complete control of campaign optimization, including publisher sending, automated CPC increases, and decreases, flexibility to alter titles and locations to better respond to market trends and drive more application  
  • U.I. of this recruitment software is self-explanatory and easy to navigate   
  • The customer support team is quite particular about their services  


  • Joveo does not allow you to track reporting on current campaigns; you need to connect to customer service for it  
  • Downloading reporting data is a time-consuming process   

Clients: Sony, Phillips, WilsonHCG, HCL, Penna  

Pricing: Not disclosed publicly  

G2 Rating: 4.9/5 (11 reviews)  



Interview Scheduling Tools   



Founded in: 2020  

Founded by: Annil Chandel   

Free Trial: Not Available  


  • It seamlessly syncs with your inbox and sends follow-up emails on your behalf to prospects who haven't responded  
  • This recruitment management tool has a top-notch AI capability in recommending the most relevant candidates  
  • The software makes it easy to contact candidates by offering their phone numbers  


  • The starter price of this application is a bit expensive  
  • It doesn't allow individuals to open multiple tabs; each new tab opens up a new window  

Clients: LT Harper, Fidius, Mason & Co, Jankin Energy  

Pricing: $29/month  

G2 Rating: 4.9/5 (16 reviews)  



5. Setmore  setmore

Founded in: 2011  

Founded by: Bryce Morrow  

Free Trial: Yes  


  • This online recruitment management software has a two-way sync ability with both Outlook and Google calendar, making it more user-friendly since most of us already use the other  
  • Setmore allows unlimited bookings, even in the free version  
  • It allows grouping courses/appointments into categories hence organizing the data much more effectively  


  • It does allow multiple locations on a single agenda  
  • The application does not perform well on Safari as it does on Chrome  
  • Over time this recruitment management software develops many bugs, slowing down the system  

Clients: TDC Digital Agency, Happy Dental, The Johnson High Tennis Academy, Marketing Maverick, Law Office of Athar A. Khan  

Pricing: $0/month   

G2 Rating: 4.5/5 (208 reviews)  



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Recording Interview Feedback Tools


6. Kira Talent

Kira TalentFounded in: 2012  

Founded by: Emilie Cushman  

Free Trial: Yes  


  • This recruitment management software streamlines the process and puts all the information in one place, hence making it easier to get through the info efficaciously  
  • Kira Talent is one of the best recruitment software for candidate serving. It is accessible, convenient, and provides candidates' performance statistics, therefore, meeting candidates' needs effectively  
  • It allows customization of interviews  
  • It provides the ability to upload own videos for branding purposes  


  • The U.I. is complex and annoying at times. For instance, it is simple to accidentally click outside of the Notes button when selecting it, which will cause the entire video and ranking section to collapse.  
  • It does not allow the filtering of candidates demographically  
  • It does not support mobile application  

Clients: M School of Dentistry, Berkeley Haas, Imperial College London, Instead, Northwestern Kellogg, Des Moines University  

Pricing: Not disclosed publicly  

G2 Rating: 0 reviews and rating  



Applicant Tracking System


7. Greenhouse  Greenhouse-Nov-04-2022-12-46-57-2553-PM

Founded in: 2012

Founded by: Daniel Chait and Jon Stross 

Free Trial: No

  • You can modify the platform to match the particular needs of your business and create several hiring strategies for every position  
  • It is easy to use and compatible with a variety of systems (E.g., G Suite & Goodtime)  
  • The Greenhouse provides a one-stop shop for all hiring needs. Using Greenhouse, you can post job openings, review applicants, schedule interviews, make offers, and even source from the site  


  • Greenhouse offers limited customization 
  • The application does not support adding several departments, tracking communications, or saving notes  
  • The software fails to match resumes with similar candidates   

Clients: invision, J.D. Power, HubSpot, Wayfair, HARRY'S   

Pricing: On request   

G2 Rating: 4.4/5 (1214 reviews)  



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8. Bullhorn  BullHorn-3

Founded in: 1999   

Founded by: Art Papas   

Free Trial: Yes   


  • The UX of Bullhorn is entirely customizable  
  • You can keep track of your lead monitoring, response procedure, and sales cycle with the help of this recruitment management software  
  • Using its robust integration with WaveTrackR, you can post multiple job offers at once, saving you a great deal of time    


  •  The program is cumbersome and sluggish  
  •  Sessions expire very soon, interrupting the flow of work  
  •  Both the search engine and its algorithms do not function properly   

Clients: Allen recruiting software, FILTER, ADITI STAFFING, Addison Group, ALKU  

Pricing: On request   

G2 Rating: 4.0/5 (505 reviews)  



