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How to Create an Onboarding Program for IT Employees That Truly Adds Value

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Priti Surjan

Priti Surjan

Priti Surjan is a Learning and Development Manager at iMocha. She's a passionate HR professional and a people's person. She strongly believes in power of learning and quotes that a day without learning is a day wasted. She's responsible for any and all L&D related practices at imocha. Her previous experiences have made her adept with nitty-gritties of all L&D related processes. When she's not working, she's either sketching or reading, or traveling to some corner of the world.

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How to Create an Onboarding Program for IT Employees That Truly Adds Value

Onboarding programs are a critical stage that transforms promising candidates into highly productive employees. These programs can boost your new hires' productivity by up to 70%!

Unveiling the Secrets of Google's New Hire Mentorship Program

Google has an immersive mentorship program where potential employees, fondly referred to as Nooglers, go through a two-week program where everyone is taught how to use multiple tools within the Google ecosystem. They develop projects in groups and code for open-source programs. By the time the Nooglers are done with the program, they know everything about everything (arguably).

Four Quick Steps to Lead Upskilling Initiatives for Data Science Talent

Data science, in itself, is an interdisciplinary field that uses various tools and technologies to interpret, understand, and extrapolate with a goal to discover hidden patterns in data and make relevant, business-oriented decisions.

How to think about L&D programs for your organization in a pandemic

Research by People Matters in 2018 spoke of a book by Peter Senge where he coined the term ‘Learning Organization’. His rationale behind this term was that organizations that are learning and are flexible, productive, and adaptive to change will excel. The book was published in the 1990s when L&D-based business strategies were just a concept, and now we can see coming true.

6 Skills You Need to Nail Your Role as a Recruiter in 2021

The nature of jobs and businesses has changed by leaps and bounds over the last decade. Almost all jobs now require technical dexterity, many job roles like talent acquisition require new recruiter skills, and some roles are even extinct.

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