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Understanding the Skills Gap: How can businesses overcome this issue

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Understanding the Skills Gap: How can businesses overcome this issue

Skills are slowly turning into rivers. Well, not literally.  

HR Budgets may need a 50% increase despite the recession

A new world of work has emerged. This year has already seen several emerging HR trends, thanks to the changing employee expectations and working styles. Turnovers are rising; wage expectations are skyrocketing; hybrid workforces need modern technologies and training, and labor shortages never seem to cease.

Skills Inventory: All you need to know

A skills inventory is a compilation of work-based and educational information of your employees that can help you and your company:

Top 8 Competency Mapping Tools in 2022

With an average of 8% of skills added per role every year, it is vital to keep competency mapping up to date. However, the truth is, mapping the skills of employees pose serious problems, even for small organizations. The entire competency mapping process is lengthy and time-consuming. It requires managers to maintain spreadsheets and utilize 360-degree feedback approaches, which include peer and first-report.

Top 8 Talent Mapping Tools to Fill Skill Gaps in 2022

Talent mapping is the key to achieving individual and organizational success, and that’s a fact.  

Top 10 Skills Matrix Software in 2022

We all understand the importance your workforce holds in your organization. Still, monitoring their growth, development, and overall performance is complex without having an in-depth idea of their skills and capabilities. With no visibility into your employee's qualifications and skill sets, it becomes tough to:

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