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Top HR technology trends for 2023

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Top HR technology trends for 2023

We are already in 2023 and almost halfway through January. It is indeed the right time to analyze HR technology trends. Therefore, this article will examine the top five HR technology-based trends that will take a step up in 2023 and the future. There are several HR tech trends to consider, from increased use of cloud-based HR systems to upscaling remote/hybrid work model solutions. (Before moving forward with the technology trends, if you would like to learn more about hiring trends in 2022, you can read from here!)

How to reduce Time-to-Hire in your organization

The clock is ticking as the time-to-hire the perfect candidate continues to increase in every industry.  

Codility Pricing, Features & Comparison with iMocha

As the demand for software developers continues to outpace supply, companies are increasingly focused on attracting and retaining top talent. But what does it take to hire skilled developers?

Top 10 Developer Assessment Tools in 2023

Are you looking to hire savvy developers? As a tech recruiter, you must follow a candidate-driven approach to hiring the right talent for your organization. That's when developer assessment tools come in. It helps recruiters streamline the technical hiring process and makes everything easier. 

14 Best Recruitment Apps to Find Best Candidates in 2023

Acquiring the best-suited talent for an organization is the most crucial yet arduous task. And who does that? The HR management solely. Due to this, HR professionals face immense pressure to find, connect and acquire candidates to fill open positions for their organizations.  

30 Best Tech Recruitment Agencies in London in 2023

The UK IT sector is projected to undergo several recruitment challenges in the coming years. The skills gap is increasing as many sectors fail to attract and retain the talent needed to meet future demand. It is exacerbated by the fact that Brexit would almost certainly result in a shortage of EU employees in the UK. Skills shortage is a global problem, but it is particularly acute in the UK. It is because the UK has a relatively small pool of talent to draw from. However, recruiting new employees can be expensive and time-consuming. Thus, you can use recruitment agencies to streamline the hiring process and find the best-suited candidates. To meet these challenges, organizations must start re-considering their recruitment strategies. They need to look at ways to attract the best talent. Hence, we have prepared a list of the 30 best tech recruitment agencies in London that can help you find the right candidate in no time.

Top 10 Best Applicant Screening Software in 2023

Would you believe me if I say writing a job description, sorting resumes, finding red flags in CVs, aligning potential candidates, and all other screening tasks require almost no human intervention?  

Top 10 Technical Screening Tools in 2023

Technical skills assessments have revolutionized the process of hiring the right candidates at the right time. Using advanced technical screening tools, recruiters can now evaluate the potential and aptitude of candidates accurately. Organizations using technical skills tests to conduct interviews for specific job roles can also assess coding skills, technical aptitude of candidates quickly and easily.  

Top 25 Tech Recruiting Tools in 2023

According to a Korn Ferry Report, by 2030, the worldwide talent shortage is expected to climb to 85.2 million workers. Businesses worldwide will face a potential $8.4 trillion revenue loss. Technology can be a game-changer here. Like it or not, technology is rapidly evolving and opening new avenues ready to explore. o 

Top 10 Digital Recruiting Tools in 2023

As the world continues to digitize, traditional recruiting practices are becoming obsolete. Since the pandemic, a number of organizations have adopted WFH or hybrid models. With this, talent teams had a wider net to cast, which also meant shifting to digital hiring.

Top 15 Recruitment Analytics Tools in 2023

Let's face it: the recruitment lifecycle is complex. Modern recruitment professionals must ensure that they source, interview, place, and onboard the best applicants for each position. As a result, recruitment analytics tools have become an integral part of every modern recruiting strategy.    

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