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15 May, 2023

Campus hiring season is right around the corner, and it’s time your organization strategizes its next campus hiring strategy.

That being said, planning and executing a campus hiring drive can be challenging as it involves many moving parts, and even a minor lack of coordination can be critical, as you may end up with the wrong hire.




Challenges Faced in Manually Managing the Campus Hiring Drive

Let’s look at some key challenges organizations face before, during, and after their campus hiring drive that significantly impacts their hiring budget and time-to-hire. 

  • Time-consuming process: Campus hiring drives involve a lot of paperwork, manual data entry, and coordination with various departments. It can be time-consuming, and companies may have to dedicate significant resources to ensure everything runs smoothly. 
  • Inefficient communication: Coordinating with college placement offices, faculty members, and students can be tedious and confusing, and companies may face challenges in communicating effectively with students, leading to missed opportunities or a delay in hiring. 
  • Limited reach: Manually managing campus hiring drives can limit the company's reach to a particular set of colleges or universities. This can result in a limited pool of candidates, reducing the chances of finding the best-fit talent for the company. 
  • Data management: Collecting and managing large volumes of data manually can be prone to errors, and keeping track of all the information accurately can be challenging. This can result in lost data, candidate information errors, and application processing delays. 
  • Lack of automation: Human intervention in campus hiring drives often leads to errors. Automation can streamline the process, reduce errors, and provide real-time updates to all stakeholders involved in the hiring process. 
  • Inconsistent evaluation: When the evaluation is done manually, it leaves ample room for unconscious bias and other discriminatory factors. Additionally, different recruiters have different criteria for selecting candidates. This can result in missed opportunities for deserving candidates or the hiring of unsuitable candidates. 
  • Costly process: Manually managing campus hiring drives can be a costly process, as it requires a dedicated team of recruiters, travel expenses, and other associated costs. This can be a significant financial burden for smaller companies or startups. 

Considering these setbacks, it’s essential to consider how to automate these processes end-to-end and save yourself and your recruitment teams significant time and money. 

At iMocha, we have just the right solution for you. Introducing our end-to-end Campus Hiring Digital Workflow Automation Tool. 

Campus Hiring CTA-1

What is iMocha’s Campus Hiring Digital Workflow Automation Tool?

iMocha’s Campus Hiring Digital Workflow Automation Tool is an end-to-end package of offerings that automates all your campus hiring processes from start to finish. It comprises six key modules, namely: 

  • Campus Planning & Candidate Engagement 
  • Campus Logistics & Support 
  • Skill Assessment 
  • Interviews and Onboarding 
  • Proctoring Suite 
  • Campus Analytics 

And encompasses all the aspects of campus hiring in a cost and resource-efficient manner.  

iMocha's Campus Hiring

How iMocha’s Campus Hiring Digital Workflow Automation Tool Works 

iMocha’s comprehensive Campus Hiring Digital Workflow Automation Tool starts with Campus Consulting and offers a complete package of services covering all aspects of your campus hiring process. This is what the workflow looks like:

Campus Hiring Workflow

  • It all starts with our collaboration with your recruitment team. We understand your campus drive requirements, such as budget, open job roles, demographics, etc., and plan the drive accordingly. 
  • We gather Information about the candidates in a particular college, average salary, companies visiting the campus, and their schedule details, and accordingly initiate liaisoning and negotiation on-campus dates. 
  • We establish contact with the placement department on various campuses and provide relevant information about your organization to the campuses. 
  • Once done, we set up the calendar for the hiring cycle and share the information and updates with the stakeholders. 
  • Candidate engagement starts with the creation of a white-labeled Recruitment Microsite. 
  • The candidates register on the microsite and see the open job roles. Their data is already fed to the microsite, and if their college score matches the cut-off, the test date, schedule, and other credentials are shared with them. 
  • Meanwhile, our team visits the campus and evaluates its infrastructure to ensure they have the required systems and devices (such as a webcam and microphone) in place. 
  • Once the infrastructure is ready and the list of eligible candidates is shared with the campus, the testing process is conducted. 
  • In order to ensure that the testing process is done correctly, we provide the campus with on-ground invigilation and verify the candidate to their IDs using our robust proctoring features such as Candidate ID Verification. 
  • The test is conducted on iMocha’s Skill Intelligence platform, which is white-labeled as per the client’s branding and logo. 
  • Skill-specific job-role tests are created using our world’s largest library of skill-specific questions and can be customized as per the client’s input. 
  • During the test, our basic and smart proctoring features, such as Safe Assessment Browser, Smart Video Proctoring, and more, ensure that the integrity of the test is maintained. Here is a breakdown of our proctoring features: 

Campus Hiring Workflow


  • Once the testing is done, detailed reports are shared with the client, along with the candidate's information and instances of cheating or malpractice (if any). 
  • Our team also provides on-ground support for any technical or similar issues. 
  • Based on the test score, iMocha’s platform helps your recruiters screen the most relevant candidates and schedules their next round of interviews based on their preference (Sync or Async Interviews). 
  • During interviews, our platform offers live coding and whiteboard features to help recruiters accurately assess the candidate's tech and non-tech skills. It uses our patented AI-enabled pseudo-coding platform, AI-LogicBox, to assess their thought process while coding. 
  • Once the hiring decision is made, we share the LOI with the respective candidates and also help you plan their pre-joining programs for smooth project deployment. 
  • Upon completing the entire process, all the relevant data is shared with the client, which allows them to get a better view of the overall performance of their recruitment drive and helps them plan their future campus drives accordingly. Additionally, our GDPR-compliant and ISO 27001 certification platform hosts your data on a secured Azure cloud and allows you to use, remove or withdraw it anytime you want. 

Benefits of iMocha’s Campus Hiring Digital Workflow Automation Tool 

Apart from the apparent benefits of end-to-end automation, our Campus Hiring Digital Workflow Automation Tool helps you: 

  • Save hiring time by 60% 
  • Save hiring costs by 50% 
  • Accurately assesses each candidate using the world’s largest skills library of 2500+ skills and job-role specific customizable assessments 
  • Maintain the integrity of your job tests by offering advanced proctoring features 
  • Reduce resource dependency by managing all aspects of your campus hiring process 
  • Make accurate hiring decisions based on data instead of bias or any other discriminatory factors 

So far, iMocha’s Campus Hiring Digital Workflow Automation Tool has helped multiple organizations automate and streamline their campus hiring processes. It can be beneficial for your organization too! If you want to learn more about our campus hiring offerings, feel free to reach out to our team today! 


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Blog Summary (TL;DR)

Campus hiring can be challenging and time-consuming due to paperwork, communication issues, limited reach, data management, lack of automation, inconsistent evaluation, and high costs. To address these challenges, iMocha offers an end-to-end Campus Hiring Digital Workflow Automation Tool. The tool automates various processes, including planning, candidate engagement, logistics, skill assessment, interviews, onboarding, proctoring, and analytics. It saves time and costs, assesses candidates accurately, maintains test integrity, reduces resource dependency, and enables data-driven hiring decisions.

Contact iMocha for more information!iMocha's Campus Hiring


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