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Codility vs Hackerrank vs iMocha (Detailed Comparison)

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Panchatapa Deb

Panchatapa Deb

Panchatapa had a sprawling career as a freelance writer before she joined iMocha as a Senior Content Writer. She has rich experience of more than a decade and a half, which makes her an immensely versatile writer. She has worked closely with SaaS startups to build their brand image in this dynamic digital marketplace. Digital transformation excites her and she is eager to learn and contribute to this fast-evolving space with her writing skills. Besides pursuing her passion for writing, she is a mother to a human and two beagles. She loves spending quality time with her son, playing with her dogs, baking, traveling, and reading.

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Codility vs Hackerrank vs iMocha (Detailed Comparison)

In 2020, the global skills assessment market size was estimated at $1.93 billion. This figure is predicted to increase to $5.46 billion in 2030, with a 11.6% CAGR growth. To stay ahead in this competitive marketplace, it is very important to be abreast with the emerging technologies and platforms that make it easier to recognize critical skills and vet talent by skills validation. Here’s a comparison between the most reliable skills assessments platforms in 2022 are – iMocha vs Codility vs HackerRank.  

Top 12 Triplebyte Alternatives in 2022

Triplebyte is a technical skills assessment solution that connects hiring teams with top engineers for suitable roles. The platform enables you to hire pre-vetted and interview-ready professionals automatically. Instead of reviewing inbound applications, manual sourcing, and cold outreach, you can now concentrate your hiring efforts on the best candidates who are ready for interview.  

Top 12 Vervoe Alternatives in 2022

Vervoe has successfully replaced the conventional hiring process with advanced skills assessments. It gives an opportunity to candidates to showcase their skills and talent through on-job roles and tasks. In addition, Vervoe also uses Machine Learning models to rank candidates automatically based on their performance. However, Vervoe is not the one-stop solution to all your hiring woes. Hence, looking for Vervoe alternatives is only prudent to get the right job done at the right time.  

Top 15 Devskiller Alternatives in 2022

Devskiller is an industry-leading technical screening platform. With RealLifeTesting methodology, Devskiller applies razor-sharp precision to evaluate technical skills and provides an incredible candidate experience. In fact, up to 94% candidates finish their tests using this platform, which is unmatchable.  

Top 10 Technical Screening Tools in 2022

Technical skills assessments have revolutionized the process of hiring the right candidates at the right time. Using advanced technical screening tools, recruiters can now evaluate the potential and aptitude of candidates accurately. Organizations using technical skills tests to conduct interviews for specific job roles can also assess coding skills, technical aptitude of candidates quickly and easily.  

Triplebyte Pricing, Features & Comparison

Automated and AI-enabled technical recruitment process saves time, money, and effort. In addition, technical assessments are objective and therefore, fair and free from biases. Here, we are comparing the two most promising tools, iMocha and Triplebyte, pricing, features, and pros and cons.  

Top 15 Pre-Employment Testing and Screening Software in 2022

Screening and testing candidates for technical roles is a challenge. While most applicants project their skills relevant to the job description, recruiters are unsure about their prowess. Whether they are honest or simply exaggerating is a tough nut to crack. However, pre-employment testing software uncovers the truth.  

20 Tips On How To Hire Tech Talent

The fiercely competitive tech talent marketplace is making it immensely challenging and tedious to hire the right candidate. With industries heavily depending on technology for day-to-day operations, talented tech experts have an array of choices and job preferences. Companies looking for top tech talent can no longer sit back waiting for incoming applications. Today, potential talent is also evaluating companies more closely than companies assessing them. So, how to hire tech talent? 

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