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Are You Using The Right Type of Pre-employment Assessments?

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Utkarsh Singh

Utkarsh Singh

Utkarsh Singh is a digital marketer who has also found love for writing in the recruitment industry. His creative approach can help you look at the same prospective in a different way.

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Are You Using The Right Type of Pre-employment Assessments?

With so many pre-employment assessment software available to solve specific problems; it is not unusual to find yourself overwhelmed in finding the right assessment tool according to your company's needs. That's why choosing the right type of pre-employment assessments available in the market is so important. Why are pre-employment assessments required? Assessment tests help to evaluate candidates whether they will be able to perform, fit into the culture, work as a team, handle the pressure and follow an ethical approach.

The Best Online Testing Software - Types & Reviews

What is online testing software? Online testing software helps to assess candidates by creating online tests, exams, and quizzes. Anyone can create tests to screen potential hires according to the job role, assess the skills of existing employees to train them, and assess student's skills on specific subjects. The testing software features give analytical data that give insights into a candidate which can help to make the right decisions without any biases. This saves a lot of time and administrative costs. Before we tell you the best online testing software, you should understand the types of assessment software, because if you check the Google top results then the top 15 show results of landing pages that talk about exam and quiz created for students or in general for everyone but assessments can be for various purposes, I have tried to categorize it below. Online assessment software can be categorized into 4 different types- Exam Softwares - By educational professionals to test the skills of students for something specific through exam software. Pre-employment Assessment Software - By hiring professionals to assess the skills of a candidate before hiring through pre-employment assessment software. Employment Assessment Software - By training, professionals to assess the skills of employees before and after the training through employee assessment software. Quiz Software - By anyone who wants to create a test or exam for fun through quiz software. In this blog, our focus is mainly on educational assessment software that can assess candidates and for the other points, you can click on the link below.

Data Science Interview Questions

Data Science interview questions can be divided into 3 categories technical data science interview questions, statistical data scientist interview questions and face to face interview questions. Technical data science interview questions are based on data science programming languages like Python, R, tableau etc. Statistical data science interview questions are based on math, machine learning, probability etc. and face to face interview usually have data science interview questions related to past experience or projects.

Recruitment Challenges A Recruiter Must Beat | Video Blog

What would be your largest hiring stumbling block if you had to choose one? True, your responses may differ based on the size of the organization you work for or the types of positions you're filling. Most recruiters, on the other hand, would focus on a few common recruiting issues.

iMocha + Partners Up!

With companies rolling out a ton of tools and apps every day, it is not unusual to find yourself overwhelmed with so many tools aimed at solving very specific recruiting problems. So, what could be the solution? It lies in your favorite recruitment solutions working together.

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