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Top 10 benefits of creating a Skills Inventory in your company

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Top 10 benefits of creating a Skills Inventory in your company

Skills inventory refers to a repository of your employees' skills data containing their educational qualifications, work experiences, certificates, licenses, etc. You can learn more about skills inventory from here.  

Top 15 Employee Training Tools - 2022

An organization is as successful as its employees - when employees succeed, the business grows. However, even the most skilled employees often need direction and encouragement to succeed at their job.

Top 15 Training Need Assessment Tools in 2022

Organizations depend on tools to assess employee training needs on a regular basis. Many training needs assessment techniques still rely on tried-and-true methods, including surveys, focus groups, job mapping, and interviews.    

Top 5 Workforce Development Assessment Tools in 2022

“The land of opportunity and growth” is what each organization claims to be during hiring. But to what extent is it true? Is your organization capable of delivering that promise?    

Top 12 Best Upskilling Platforms to Upskill your Workforce in 2022

Upskilling is the need of the day. 67% of the L&D teams have seen an exponential rise in their L&D budgets. Furthermore, a number of organizations are now spending as much as $5000 per employee on L&D.  But measuring the outcome of L&D programs still remains a challenge.

Top 10 Learning and Development Assessment Tools

It was estimated by the World Economic Forum that over 60% of the world’s workforce will have to upskill by 2025. This means the time to invest in upskilling and reskilling is … well, now! 

Top 10 Talent Development Tools For 2022

As technologies and business operations evolve, the need for Talent Development tools has become paramount for all organizations - irrespective of their industry or sector. By trainingyour high-potential talent with new skills, you can help them grow and, at the same time, speed up your company's progress towards achieving its goals.

Top 16 Learning and Development Tools

Choosing the right learning and development tools should be easy, but is it?     

Top 5 Skill Gap Analysis Tools in 2022

Addressing the skill gap has become a necessity for organizations. A recent World Economic Forum study claims that skills required for jobs have changed by almost 25% since 2015, and by 2027, that percentage is likely to double.   

How to Enable Peer-based Learning in a Hybrid Model

Peer-based learning is one of the best motivators and accelerators in the corporate world. Not just because it inculcates exchange of ideas and promotes discussion, but also because it helps create great working relationships.

How iMocha Sets Coding Problems for Skills Assessments

iMocha has the world's largest skills assessment library, with over 2500 questions across various domains. 

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