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Skills Report: Top 5 Power User Skills for the Future

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Skills Report: Top 5 Power User Skills for the Future

As the times change and the world is continually exposed to new technological advancements, conventional tech skills are also evolving and transforming into "power" skills.

How To Meet The Increasing Demand For App Dev & Business App Skills in a Limited Talent Pool

Introduction With our increasing dependency on digitization, tech skills have become crucial for all organizations, regardless of their industry. As more and more organizations are automating their workflow to meet the demands of the ongoing technological disruptions, tech skills are also evolving at an unprecedented rate and introducing new skills and job portfolios into the mix. At iMocha, we partnered with EY to understand this ongoing paradigm shift and answer three critical questions: What would be the in-demand tech skills across domains in 2025 and beyond?  What would be the strategic and functional impacts of tech skills transformation?  How are organizations responding to tech skills transformation? In our survey, we interviewed 50 HR and business leaders and conducted secondary research on over 26 million profiles to discover that 76% of these professionals & organizations have witnessed an increase in the demand for ‘application developers’ in recent years, while 62% of them have witnessed a similar surge for “business application power users” and “power developers.” But with a limited talent pool and shortage of required talent across the Indian, US, and European markets, how are organizations aiming to meet the increasing demand for application development and business power development skills? The answer can be organizational readiness through skills intelligence! In this blog, we’ll explain how building a skill taxonomy can help you overcome talent shortages and skill gaps and acquire future-proof application development and business application skills for your organization. Let’s get started!   Table Of Content - Three ways to tackle the shortage of qualified Application Developers & Business App Users Understanding changing job roles Investing in developing real-time visibility Assessing your organization’s overall skill proficiency - Emerging Application Development skills and how you can develop them - Final Thought

Simplify Campus Hiring With iMocha's Campus Hiring Digital Workflow Automation Tool

Campus hiring season is right around the corner, and it’s time your organization strategizes its next campus hiring strategy.

Tackling Technological Changes: Navigating The Tech Skills For The Future

Since its inception during the Third Industrial Revolution, Digital Transformation has evolved from data and machine learning to encapsulate new technologies and their associated skills. 

15 Industry Leaders Discuss the Future of AI in Talent Acquisition

As speculations go, AI is meant to take over most of our menial and repetitive tasks in the future. But can the same be said about Talent Acquisition? 

Top People Leaders to Follow for HR Professionals in 2023

As an HR professional, following and keeping track of HR trends is vital. One of the best ways to initiate this is by following top people leaders who spread knowledge through different social media platforms. This article will walk you through 27 top HR thought leaders, including talent acquisition, development, and management leaders. So, let's get right into it. 

What is Quiet Hiring: All you need to know

Indeed, the world of HR has stepped into a grey area with layoffs and hiring freezes caused primarily because of the mixed signals sent by an economic slowdown. Remember that our economy is cyclic, and such downtimes happen every 15 years. So, this isn’t a new phenomenon after all.

Skills Report: Top Application Development Skills for Tech Disruptions

A significant chunk of today’s digital market comprises companies with software, applications, or platforms as their primary offering and seek individuals that can help develop innovative and cutting-edge solutions. 

What is Employee Value Proposition: Benefits, & how to create EVP 

Employee Value Proposition, or EVP, is an integral component that can strengthen your HR’s talent acquisition and talent development wings equally. In simple terms, EVP stands for your company's offerings to its employees.  

Monthly Skills Report: Most In-Demand Scenario-Based Skills For 2023

Gone are the days when technical knowledge and academic qualifications were the only factors considered during recruitment. Nowadays, employers seek candidates who can apply their knowledge to practical situations.  

Top 9 documentaries to watch for HR professionals and leaders

Most of us would love to spend our leisure time curling up in our happy places doing something fun and relaxing. Some of us would prefer to engross ourselves with a movie or a book. Some others would love to binge-watch a show, and others would like to watch a documentary. This week, as you might have already guessed from the title, we will focus on top documentaries for HR professionals.

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