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Monthly Skills Report: Most In-Demand Scenario-Based Skills For 2023

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Monthly Skills Report: Most In-Demand Scenario-Based Skills For 2023

Gone are the days when technical knowledge and academic qualifications were the only factors considered during recruitment. Nowadays, employers seek candidates who can apply their knowledge to practical situations.  

What is Skills Intelligence 

Making data-driven talent decisions by relying on skills can benefit your organization because skills are turning into the new currency. Today, one of the best ways to do so is with a skills intelligence platform.  

Common mistakes L&D managers must avoid

Being an L&D professional comes with its challenges. As a core foundation of your organization’s growth, an effective L&D strategy can improve employee retention, engagement, performance, skills proficiencies, etc. But, sometimes, mistakes can happen, hampering the L&D processes. However, if you have clarity on these mistakes beforehand, you can review and resolve them quickly.  

Talent Benchmarking: What it is, its examples, and benefits

Organizations worldwide continue to perform benchmarking as a way of attaining business growth. Regardless of the industry, investing in benchmarking initiatives helps companies enhance their products, performance, and processes while assisting them to stay ahead of their competition.    

iMocha's Monthly Skills Report: Top Coding Skills for 2023

The year 2022 may not have been the best in terms of the world economy, but as a silver lining, it taught us a few crucial lessons about the importance of skills intelligence.

Succession Planning: All you need to know to create future-ready teams

Imagine that one fine day, your company’s CTO decides to resign.   

What is Employee Retention, its importance, and the strategies to enforce it

According to the 2022 Global Benefits Attitudes Survey by WTWCO, 53% of the employees are searching for new opportunities, and there are different factors resulting in this, including pay and bonus, job security, health benefits, and flexible work. However, these components aren’t merely the top reasons employees move away from a company. They can be the top reasons for improving employee retention when offered correctly. 

Why we need Skills Intelligence as a core of talent transformation

Skills intelligence is an HR-tech architecture that makes the best out of an organization’s skills inventory, skills taxonomies, and market skills intelligence. Leveraging a skills intelligence platform can be a pathway for your organization to attain talent transformation.   

Adjacent skills: Their role in building skills-first organizations

What do you think is the best way to reduce the skills gap?   

Internal Mobility: All you need to know 

Internal mobility, aka talent mobility, is more than just a buzzword to build a versatile talent pool within an organization. Instead, when your company makes the best out of talent mobility, it can enhance your company’s growth and improve your employees’ performance, retention, and satisfaction rates.   

Top 10 benefits of creating a Skills Inventory in your company

Skills inventory refers to a repository of your employees' skills data containing their educational qualifications, work experiences, certificates, licenses, etc. You can learn more about skills inventory from here.  

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