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Top 15 Remote Interview Software (2022)

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04 November, 2022

Finding top talent for your company can be quite a hassle in a remote setting, especially when your competitors are already scouring for them. From overspending to falling prey to unconscious biases, remote hiring comes with its own challenges. However, fret not because technology has come far enough to offer tools to mitigate your company's remote hiring issues. 

Whether you’re having trouble scheduling interviews with potential candidates or collaborating with them online, we have shortlisted the top 15 remote interview software solutions of 2022 that can completely revamp your hiring strategy for the better. 

Empower your organization with remote interview tools to seek the best candidates for open positions, regardless of their geographical locations. These tools can streamline your hiring process by reducing hiring time and costs while offering a pleasant overall candidate experience. 

Moreover, remote interview solutions can help:  

  • Scheduling interviews at your and the candidates’ convenience  
  • Reducing time spent on conducting one-on-one interviews  
  • Finding top talent for your organization, regardless of the geographical location  
  • Introducing a fair hiring approach to support your diversity & inclusive initiatives 

From scheduling interviews at your convenience to generating automated job descriptions, we researched and curated the top remote hiring tools so that you don’t have to do it.  

If you want to level up your remote hiring approach – whether to transition from an in-person hiring methodology or to systematize your current remote hiring process – here are the top 15 remote interview software that can come to your rescue. 




1. iMocha iMocha-Nov-03-2022-11-04-14-3238-AM

iMocha is a cloud-based hiring software application that provides intuitive skills-based assessments to help organizations make better hiring decisions. Equipped with tests that measure over 2500 skills, such as Coding, Aptitude, IT, Language & Communication, Design, and Next-Gen skills, to name a few, this remote interview software accelerates hiring decisions and eliminates biases through data-driven insights. 

Using video assessments, AI-enabled proctoring, and insightful reports, iMocha's remote-ready platform streamlines recruitment process by increasing hiring quality and reducing talent acquisition costs.  

Type of Software – Cloud-Based Customized Skills Assessment Platform  

Features –   

  • This tool features 2500+ tailor-made tests for soft and technical skills that target specific job requirements.  
  • You can easily customize pre-employment assessments based on pre-set criteria. Hiring managers can also request tailor-made tests targeting particular skills.  
  • Equipped with advanced simulators, such as descriptive Q&A, AI-Logic Box, and job-based simulators, iMocha increases accuracy in predicting candidate performance.  
  • Users can leverage the smart video proctoring feature to detect violations and fraud to prevent cheating during tests.  
  • Hiring managers can conduct automated or live interviews, including live coding interviews, with iMocha’s video interview platform that provides a collaborative and smooth candidate and interviewer experience.
  • The software facilitates integrations with top ATS for streaming hiring activities.
  • iMocha’s skills assessment report helps hiring managers identify top candidates based on their core skills, ultimately eliminating unconscious biases related to gender, sexuality, race, and religious connotation. 

G2 Rating – 4.4/5 (181 reviews) 

Pricing – Visit the website for a custom quote.  



Want to know how iMocha's remote hiring tool can help you reduce hiring efforts by 40%? Try iMocha!



2. AppliedApplied

Applied is a remote interview software that promotes organizational diversity through de-biased hiring. It works by anonymizing applications, implementing a skills-based methodology, and establishing analytics and transparency throughout the hiring process. This approach allows Applied to identify top talent with ease. 

Type of Software – De-Biased and Fair Hiring Tool 

Features –  

  • Anonymous and randomized applications help recruiters combat unconscious biases based on demographics such as race, gender, age, religion, etc., allowing them to choose candidates based on their skills and expertise.
  • By randomizing candidates’ answers, Applied improves fairness in the hiring process.
  • The job description tools allow users to create inclusive descriptions by removing gendered language.
  • Hiring managers can access live data insights across every aspect of diversity throughout the hiring process. 

G2 Rating – 4.5/5 (3 reviews) 

Pricing – Visit the website to request a custom quote.  



