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How To Hire Kotlin Developers - Ultimate Guide

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31 March, 2023

Are you planning to hire Kotlin developers but don't know how to hire the best talent? You're in luck. Here's an ultimate guide on hiring the best Kotlin developers.

According to Github, Kotlin is among the top 10 fastest-growing programming languages in 2021-22. This popularity is due to Google announcing Kotlin as the preferred language for Android application development.

Kotlin presents an immense opportunity for businesses to develop applications at speed. Finding the best Kotlin developers amidst high demand is a struggle, so use this guide to help you make the best hire.

What is Kotlin used for?

Before you hire Kotlin app developers for your project, have a basic understanding of the language.

Kotlin is an open-source programming language, a favorite among developers. It is a safe language and is easy to learn. The Kotlin code is easier to read and maintain.

According to Kotlin’s creator JetBrains, a Kotlin code has 40% fewer lines than a Java code. A top feature of Kotlin is cross-platform compatibility. Kotlin enables cross-platform code sharing as it is compatible and interoperable with Java.

For example, you can build a mobile application and share the same code between Android and iOS without writing separate codes for each platform.

Developers use Kotlin to create:

  • Web applications
  • Front-end development
  • Android mobile applications
  • Server-side applications
  • Multi-platform libraries.

Also, since it enables any existing application to become cross-platform, this feature attracts many businesses to Kotlin.

What Does A Kotlin Developer Do?

As of 2021, there are an estimated 4.86 million Kotlin developers in the world. A majority of these are Android application developers.

A Kotlin developer typically works in an app development team consisting of a project manager, 2-3 developers, and others. The primary role of a Kotlin developer is to create robust applications. Their specific responsibilities are:

  • To write a clean and efficient Kotlin code to develop a mobile application from scratch
  • Ensure reliability and maintainability of the code by optimizing it
  • Resolve performance issues in the application
  • Implement security measures to make a robust and secure app
  • Conduct unit testing to create an error-free app
  • To enable the app to have the best user experience
  • Collaborate with other team members in the app development cycle



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Kotlin Developer Roles With Different Technologies

To hire Kotlin programmers, you need to understand the various roles of developers based on their expertise in specific technologies. Here are some technologies Kotlin developers work with:

1.Android: As mentioned, Kotlin is the most popular language for Android development. An Android Kotlin developer works with technologies like Android Studio, Android SDK, Android KTX, and other Android development tools and libraries. Assess Kotlin development expertise with our Android Skills Test, designed to evaluate Kotlin developers.

2.Spring Boot: A Kotlin Spring Boot programmer develops web applications using Spring Framework, Spring Data, etc. Additionally, candidates can take the Spring Boot Skills Test to validate their skillset.

3.Ktor: Ktor is a web framework for Kotlin. Developers use it for building back-end applications. A Kotlin Ktor developer works with Ktor-based technologies like Netty, Jackson, and Koin.

4.React Native: It is one of the popular frameworks for building mobile applications using JavaScript. Kotlin provides excellent support for React Native. A Kotlin developer working with React Native can bridge native Kotlin modules and UI components with React Native Apps to overcome specific limitations of React Native. Additionally, conducting a React Native Skills Test can be a valuable tool for recruiters to assess the proficiency of candidates in React Native development 

5.Micronaut: This is a modern JVM-based framework with Kotlin and Groovy support. A Kotlin developer working with Micronaut uses Micronaut, GraalVM, and Docker technologies to develop microservices, serverless applications, and modular applications with small memory footprints and quick startup times.

6.MongoDB: It is a popular NoSQL database, and Kotlin has support for working with MongoDB. The Kotlin developer with MongoDB expertise uses technologies like MongoDB, MongoDB Driver, and KMongo for back-end development. They ensure proper interaction between a Kotlin app and MongoDB by writing code to create the connection.

These are a few examples of Kotlin developers working with different technologies. When hiring a Kotlin developer, the project requirement determines which Kotlin developer you need.


