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Top 14 HR Analytics Tools in 2022

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Top 14 HR Analytics Tools in 2022

In today’s time, data and analytics govern businesses across all industries and sectors. The same goes for HR too!

Top 17 Talent Acquisition Tools to Hire Best Candidates

A recruiter not only wants to attract the most acceptable candidates for an open position but also aims to make the process as smooth as possible for both parties. But in today’s highly competitive job market, the talent acquisition process needs to be fast, efficient, and thoroughly streamlined.

Top 10 Coding Interview Tools

Market research evaluates and segments the worldwide developer population at 24.5 million. This number is estimated to reach 28.7 million in the upcoming years. Moreover, with the great migration, there is no dearth of candidates, but finding the right ones for you can still be an uphill task.   There are various reasons for it, but some of the crucial ones are:

Top 08 HR Assessment Tools for HR Professionals

Traditionally, pre-employment assessments were manual, time-consuming, cost ineffective, and had a tendency to be biased. They weren’t created keeping a specific job role in mind, so predicting a candidate’s on-the-job performance was impossible with those assessments. 

Evaluate Data Science Professionals using real-life scenarios with iMocha’s Project Based Assessments

Earlier, the amount of data generated by a company or organization used to be small, and accessing, saving, and processing it using business intelligence tools wasn’t that much of a task. But as time passed, different technologies and modifications came in, and the amount of data increased drastically.   

What is Talent Acquisition Analytics and Why It Matters

Traditionally, talent acquisition has always relied on 'gut feeling' and intuition. But that isn't the best measure in today's world. In the last few years, the industry has been changing working patterns, changing EVPs, and new-hire attrition increasing well over 15%. 

Top 10 Talent Assessment Tools Globally

Did you know each bad hire can impede the growth of an organization by 5%? Therefore, investing in the wrong employee is the costliest mistake recruiters can make!   

What Is iMocha's AI-Logicbox and How It Can Help Hire Top 1% Coders

Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) and Coding Simulators have been widely used as assessment question types for years to hire programmers. But they both have their set of limitations. 

Skills-first hiring and upskilling model for Azure professionals  using iMocha’s Azure Skills Offering

Normally, organizations or businesses would host or deploy data management services, application development services, virtual machines (VMs), etc. on their infrastructure either through their servers or through a hosting company that hosts services in their data centers. This method eventually started becoming expensive and was not proving to be reliable. 

How iMocha Sets Coding Problems for Skills Assessments

iMocha has the world's largest skills assessment library, with over 2500 questions across various domains. 

Hiring Rust Developers in 2022

According to the Stack Overflow Developer Survey 2021, which polled nearly 80,000 developers, Rust is the most popular programming language for the sixth time in a row. Facebook has joined the Rust Foundation, the organization that is driving the Rust programming language, along with Amazon Web Services, Google, Huawei, Microsoft, and Mozilla to foster the development of Rust and make it a mainstream language of choice for systems programming and far beyond. 

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