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Maharshi Upadhyaya

Maharshi Upadhyaya

Maharshi is passionate about scaling businesses by helping customers solve meaningful problems, and coaching teams to excel in account expansion – thereby, building mutual trust and consistently delivering success in business partnerships. He finds ideas & solutions that leverage technology & insights to stretch organisational & human potential, capability & productivity particularly exciting. Maharshi has worked with business leaders to help them grow their businesses and solve their talent acquisition & management challenges. His interests lie in devising and implementing effective customer success & growth strategies, driving teams, and securing large contracts to accelerate revenue growth.

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The HR Professional’s Work from Home Cheat Sheet

Work from home is a much-used term these days. Organizations usually have a defined set of processes in place for remote employees and for the one-off instances where a team or department resorts to ‘work-from-home. In fact, this is an option that offers your employees an added flexibility and if research is to be believed, it has also shown higher levels of productivity. Automattic, best known for giving the world, is working on a completely distributed model with employees all over the globe. So yes, there can be a success with remote working models.

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