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What is Video Proctoring: The 3 Types

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What is Video Proctoring: The 3 Types


How to reduce Time-to-Hire in your organization

The clock is ticking as the time-to-hire the perfect candidate continues to increase in every industry.  

Top 10 benefits of creating a Skills Inventory in your company

Skills inventory refers to a repository of your employees' skills data containing their educational qualifications, work experiences, certificates, licenses, etc. You can learn more about skills inventory from here.  

HR Budgets may need a 50% increase despite the recession

A new world of work has emerged. This year has already seen several emerging HR trends, thanks to the changing employee expectations and working styles. Turnovers are rising; wage expectations are skyrocketing; hybrid workforces need modern technologies and training, and labor shortages never seem to cease.

14 Best Recruitment Apps to Find Best Candidates in 2023

Acquiring the best-suited talent for an organization is the most crucial yet arduous task. And who does that? The HR management solely. Due to this, HR professionals face immense pressure to find, connect and acquire candidates to fill open positions for their organizations.  

Top 15 Devskiller Alternatives in 2023

Devskiller is an industry-leading technical screening platform. With RealLifeTesting methodology, Devskiller applies razor-sharp precision to evaluate technical skills and provides an incredible candidate experience. In fact, up to 94% candidates finish their tests using this platform, which is unmatchable.

Top 10 Best Applicant Screening Software in 2023

Would you believe me if I say writing a job description, sorting resumes, finding red flags in CVs, aligning potential candidates, and all other screening tasks require almost no human intervention?  

Top 20 interview tools for employers in 2023

The job market today is highly competitive, and hiring one of the best talents is challenging. But what's tougher is getting a good candidate through the interview process.

Top 15 Best Hiring Platforms to Hire Qualified Candidates in 2023

Hiring employees can be a tedious process that involves several expensive and complicated steps. As a result, many companies need help to source, vet, assess, hire, and onboard candidates efficiently. 

Top 15 Remote Interview Software (2023)

Finding top talent for your company can be quite a hassle in a remote setting, especially when your competitors are already scouring for them. From overspending to falling prey to unconscious biases, remote hiring comes with its own challenges. However, fret not because technology has come far enough to offer tools to mitigate your company's remote hiring issues. 

Top 10 Must-Read Books for HR Leaders and Professionals

Are you browsing for a good read that can keep you engaged and informed while providing ample food for thought as we come close to 2023?  

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