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Top 25 Online Proctoring Privacy Concerns by HR and Candidates

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Top 25 Online Proctoring Privacy Concerns by HR and Candidates

Online proctoring is often met with a lot of skepticism—both from the candidate and the organization at large. HR managers struggle with valid online proctoring privacy concerns related to online skills assessments such as:

What is Video Proctoring: The 3 Types


Developer Onboarding Checklist and Best Practices

Attracting and retaining high-quality talent in any organization starts with sourcing the right candidate.

What is Technical Recruiting & How to Excel at it?

A quick search on LinkedIn shows that over 7,000+ technical recruiter jobs are available in the United States. 

Top 9 Ways to Test the Programming Skills of Candidates

Hiring a programmer is expensive. The upfront costs can often run into five-figure salaries. After all, technical talent is most sought-after across industries and domains.

Top 16 Campus Recruiter Interview Questions to Hire the Right Candidate

Campus recruitment is the process of sourcing quality campus recruiters. These recruiters help companies:

How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Software Developer?

One of the most-asked questions on Google is: "How much does it cost to hire a software developer?"  

What is Employee Retention, its importance, and the strategies to enforce it

According to the 2022 Global Benefits Attitudes Survey by WTWCO, 53% of the employees are searching for new opportunities, and there are different factors resulting in this, including pay and bonus, job security, health benefits, and flexible work. However, these components aren’t merely the top reasons employees move away from a company. They can be the top reasons for improving employee retention when offered correctly. 

Top HR technology trends for 2023

We are already in 2023 and almost halfway through January. It is indeed the right time to analyze HR technology trends. Therefore, this article will examine the top five HR technology-based trends that will take a step up in 2023 and the future. There are several HR tech trends to consider, from increased use of cloud-based HR systems to upscaling remote/hybrid work model solutions. (Before moving forward with the technology trends, if you would like to learn more about hiring trends in 2022, you can read from here!)

Why we need Skills Intelligence as a core of talent transformation

Skills intelligence is an HR-tech architecture that makes the best out of an organization’s skills inventory, skills taxonomies, and market skills intelligence. Leveraging a skills intelligence platform can be a pathway for your organization to attain talent transformation.   

How to reduce Time-to-Hire in your organization

The clock is ticking as the time-to-hire the perfect candidate continues to increase in every industry.  

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