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How Skills Assessments and L&D Go Hand-in-Hand

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Pankaj Deshmukh

Pankaj Deshmukh

Pankaj Deshmukh is in the field of digital marketing. He works with imocha and produces content for the variety of blogs that cover topics from recruitment, social media hiring & candidate assessment. He believes that learning is never ending process and stays updated with the latest trends that are useful for producing valuable content.

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How Skills Assessments and L&D Go Hand-in-Hand

In the olden days, people mastered one skill, which earned them their bread and butter for a lifetime. After working at the same company for several years, they were gifted a watch during their retirement – probably with their name etched on it.

Talent Development and Succession Planning: How It Works

Learning/talent development and succession planning are two of the most critically important human resource management processes within any organization.

Tips to Organize Virtual Team Building

It is incontrovertible that the 21st century dramatically transformed our daily activities including the day-to-day work life.

Top 101 Remote Work Resources and Tools for hiring managers & team leaders

We are witnessing global crises due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We all are pumped up more than before to stay fit, healthy, and productive by functioning remotely or from home.

Top Widely Used Recruiting/Hiring Tools Worldwide

And 2021 is here. Nowadays human resource teams are putting constant efforts to gain success in a highly competitive and candidate-driven job market. Every recruiter or hiring manager is trying out new ways to streamline their hiring process. Improved quality of hire, reduced hiring time, and cost-per-hire is a need of every organization but they are unable to set a standard process or a correct way to bring it into action. And how does it impact the organization?

Write for us - iMocha

Are you interested in showing your expertise and establishing yourself as an expert in recruitment and skills assessment? You are at the right place. iMocha WELCOMES contributors. Our mission is to empower Human Resource professional to hire job fit candidates faster. Writing a guest post for us will help you to reach out to more than 35,000 subscribers and 25,000 visitors monthly. Our visitors include recruiters, hiring managers, HR Directors, and HR Professionals.

How to choose the right SQL Online Test for hiring?

Hospitals, hotels, banks, retailers, airlines, app development companies, government, and any organization need to organize all the information that is relevant to run their daily operations.

Recruiter’s Guide to Hire SQL Developer Faster And Better

SQL is the most sought after skill nowadays. If you are looking forward to hire candidates with expertise in SQL but not really aware about the importance of SQL in IT recruitment, job profile and what all things to evaluate in a candidate then the guide will provide valuable information related to SQL hiring.

Top HR Conferences to Attend in 2020

HR conferences are one of the best platforms to improve, innovate, and envision future opportunities as well as traits. Don't miss out on the great way to connect & interact with thousands of HR professionals who are as passionate about their work as you! To help you make best out of 2020, imocha, an online assessment platform has compiled a list of top HR conferences being held in 2020 globally. So, what are you waiting for? Save the dates and plan to visit HR experts, innovators, and a new place! Scroll down and choose your favorite conference to attend this year!

iOS Objective C Interview Questions

If you are looking for ios objective-C interview questions, here is the list of most important questions that can be asked in interviews. Make yourself ready with this comprehensive list of interview questions.

Android Interview Questions

If you are looking for android interview questions, here is the list of most important questions that can be asked in interviews.

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