Candidate Relationship Management Recruitment Software  


9. TalentLyf  talentlyft-1

Founded in: 2016  

Founded by: Nikola Biondic  

Free Trial: Available  


  • The software provides straightforward monitoring and transparency of the entire selection process  
  • TalentLyft offers effective multi-functionality by linking multiple job portals in one place to provide a range of C.V.s.  
  • Their customer support is efficient and particular  


  • It does not allow editing of career page  
  • They have a very few integrations for both video interviews and assessment tests  

Clients: Addiko Bank, Decathlon, Dekra, Eurosender, Gideo, iOLAP  

Pricing: $49/month   

G2 Rating: 4.9/5 (28 reviews)  



10. Recruit CRM  RecruitCRM

Founded in: 2017  

Founded by: Shoanak Mallapurkar  

Free Trial: Yes  


  • They provide personal, hands-on and accessible customer support  
  • The U.I. is exceptionally user-friendly with lots of useful functions  
  • It allows you to convert the whole U.I. into your preferred language   


  • Their email integration does not work properly  
  • The software lacks reporting, does not provide custom reports even  

Clients: Reflection X, The Wellington Agency, Auto Careers Group, Top Coder  

Pricing: Not disclosed publicly  

G2 Rating: 4.7/5 (29 reviews)  



11. Smart Recruiters  Smart Recruiters

Founded in: 2010    

Founded by: Jerome Ternynck    

Free Trial: Yes   


  • It allows the recruiter to review candidates, add grades or ratings, pass the review to another reviewer, or return the review to the H.R. team 
  • It enables hiring teams to communicate and have complete access to the candidate pool during the hiring process 
  • The application provides the functionality of creating email correspondence templates 


  • It is not well integrated with other platforms   
  • SmartRecruiters does not have any feature for self-scheduling interviews 
  • It does not automatically contact candidates after a job application   

Clients: Equinox, Avery Dennison, VISA, LinkedIn, Skechers 

Pricing: On request   

G2 Rating: 4.3/5 (439 reviews) 



H.R. Recruitment Management Software  

12. Freshworks  


Founded in: 2010   

Founded by: Girish Mathrubootham   

Free Trial: Available   


  • Freshworks is a cloud-based software with self-automation that helps make the process streamlined and faster  
  • With the help of webhooks, users can extract candidates' data within a limited time     
  • The platform helps interact with many potential candidates via a contextual message from the chatbot, and then the letter can be handed over to the agent at the right time  


  • Freshworks is a bit pricy college recruitment software    
  • The software has limited filtering options when compared to other campus recruiting software  

Clients: Clarity, Salinas Valley Memorial Healthcare System, Bridgestone, Synergy, Bensons for Beds   

G2Crowd Rating: 4.5/5   

Pricing: Varies with teams, ex: $625/month (success teams), $950/month (enterprises)  



13. Tracker  tracker-1

Founded in: 2005  

Founded by: David Alonso  

Free Trial: Yes  


  • The application allows seamless data access and import to both clients and candidates  
  • Their customer support is easily accessible and available for consultation   
  • The software is highly customizable. It allows you to configure the U.I. as per your preferences  


  • It does not pair up with other software for background checks and e-sign documents  
  • The software does time out a lot frequently in the middle of work  

Clients: Palmer Group, Centurion Consulting Group, Pure Staffing, MD Staffing  

Pricing: $80/month   

G2 Ratings: 4.6/5 (84 reviews)  



14. Fetcher  Fetcher

Founded in: 2012  

Founded by: Andres Blank  

Free Trial: No  


  • Fetcher offers finest quality of candidates within a short span  
  • The software allows you to enable auto-reach out once the search is calibrated   
  • Fetcher is a powerful recruiting tool that offers many of the advantages of having an in-house source, with a creative twist of integrating with the business' email system to conduct targeted outreach to possible candidates,   


  • The software has a lot bugs affecting its functionality adversely  
  • The software cannot edit contact cards after being added to searches  

Pricing: Not disclosed publicly  

G2 Rating: 4.6/5 (11 reviews)  



15. Zimyo  Zimyo

Founded in: 2018    

Founded by: Kumar Mayank and Ajay Singh  

Free Trial: Yes  


  • Zimyo has important features like finance, TDS, slips, and more  
  • The software helps employees in getting loans to gain financial stability hence promoting a good culture in the organization  
  • Zimyo has an intuitive dashboard that provides detailed insights into the organizational structure  


  • It does not allow integration into accounting software  
  • The user interface of this online recruitment software takes a lot of time to adapt   
  • The software is not fully-fledged and comes with a lot of bugs   

Clients: iMocha, The Claim Consultants, THB, IFC, Go4fresh   

Pricing: $2/month  

G2 Rating: 4.6/5 (38 reviews) 



