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Understanding the Skills Gap: How can businesses overcome this issue

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Understanding the Skills Gap: How can businesses overcome this issue

Skills are slowly turning into rivers. Well, not literally.  

Adjacent skills: Their role in building skills-first organizations

What do you think is the best way to reduce the skills gap?   

Top 14 Soft Skills for Software Developers You Must Look for while Hiring

While considering a software developer for hire, what soft skills do you prioritize in addition to job-specific skills?

Top 14 Soft Skills Assessment Tools in 2023

Soft skills are best defined as the non-technical skills that accentuate the overall interaction, communication, and performance of employees. While hard skills are more function-specific and targeted, soft skills are intangible, subjective, and poorly defined. They are neither a part of the course curriculum nor do they show up on reviews or resumes. However, they are extremely important in determining the performance of employees and their overall corporate engagement skills.  

Top 10 Communication Skills Assessment Tools

Communication skill assessment is no longer an afterthought!  

Top 20 Skill Assessment Companies in India

India will require more than 35 billion skilled workers across a variety of sectors in the upcoming years, including logistics, banking and financial services, security, housekeeping, call centers, and healthcare.

Top 16 Pre-Hire Assessment Tools in 2023

The objective behind new hires is to achieve certain goals and tasks set by an organization. But how would you know if the candidate is job-fit and rightly-skilled to achieve your organization’s target? By deploying a right pre-hire assessment tool!   

HR Budgets may need a 50% increase despite the recession

A new world of work has emerged. This year has already seen several emerging HR trends, thanks to the changing employee expectations and working styles. Turnovers are rising; wage expectations are skyrocketing; hybrid workforces need modern technologies and training, and labor shortages never seem to cease.

Top six ways Skills Intelligence can help you achieve business goals

Skills intelligence refers to the practical usage of up-to-date skills inventory, skills taxonomy, and market skills intelligence to make data-driven and intelligent talent decisions.

Top 15 Candidate Assessment Tools to Pick Right Talent (2023)

All organizations, regardless of size and industry, seek the right talent to fuel their growth. But, finding this talent can be a daunting task. From shortlisting profiles to assessing their skills, there's a lot that needs to be done by HR. Thankfully, to simplify the process, different candidate assessment tools are now available.

Top 15 Online Assessment Companies in India - 2023

Finding the ideal candidate to fill a position always has its own challenges. Conventional hiring procedure has fundamental flaws and is no longer efficient.

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