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Dr. Kshitij Deshmukh

Dr. Kshitij Deshmukh

Dr. Kshitij is an HR leader. He has successfully executed multiple people management processes at a global level for various companies across the globe. He comes with a rich and diversified experience of 12 years in managing multiple HR and Talent acquisition projects. He is a behavioral science and cognitive science enthusiast.

Recent Posts:

Competency-based approach to identify Rockstar Software Developers during Talent Acquisition

Problem:  HBR’s (Harvard Business Review) study of the top 100 IT companies indicates a majority of IT services companies are facing two major challenges: 

Cognitive Ability Test – Starting Point to Build an Effective Campus Recruitment Strategy

Every year thousands of organizations visit top Ivy League colleges across the globe with a single mission statement:

53+ Categorized Data Science Interview Questions For Technical Recruiters & Hiring Managers

    Data science interview questions will help you understand if a candidate possesses certain traits that are required to complete the job or not. Usually, the questions are created and asked according to the job role. While the HR's ask simple questions related to past relevant experience if a candidate is comfortable to switch to a particular location, salary, and notice period. But technical recruiters and hiring managers need to ask the right data science interview questions to ascertain the skills and expert knowledge of a candidate before a data scientist hire.   Why it’s so important?   1. Companies are usually not able to reap the benefits of a data scientist for their own advantage. This leads to wrong hires with the right skills.   2. Also, hiring a data scientist with the right skill set according to job role is difficult.   3. The demand for data scientists exceeds supply, so hiring good candidates faster is important.   4. Fake data scientists and wrong hiring cost companies more than $110,000 every year.   5. Right task must be given to data scientists to make full use of their expertise.   The bothersome responsibility is how to hire and assess them because the competition for data science talent is fierce.   Do remember, all the good candidates are either taken or will be if you lose valuable time.

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