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Soumabrata Chatterjee

Soumabrata Chatterjee

Soumabrata Chatterjee is the Senior Manager: Content Operations & Strategy at iMocha. He works to find a fine balance between the customer and the product. A PhD scholar on post 90s Indian middle class, he believes in the Descartian ism: "I think, therefore, I am". When reading this bio gets boring, he is also the person you go to for recommendations on anime, philosophy, and films.

Recent Posts:

How iMocha Helps Assess Cognitive Ability skills for Information Technology (IT) Job Roles

In an article published in the Psychological Bulletin, Frank Schmidt and John Hunter analyzed 85 years of research in order to underline the most effective methods for recruitment (entry and mid-senior levels). They arrived at the conclusion that Cognitive Ability Tests were the most sufficient predictor of on-job success and performance. Simply put, a person with a higher score in a Cognitive Ability Test is likely to perform better than a peer who has scored lesser. The predictive validities of different types of selection tools are presented below and you can perceive a clear winner. 

How To Create A Cognitive Test While Hiring?

Creating a cognitive skills assessment for prospective employees is not an easy task. Neither it is a test that can be put together using a few generalized questions you find on the internet.  

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