Recruitment Operating System   

16. Vincere  vincere

Founded in: 2015  

Founded by: Bernie Schiemer  

Free Trial: No  


  • The software has some fine automation capabilities that make it simple for recruiters to contact candidates, perform procedures, and interact with LinkedIn  
  • The software is affordable to all  
  • Vincere allows you to run a free text search from any page and get accurate results  


  • The system is click-intensive and prone to bugs and problems  
  • The software is not customizable enough  
  • It does not integrate with job boards properly  

Clients: Webber Chase, Lincoln Recruitment Specialists, Halcyon Knights, Eden Scott  

Pricing: $39/month   

G2 Rating: 4.6/5 (375 reviews)  



Employee Referral Management Software  


17. WorkableWorkable-1

Founded in: 2012  

Founded by: Nikos Moraitakis and Spyros Magiatis  

Free Trial: Yes  


  • The platform automatically branches out a single post to several different companies   
  • Workable provides a shared space for hiring managers and team members to collaborate in an efficient manner  
  • The software has effective integration with Outlook, Zoom, and Teams for accessible communication and interview scheduling  


  • It does not allow the recruiter to add a title while setting up an invite email template  
  • Customer support is hardly available over call; you have to contact them via mail  
  • Reports/analytics functionalities are not customizable  

Clients: dribble, moodle, LYST, bevi, bulb, Deposit Solutions  

Pricing: Varies from $129 - $559/month  

G2 Rating: 4.6/ 5 (365 reviews)  



18. Referral Rock  referralrock

Founded in: 2017  

Founded by: Josh Ho  

Free Trial: Yes  


  • It provides an easy setup for the referral program and rewards payout  
  • The pricing structure is reasonable  
  • They provide a set of core feature sets, such as simple-to-integrate widgets, single- or double-sided referral program options, one-click signup forms, automated templated email messages, unique tracking for sharing, API connectivity, conversion tracking, reporting, etc.  


  • They have built-in email templates, which are not much customizable  
  • Their reporting is limited and unclear  
  • Features like text, font selection, size, spacing, etc. Are super glitchy  

Clients: TripAdvisor, Fidelity, AT&T, Manpower, PCB( Phelps County Bank), Random House  

Pricing: $200/month  

G2 Rating: 4/5 (4 reviews)  



19. ERIN  erin

Founded in: Mike Stafiej  

Founded by: 2018  

Free Trial: No  


  • This application keeps you updated about the status and process of the referrals, saving much time  
  • The UI ERIN is quite self-explanatory   
  • The application has a dashboard with the entire referral summary on one page  


  • The mobile version of this application is slow  
  • A few administrative tasks, such as removing an employee still need to be done manually  

Clients: Wendy's, Verisure, Sunrise Senior Living, Sea World, Rush Enterprise, Heartland Dental  

Pricing: $500/month  

G2 Rating: 4.7/5 (158 reviews)



20. Comeet  comeet

Founded in: 2013  

Founded by: Omer Tadjer  

Free Trial:  


  • Comeet has many valuable features, such as integration with MS 365, which makes it very easy to schedule sessions  
  • They sort a card with pros and cons after each interview  
  • The software has an effective integration with zoom for scheduling interviews  


  • There's no automation feature available  
  • It's tough to edit existing interview scorecards  
  • It's not recommended for large-scale organizations  

Clients: bob, Fiverr, tytocare, Vimeo, DataRails, Noname, KPMG  

Pricing: Not disclosed publicly  

G2 Rating: 4.6/5 (158 reviews)  




What is recruitment management software?

Recruitment Management Software is a bunch of individual tools put together to manage and automate virtual hiring and staffing procedures. These tools take control over every single step in recruitment, such as posting jobs, interview schedules, candidate follow-up, customized messages or emails, and onboarding. Online Recruitment management software such as iMocha automate your entire hiring process.  


What kind of software do recruiters use?  

Recruiters use a bunch of useful software such as

  • ATS, Applicant Tracking System; collects and tracks applicants who apply to your job listing  
  • CRM, Customer Relationship Management software; develop and maintain relationships with vast applicant pools while efficiently overseeing the entire hiring process  
  • HRMS, Human Resource Management System; a software that organizations use to control internal H.R. operations  


How do I choose a recruitment management system?

While choosing a recruitment management system, make sure it has the following features:

  • Strong encryption  
  • Onboarding  
  • Candidate training  
  • Responsive customer support  
  • Job promotion via social media  
  • Tools for passive candidate search and candidate sourcing  
  • Job posting on free, premium, and niche job boards  


What are the five stages of the recruitment process?  

Following are the five stages of the recruitment process:  

  • Create an impactful job description   
  • Engage with the effective recruitment tool such as iMocha  
  • Applicant screening  
  • Interview the most qualified applicants.  
  • Then offer the job   
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