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12 Best Sourcing Tools for Recruiters in 2022

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12 Best Sourcing Tools for Recruiters in 2022

Many recruiters believe it is more complicated than ever to find qualified candidates that fit the specific job requirements. In today's competitive job market, sourcing candidates who are also a good fit for the company has become more challenging.

Top 08 Campus Recruiting Tools for Employers

According to research, 70% of companies intend to hire on campuses. More recruiters are approaching colleges to find top talent as the labor market tightens. So many businesses, start-ups, and SMEs invest in university recruiting platforms to receive an end-to-end recruitment solution for all their needs, such as online promotion, candidate registration, bias-free assessments, and job posting.  

Top 10 Automated Resume Screening Tools & Software for 2022

Resume screening is usually used to narrow down large candidate pools, reduce time to hire, and assess the accuracy of job descriptions. But doing so manually can be a very complicated and confusing task!

Top 10 Video Interview Software and Platforms for Virtual Interviews

As more and more businesses are going remote, the demand for Video Interviewing Platforms is increasing drastically. 

What is Talent Acquisition Analytics and Why It Matters

Traditionally, talent acquisition has always relied on 'gut feeling' and intuition. But that isn't the best measure in today's world. In the last few years, the industry has been changing working patterns, changing EVPs, and new-hire attrition increasing well over 15%. 

Top 10 Talent Assessment Tools Globally

Did you know each bad hire can impede the growth of an organization by 5%? Therefore, investing in the wrong employee is the costliest mistake recruiters can make!   

iMocha's Guide to Hire Haskell Developer

What is Haskell Language?  Haskell is a statically typed purely functional programming language with type inference and lazy evaluation. Haskell is a programming language intended for use in education, research, and industry. It was the first programming language to include features like type classes, which allow for type-safe operator overloading. Haskell's primary implementation is the Glasgow Haskell Compiler (GHC). It is named after logician Haskell Curry. 

The Importance Professional Certifications and Badges Play While Hiring IT Professionals

Did you know that hiring managers are more inclined towards onboarding a certified professional?

4 Reasons Why Your Remote Recruitment Process Should be Revised

The remote recruitment process is all about showing trust in your resources and keeping the process simplified for them. 

21 Remote-Friendly Recruitment Trends In 2021

A company can be as good as the people that work for it, and attracting excellent employees necessitates a thorough recruitment process. Genuinely successful tips to recruit entails your entire team, as well as a few factors you may not have considered. To assist in de-mystify the process, we've compiled a list of the 21 best recruitment strategies that will help you attract great talent on a continuous basis. 

Power Up Your Hiring With Innovative Job Description Templates

Job descriptions, when done correctly, do more than just announce job availability at your organization. They encourage qualified people to apply, promote your organization as a fantastic place to work and eventually aid in the recruitment of top personnel. To help you create innovative and perfect job descriptions that enhance your job posting results, I’ve drafted some of the best job description templates.

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