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How iMocha’s Engineering team plans to make the best of the funding

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Vishal Madan

Vishal Madan

Head of Engineering, iMocha, Vishal is a senior techno-functional leader, who takes pride in being fearless, decisive and works only with one motto in mind – 'Value Addition' in any task at hand, be it the primary portfolio in Delivery, Managed Services or Program Management or proactively taken secondary portfolio(s) which helps the organization succeed.

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How iMocha’s Engineering team plans to make the best of the funding

Recently, iMocha raised $14 Million USD in Series A investment round. That meant a lot of things: we're headed in the right direction, we are product-fit, and most importantly, an additional responsibility of investor's trust and client's raised expectations, which iMocha has always valued and respected.

The Making of AI-EnglishPro: Our AI-Based Business English Proficiency Test

The phrase ‘Artificial Intelligence’, sweetly abbreviated as ’AI’ when put in front of a product, raises the expectations from a product beyond limits.  

How IT Professionals Can Use This Pandemic Pause For Upskilling Efficiently

Do you often ask yourself, “Do I have the skills to survive in the post-pandemic economy?”

What You Can Expect in The Next 6 Months From The Product Team at imocha

Don’t find customers for your products, find products for your customers. 

How to Create Winning Engineering Teams for Your Organization

All good software companies have one thing in common: great engineers. An engineering team has to be structured properly for a number of reasons, but the primary reason being each engineer bring different skills to the table.  

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