Kotlin Developer – Different Types Of Roles in a Team

Kotlin developers work in various roles in a project. Some work in back-end development, while some work on a specific platform.

As a recruiter, you need to know the different types of roles Kotlin developers perform in a team to pick the right candidate for your organization.

Here are some types of Kotlin developers:


1.Android Developer: As an Android developer, the programmer’s role is to develop Android applications in collaboration with a team. The developer uses Kotlin to create high-quality, robust, and user-friendly mobile applications for Android devices.

2.Full-Stack Developer: A Kotlin full-stack developer is involved in end-to-end application development. The developer uses Kotlin to work on the front-end and back-end of an application. They build back-end server-side logic and the front-end user interface using Kotlin/JS or other technologies.

3.Back-end Developer: The Kotlin back-end developer uses Kotlin’s features like static typing, coroutines, Ktor, and null pointer exceptions for the back-end development of an application. They build server-side logic, APIs, and databases for applications.

4.Software Engineer: A Kotlin developer can work as a software engineer, developing software using Kotlin for various platforms, such as web, mobile, and desktop.

When you plan to hire Kotlin developers, determine the developers clearly so that you can target only specific candidates for the job vacancy.


Companies That Use Kotlin Developers

Kotlin has features like Null safety, static typing, platform interoperability, safer code, etc., that led to many big Java-based applications shifting to Kotlin. Some top companies that used Kotlin developers are:

  • Coursera
  • Evernote
  • Pinterest
  • Square
  • Uber
  • Basecamp 3
  • Slack
  • Trello
  • Duolingo
  • Netflix
  • Amazon


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Reasons to Hire Kotlin Developers

The reasons to hire Kotlin app developers over other development technologies are:

  • The Kotlin code is fast. You can execute it at lightning speed compared to Java code. A good Kotlin developer will write a concise program to improve code execution speed.
  • An expert Kotlin developer writes shortcodes with fewer bugs
  • Kotlin developers ensure that the application is safe from crashing and misconfiguration. They make the code reliable and stable.

Steps For Hiring Kotlin Developers

The following steps will help you to hire Kotlin app developers with exceptional abilities.


1. Establish the Company’s Requirements

Determine what the company is seeking from a Kotlin developer.

Are you hiring one for back-end development? Or does the project require a full-stack developer? Is it short-term work, or do you need a full-time programmer? What specific skills must the developer have to work on the project?

Delineate every detail of the company’s requirements for an effective hiring process.


2. Compose an Attractive Job Description

After establishing the requirements, create a job description that presents work details, skills, and experience requirements concisely. Check out our sample Kotlin Developer Job Description, which outlines all the work-related details and skills needed for this role.

Then, post the job advertisement on various job portals, online platforms, etc. A good job description will attract the best talents to apply for the job.


3. Determine the Salary Range

Kotlin developers are some of the highest-earning programmers in the world. The median salary of an Android Kotlin developer in the US is $130,000, and the hourly rate is $62.50.

Depending on their skill level and experience, Kotlin freelance developers charge between $25 and $40 per hour. An attractive compensation package will pull the best talents for the job.

Based on your budget and project duration, determine an appealing salary range.


4. Choose Between Local and Remote Talent

Millions of Kotlin developers are available in the market. But whom do you want to hire? It depends on your hiring model.

If you want to hire Kotlin programmers for office work, hiring local talent is the best choice. Or you can get a remote team of developers to reduce your costs. Better still is a hybrid team of in-house and remote developers.

Each of the hiring models has advantages and disadvantages. Choose one depending on your company’s and project needs.


Types Of Kotlin Developer Recruitment and Their Impact and Involvement in the Project

  • Hire in-house: It has the benefit of having dedicated and motivated employees. They understand the project in detail and strive to develop it fully.
  • Hire freelancers: A Kotlin freelance developer is suitable for short-term projects. They may possess exceptional skills, but juggling between various projects may lead to subpar outputs.
  • Hire a rental developer from an agency: A hired contractor augments a team on demand. The hiring process is quicker, and the employer will pay only for the work delivered. They need not worry about benefits packages.
  • Hire a development company: You can outsource the entire project to a development company with supervision from the in-house team. This method limits the communication between the company and the external development company.


