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Top 10 benefits of creating a Skills Inventory in your company

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Revathi V Gopal

Revathi V Gopal

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Top 10 benefits of creating a Skills Inventory in your company

Skills inventory refers to a repository of your employees' skills data containing their educational qualifications, work experiences, certificates, licenses, etc. You can learn more about skills inventory from here.  

Recession-proofing your talent strategy: The role played by HR departments and upskilling initiatives

From leadership pipeline development to workforce restructuring, HR has a crucial role in acclimating and acting on the different business changes brought up by any economic downturn. HR, in short, acts as a catalyst in reducing the impact caused by these economic hurdles.  

Understanding the Skills Gap: How can businesses overcome this issue

Skills are slowly turning into rivers. Well, not literally.  

Top six ways Skills Intelligence can help you achieve business goals

Skills intelligence refers to the practical usage of up-to-date skills inventory, skills taxonomy, and market skills intelligence to make data-driven and intelligent talent decisions.

Importance of Skills Taxonomy in the journey to achieving Skills Intelligence

Taxonomies, including the famous Dewey Decimal System for library organization, focus on creating an infrastructure for classification. In short, every database follows a unique organizational technique for its data to enhance ease of use and improve the retrieval experience. 

Skills Inventory: All you need to know

A skills inventory is a compilation of work-based and educational information of your employees that can help you and your company:

Top 10 Must-Read Books for HR Leaders and Professionals

Are you browsing for a good read that can keep you engaged and informed while providing ample food for thought as we come close to 2023?  

How skills intelligence can leverage Artificial Intelligence for building future-ready teams

Skills intelligence helps your organization identify skills and capabilities vital for building future-ready teams. It aids you in the following: 

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