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14 February, 2020

Thursday, February 13th 2020 marked a long but eventful day for Team imocha as our fellow mochaites Vishal Madan & Sagar Darekar showcased our product at Microsoft’s booth at the Nasscom Technology & Leadership Forum 2020 held at the Grand Hyatt, Mumbai.

We are in the business of skills assessments and we love opportunities to get on the ground, discover challenges and receive direct feedback from actual and potential end users! In fact, MEET THE CUSTOMER and TALK TO THE CUSTOMER is a common record resonating through the cabins during the course of all our business meetings! Which is why we were really excited to be extended the opportunity by Microsoft for Startups India to present our solution.

Now in its 28th year, the theme for this edition – Tech in 20s: Coming of Age is focused on how the next decade is likely to play out in helping businesses accelerate innovation and deliver value, creating a winning enterprise. With tracks around co-creation and collaboration, tech coming of age, boosting the ecosystem by supporting a learning organization and building trust and cohesiveness, the event is sure to leave attendees with actionable insights.

With the keynotes and sessions underway, our fellow Mochaites were busy gearing up to discuss skill assessments, the continuously evolving skill matrix, the challenge of quantifying skill proficiencies and the dangers and losses associated with wrong hires! While the morning started with a low traction, which was not surprising considering sessions like Quantum Computing for solving complex problems, the changing focus of user experience services, beating competition with an open ecosystem and technology making us more human and numerous interesting tracks running parallel, our team was expecting it be a slow day, but instead they were met with a productive day filled with interesting conversations, insightful discoveries and some funny engagements! Yes, there was quite some interest for Microsoft Surface Laptops in addition to the occasional request for offers on Microsoft Office! Listen up, Microsoft!

While Mr. Nitin Seth, CEO at Incedo and Shailaja Venkat Iyer, Global CHRO, Incedo discussed their expectations from any Skills Assessment Product to solve, it was great to see the enthusiasm of Kirti Seth and her NASSCOM skills at the booth, meticulously delving into the minutest of details within the product. Reetu Sharma, MD Technology, TIAA was kind enough to share her recruitment problem areas at TIAA and we were happy to share similar use cases we had experienced in the past with clients and their successes.

There is no doubt that Video plays a major role in remote assessments and we were glad to hear K. S. Kumar, CCO at Sutherland and Harita Gupta, Country Head - India & Global Head Enterprise Business Services elaborate on their requirements for a Skills Assessment Platform with sound capabilities. Seeing the impressive solution, Dr. Sonal Modi, Director, Enterprise L&D, FiServ was quick to ask for a Product deep dive.
collage-1Events such as these present organizations with an opportunity to connect with like-minded folks and get a first-hand account of user challenges, potentials and thought processes. And our conversations with Anupam Verma, Ankur Vatssa and Narottam Puri from Nomura Services helped us look at the assessments industry from a different perspective. It was an absolute delight interacting with Technology and Recruitment Leaders – Atul Tajave, Padmini Thakur, Dattatraya Kulkarni and Sarosh Raghavan from Synechron Technologies and our teams had an enriching discussion. In-depth discussions and notable conversations with Prashant Acharya from Fidelity Business Services, Sumit Sabharwal from Fujitsu, Ranjeet Polishetty from Hexaware Technologies, Umanath Kandhallu from State Street Corporate Services, Bhavna Kapur and Amit Agarwal from HCL technologies and Sunil Palrecha from Wissen Technology had our teams exposed to a different level of insights.

Parag Pattewar from BNY Mellon was curious to understand how imocha is enabling clients in lateral hiring and was particularly impressed with our custom test creation features. Vikram W from HSBC software Development loved the overview of our platform and was interested to understand the impact of skills assessments in banking and financial services in this era of digitalization. 

We aim to help businesses recruit not just faster and better but also intelligently, we were really happy to share our solution with the industry leaders and executives driving these critical decisions at enterprises. Data-driven hiring decisions lead to better outcomes, productivity, retention and improved ROI – and we are glad to be contributing towards this. In a nutshell, we found that the general challenge with the audience was centered around the need for a credible, fool-proof mechanism to assess skills of potential employees in the Recruitment process or their own employees in an upskilling exercise. We are grateful to Microsoft for extending this opportunity to us.

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Damin Babu
Damin Babu
Damin Babu is the Senior Marketing Manager at iMocha. A passionate marketer, Damin handles the partner marketing initiatives at Interview Mocha. A stickler for detail, she believes in the power of content to amplify the voice of a brand. Her exposure to the martech landscape at MarTech Advisor and previous stint in a digital transformation-focussed publication, The Digital Enterprise has helped her gain a stronger grip on the exponential HR Tech ecosytem. An avid reader, she loves poring into fiction novels, traveling and chasing her hyperactive Labrador when she is not delving into customer challenges and understanding the HR tech and SaaS marketing ecosystem.

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