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Recruitment Challenges       

 6 Latest-Worst Recruiting Challenges covered: 

  1. Your HIPPO - One of the biggest challenges in recruitment 
  2. Dependency on Hiring Managers/Experts
  3. Hiring Duration is a Killer of Best Hires
  4. Candidates Rejected Speak Ill
  5. The Bad Hires
  6. Fed Up Interviewing Irrelevant Candidates

Not being able to hire the right talent becomes a killer for any company. 

As demand for skilled and qualified people having expertise knowledge outpaces supply and with so many companies competing for top talent, it’s getting harder for companies to attract the quality talent. 

If you wait several weeks the quality talent is going to lose interest or be scooped up by other employers.

A few of the challenges can be skimmed by using a pre-employment assessment software.

So, the focus of this blog on recruiting challenges is particularly on how to interview only quality candidates. Or, you can scroll to the last to watch video on challenges in recruitment.



#1. Your HiPPO - One of the biggest challenges in recruitment 

HiPPO - Highest Paid Person's Opinion

 Are you affected by HIPPO? Well many are. Even after highly sophisticated analytical data available to recruiters and hiring managers, many still rely heavily on their opinion which affects business in many ways.

Not much can be done regarding this except making a change in yourself by removing the HiPPO as a bias.


#2. Dependency on hiring managers/experts


A hiring manager or an expert will be required to assess skills of a candidate for any particular job role.

 This particular challenge creates chaos in many companies because hiring managers:

  •  are usually busy leads to more hiring time
  • lead to more hiring charges
  • like to use 'less is more' approach
  • decisions can be bias
  • are not always willing to interview

So, using their help in the last rounds or choosing between 2 or 3 candidates is best but when it comes to assessing candidate skills in bulk assessment software should be used.


iMocha is the only software in the world that has a vast library of 1000+ ready skill tests created by Subject Matter Experts. You can easily evaluate each and every skill of a candidate on basis of the job description and ask for a customized test.


#3. Hiring duration is a killer of best hires


68% of recruiters take average 42 days to hire a candidate across all categories.

Cut two steps, telephone round and checking resumes. Directly assess their skills first.

Do it for this reason –

  • High demand or quality candidates get more job offers
  • Vacant positions remain open for a long time
  • A negative image will be created of being a slow decision maker.
  • You will anyway reject a candidate who doesn't have basic skills.

With iMocha you can assess skills according to job profile first and remove all wrong candidates helping you interview only the quality candidates and, in the process, saving a lot of time. 

#4. Candidates rejected speak ill


Rejected applicants will speak ill about companies and hinder your company’s name. In the world where things are judged and escalated quickly candidates often speak bad even for small issues.

The moment the process becomes lengthy and boring candidates often leave and in case, they are rejected they give negative reviews.

In this scenario, it’s important to reject unqualified candidates on 2 or 3 rounds by giving them assessment skill test so that no negativity is created as the process becomes easy and fast.

 A negative candidate experience can be a blunder and can never be gauged properly. But here's what can happen?

  • They can share their negative experience with their colleagues and friends
  • Can update on different Social Media profiles
  • They won’t provide you with referrals
  • They can leave a negative review of your company’s hiring process on a Glassdoor
#5. The bad hires


Many recruiters and hiring mangers choose candidates who will agree with them and are cost effective so that they just do the hard work.

 You should hire someone who is better than you or your team and not think about the cost that can help your business to grow but if you don't, your business will affect badly as:

  • there will be no new concepts or ideas
  • less productivity or business can never be ascertained 
  • there will be a weak team 
  • no in-house great managers in the future
  • once hired you can't remove them just for not being a performer
  • if you do fire there will always be a  monetary cost of new hire 


#6. Fed up interviewing irrelevant candidates

Let’s be honest resumes haven’t helped since the 80’s and recruiters spend 40% of their time simply trying to understand candidates.

The only way is to stay selective with whom you interview and use skill assessment tests and simulators.

That will help you make sure people you are hiring are as qualified as they claim to be.


This is exactly where iMocha, skill assessment software comes in, it will arm you with information on candidate’s skills according to the job profile so you can do what you really want to do right: Interview Quality Talent.




  Recruitment Challenges and Solutions

Look out for these challenges when you make your next best hire. Cheer Up ! all the above problems can be solved through iMocha- an online assessment platform. Convert your challenges into your strength without any worries. I have also created recruitment challenges ppt in case you need to download it.


A right assessment platform is the current trend in recruitment 

Few points that can help understand why an assessment platform is used for recruiting globally:

  • Assessments can be done with ease and according to the job role
  • Recruiters don't need technical skills
  • Candidates basic skills should be assessed before a face to face interview
  • Irrelevant candidates can be removed in case of bulk applications
  • Candidates need to take assessments from any part of the world
  • Quick and intelligent reports are required
  • ATS doesn’t have proper assessments
  • Different hiring needs require different assessments



Utkarsh Singh
Utkarsh Singh
Utkarsh Singh is a digital marketer who has also found love for writing in the recruitment industry. His creative approach can help you look at the same prospective in a different way.
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