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Monthly Skills Report: Most In-Demand Scenario-Based Skills For 2023

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Kartik Mishra

Kartik Mishra

I am an engineer and ex-ad film writer/director that now leverages his field experience in helping organizations hire better and faster. Having worked closely with approx. 500 organizations in the past half-a-decade, I understand what it takes for an organization to succeed and grow in today's market, and try to share my inputs regarding the same.

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Monthly Skills Report: Most In-Demand Scenario-Based Skills For 2023

Gone are the days when technical knowledge and academic qualifications were the only factors considered during recruitment. Nowadays, employers seek candidates who can apply their knowledge to practical situations.  

iMocha's Monthly Skills Report: Top Coding Skills for 2023

The year 2022 may not have been the best in terms of the world economy, but as a silver lining, it taught us a few crucial lessons about the importance of skills intelligence.

What is Video Proctoring: The 3 Types

Video proctoring can be a highly-misunderstood concept—as a number of people perceive it as unnecessary and, sometimes, way too probing. And understandably so.

Hackerearth vs Hackerrank vs iMocha (Comparison 2023)

With an abundance of assessment tools (especially ‘tech’ assessment tools) available in today’s market, choosing the right one for your recruitment and L&D programs can be confusing.

Coderpad vs Codility vs iMocha Detailed Comparison

With hundreds of skill assessment tool options available at your disposal, it's crucial to draw comparisons and see which tool can comprehensively transform and streamline your company’s recruitment and L&D processes.

Top 10 Skills Matrix Software in 2023

We all understand the importance your workforce holds in your organization. Still, monitoring their growth, development, and overall performance is complex without having an in-depth idea of their skills and capabilities. With no visibility into your employee's qualifications and skill sets, it becomes tough to:

Top 10 Cloud Recruitment Software in 2023

The conventional recruitment process comes hand in hand with some incredibly repetitive and time-consuming tasks, which comprise of heaps of paperwork, miscommunication, lack of insights, human errors and so much more.

Top 5 Competency Assessment Tools in 2023

The main aim of any recruitment drive is to hire the best talent available in their respective job market. But with hundreds and thousands of resumes in your inbox, how will you figure out if a candidate is competent enough for your job or not?

Top 14 HR Analytics Tools in 2023

In today’s time, data and analytics govern businesses across all industries and sectors. The same goes for HR too!

Top 17 Talent Acquisition Tools to Hire Best Candidates in 2023

A recruiter not only wants to attract the most acceptable candidates for an open position but also aims to make the process as smooth as possible for both parties. But in today’s highly competitive job market, the talent acquisition process needs to be fast, efficient, and thoroughly streamlined.

Top 10 Talent Development Tools for 2023

As technologies and business operations evolve, the need for Talent Development tools has become paramount for all organizations - irrespective of their industry or sector. By trainingyour high-potential talent with new skills, you can help them grow and, at the same time, speed up your company's progress towards achieving its goals.

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