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Where Can You Source Kotlin Developers?

You can hire Kotlin developers through various channels. The best ways to source developers are:

  • Job portals
  • Internal sourcing
  • Referrals
  • Online platforms
  • Freelancing platforms
  • Tech events
  • Outsourcing agencies

How Can You Screen and Assess Kotlin Developers?

Between scrutinizing resumes and calling candidates for an interview, conduct screening tests to identify the technical and soft skills of developers. It is an essential process to hire Kotlin developers with outstanding abilities.

A screening test should include questions on the programming language, its syntaxes, processes, features, etc. For practical skills assessment, the test must contain coding challenges using a coding simulator.

During the interview stage, you can include live coding to comprehensively assess coding logic, problem-solving ability, creative thinking, etc. Ensure that the screening test is challenging to identify and select the best Kotlin programmers.


Kotlin Developer: Project and Portfolio Analysis

Analyzing projects and portfolios will give a good measure of a Kotlin developer’s capabilities. In the portfolio, check for at least one app project based on Java or Kotlin.

Then, look into the design pattern the developer used. MVC (Model View Controller) design pattern is suitable for developing simple apps. Most companies prefer MVVM (Model View ViewModel) or MVP (Model View Presenter).

An experienced developer would have a project or two on MVVM or MVP. As a recruiter, do not expect a junior developer to build a complete app with numerous functionalities.

However, analyze whether the developer has followed any of the latest trends in the app. If the developer has projects on GitHub as public repositories, study them for coding proficiency.

Skills to Look for in a Kotlin Developer

A good Kotlin developer will have the following technical and soft skills.

A)Technical Skills

1.Programming skills: The developer will have a comprehensive knowledge of the Kotlin programming language, its features, concepts, syntaxes, etc. The developer should also have programming knowledge in Java, as Kotlin is interoperable with Java.

2.Android development skills: As Kotlin is the most preferred language for Android app development, the Kotlin developer should be familiar with Android app development and have practical knowledge of using tools like Android SDK and Android Studio. The developer must also know app design principles, lifecycle, and architecture.

3.Agile programming: The developer must have a sound understanding of agile programming techniques.

4.Frameworks: A good developer will have a thorough knowledge of web frameworks - SpringBoot, Micronaut, Ktor, Javalin, Vert.x, and others The best developers will know about XML, SQL, and Linux.

5.Testing and debugging skills: A good Kotlin developer will have experience testing and debugging code to identify and fix issues. 

6.Code Logic Skills

A Kotlin developer who has strong code logic skills can develop reliable and high-performing software solutions that can cater to the specific requirements of clients or organizations.

Moreover, this skill set enables them to write clean, easy-to-maintain code that can be modified or updated effortlessly.

B)Soft Skills

The expected soft skills in a Kotlin developer are:

  • Effective communication skills
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Research attitude
  • Time management and adaptability
  • Team player
  • Understanding of the user’s perspective
  • Business sense

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The tests include a blend of standard MCQs and coding challenges for a broader assessment of the candidate’s skills. iMocha also has various features that keep candidates engaged and can detect and prevent cheating.

So, why wait? Try iMocha to hire Kotlin developers and find the best talent.



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1.What questions should I ask a Kotlin Developer?

Recruiters must ask questions on Java and Kotlin programming languages, OOP language principles, Android app architecture, User Interface (UI), and data management.

Apart from standard MCQ-type questions, conduct coding challenges to evaluate a candidate rigorously.


2.How much time is required to hire Kotlin Developers?

If you have a hiring tool that automates the recruitment process, you can hire Kotlin developers in 2-3 days.


3.Which is better to hire a freelance or in-house Koltin developer?

It depends on your project requirements. Quality output delivery from freelancers is uncertain as they might be juggling between projects. An in-house Kotlin developer can work with motivation under oversight to complete projects on time.

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