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Nidhi Puri

Nidhi Puri

Nidhi Puri is a Business Analyst at a pre-employment skill assessment company, iMocha. She is passionate about analyzing her customer needs and leading them towards success with a much innovative and effective approach.

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11 Steps Towards Transforming Assessment And Candidate Experience

Today, there is a lot of buzz around the word "Candidate Experience". It does not simply begin the moment the candidate walks into the company premises rather it’s the very moment they read the job posting.

Want to know your Skill Test Health? We've got Insights just for you!

Assessment is a tangible process where a recruiter evaluates candidates to fill in an opening. The end goal is to hire the best job-fit candidate effectively and quickly. Therefore crafting an ideal assessment although seems a tedious job may work out in your favor after all. Sometimes these minutely crafted skill assessments may still bring out a rather irrelevant and trifling crowd and waste your time. To help reduce this pressure of biases, we have introduced the skill test insights that give you exactly what you want out of a pool.

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