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How iMocha Sets Coding Problems for Skills Assessments

iMocha has the world's largest skills assessment library, with over 2500 questions across various domains. 

Creating an L&D Program for Banking Professionals

In the banking sector, learning and development is a highly complex function that comes with a range of challenges, including technological disruption, tough market competition, massive workforces with varying learning needs, and strict compliance with regulatory training requirements. Each of these factors makes the ongoing activities in talent development a significant task to achieve.

How Skills Assessments and L&D Go Hand-in-Hand

In the olden days, people mastered one skill, which earned them their bread and butter for a lifetime. After working at the same company for several years, they were gifted a watch during their retirement – probably with their name etched on it.

Creating an L&D Program for Software Developers in 2022

As per statistics, organizations across the globe annually spend an average of $359 billionon the training and development of their workforce.

Creating an L&D Program for the Finance Workforce: The Ultimate Guide

One of the most significant cogs in a company's wheel is its finance department. Without expert finance professionals, a business cannot thrive or even sustain itself in a cut-throat competitive environment.

Top 10 Ways of Reducing L&D Costs

Regardless of the type of organization, you're in, the importance of having a talented and efficient team in ensuring organizational success is huge. Getting learning and development (L&D) initiatives right is, therefore, crucial to achieving your corporate goals. It's an excellent way of keeping your staff engaged and motivated and enhancing the productivity of your company.

The True Cost of Implementing an L&D Program in Your Organization

Prepping for an accurate and ROI-driven L&D budget? Don't fall for the trap and view "cost" merely as a tangible element—you need to factor in the non-tangible elements as well.

Talent Development and Succession Planning: How It Works

Learning/talent development and succession planning are two of the most critically important human resource management processes within any organization.

Why Employees Don't Learn—and How You Can Address That with Employee Upskilling

The need for employee upskilling is on the rise, thanks to the rising adoption of automation, AI, and other emerging technologies.

A Data-Driven Upskilling Strategy is the Key to Upskilling Employees Effectively

Creating an upskilling strategy without looking at employee data is like an accountant making a profit and loss statement without reading the journal entries—impractical in approach, inaccurate on paper.

How to Upskill and Reskill Employees in Line with the Organization's Needs

For Learning and Development (L&D) professionals, the ability to align training with the business strategy and needs is a prized talent. Seasoned L&D professionals understand that upskill and reskill employees within an enterprise are equivalent to 'upgrading' the organization's shared goals, collective skills, and operational efficiency.

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