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How to Hire a Digital Marketing Manager in 2023

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Tanvi Sharma

Tanvi Sharma

Tanvi Sharma is a Content Strategist at iMocha. A seasoned marketer and branding consultant, she likes sewing stories together to help brands find their true and unique voice. A perfection enthusiast, she believes each and every word should serve a purpose while writing. When she’s not writing for work, she is writing fan fictions and theories, and volunteering at local animal shelters.

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How to Hire a Digital Marketing Manager in 2023

Digital marketing is an essential part of running a successful business in today's digital age. It proposes numerous benefits for organizations today, such as:

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Critical thinking is an essential skill for individuals in any workplace. It enables candidates to analyze information, solve problems, and make sound decisions based on logic and evidence.

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Are you planning to hire PL SQL developers for your organization? If yes, you came to the right place. Here is an ultimate guide on how to hire PL SQL developers in 2023.

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iOS is one of the most coveted mobile operating systems in the world today. 

Top 11 HackerRank Alternatives in 2023

HackerRank is one of the most sought-after technical skills assessment platforms for hiring candidates in engineering roles. Founded in 2012, HackerRank has completed ten years of helping companies develop strong tech teams.

Your Guide to English Proficiency Assessment during Hiring

English is one of the most common modes of communication in today’s business world. With many developed countries in the world with native language as English businesses increasing their global footprint, it has become essential to quantify the English-speaking skills of candidates before hiring. Various companies hold English proficiency tests to screen candidates with a better command of English.

How iMocha's microsite can help you in your campus recruitment journey

The basic aim of campus recruitment is to bring quality to the organization with emerging talent willing to apply for their desired roles. Inducing online campus hiring lets organizations use advanced academic knowledge wherein there is room to interfere with innovative ideas and maintain a talent pool.

12 Effective Ways to Reduce Unconscious Bias in the Hiring Process

Let’s accept there, unconscious bias seeps in whether you like it or not. 

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Online remote proctoring is gaining momentum as it poses multiple benefits for hiring managers: 

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A quick search on LinkedIn shows that over 7,000+ technical recruiter jobs are available in the United States. 

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One of the most-asked questions on Google is: "How much does it cost to hire a software developer?"  

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