3. Job Description AI Job Descriptive

Job Description AI is a tool that creates SEO & DEI optimized job descriptions that can reach out to millions of people seeking jobs online. It uses an algorithm that helps generate customized job descriptions based on specific requirements. 

This tool easily integrates with Google Jobs, allowing hiring managers to post highly optimized job posts effortlessly in a quick span of time. 

Type of Software – Job Description Generator

Features –  

  • Job Skills Generator – Hiring managers can use this AI-powered feature to determine which skills are necessary for a job based on the job title and current industry standards.  
  • Job Responsibilities Generator – This tool uses artificial intelligence to develop unique responsibilities suited for specific job skills.  
  • Job Qualifications Generator – Hiring managers can easily track the necessary qualifications required for specific job roles.
  • Role Summary Generator – Hiring managers can create a role summary that offers a concise gist of the skills and responsibilities of the job.
  • Job Sizzler Generator – AI can generate strong opening paragraphs to emotionally connect with candidates, targeting pain points and making the job further enticing for them.
  • Grammar & Spellcheck – Hiring managers can avoid grammar and spelling errors in British and American English. 

G2 Rating – 5/5 (2 reviews) 

Pricing – Starts from $250/month. Check out the website for a custom quote! 



4. Jotform Jotforms

With over 10 million users, Jotform is a form-building platform where users can develop and publish online forms using any device. Having 10,000+ ready-made templates, advanced design features, and 100+ 3rd part app integrations, it is one of the leading online form builders available on the internet.

From gathering applications to customizing current employment application templates to scheduling interviews with applications, Jotform’s customizable appointment forms allow hiring managers to manage the interview scheduling process according to their needs. 

Type of Software – Online Forms Platform 

Features – 

  • Jotform allows users to customize the forms' fields, designs, and pages.  
  • Users can export forms into a .pdf, .csv, or .xsl file.   
  • Users can access the forms without an active internet connection in the offline mode.  
  • The platform allows users to build, distribute, and access forms using mobile devices. 

G2 Rating – 4.7/5 (1,197 reviews) 

Pricing – Available for free, but paid subscriptions range from $39/month to $129/month.  



5. Calendly Calendly

Calendly is a platform where users can schedule meetings efficiently and professionally without having to deal with the hassle of sending emails back and forth to everyone involved. More than 50,000 companies and 10 million users trust Calendly globally, making it the market's intuitive scheduling leader. 

Furthermore, Calendly has extended capabilities for teams that require robust administration controls, powerful collaboration functionality, and enterprise-grade compliance and security. 

Prominent companies, such as Gartner, eBay, Twilio, and Dartmouth, leverage Calendly to streamline their scheduling processes. 

Type of Software – Interview Scheduling Software 

Features – 

  • It integrates easily with Google, Zoom, Salesforce, Zapier, and Slack. 
  • It allows hiring managers and prospects to customize the interview scheduling process according to their needs. 
  • Hiring managers can automatically route to the right meetings based on set conditions.
  • In case of cancellations and no-shows, it sends reminders and follow-ups automatically to the users concerned.

G2 Rating – 4.7/5 (1,439 reviews) 

Pricing – The basic plan is free, but paid subscriptions range from $8/month to $16/month.  



Are you looking for a tool to conduct live coding interviews? iMocha's Live Coding interview platform is just what you need!



6. Zoom

zoomAs a cloud-video conferencing software, Zoom is one of the top remote interview tools for online meetings, video webinars, and online conference rooms. Because online meetings are necessary for initial as well as follow-up interviews, this remote interview software makes it easy for users to communicate flexibly and manage workflow simultaneously.

Type of Software – Cloud-Video Conferencing Platform 

Features – 

  • Using the group live chat feature, you can easily engage in audio and video conferencing with the candidates.  
  • With scheduling, recording, and one-click join meetings, Zoom makes it easy to coordinate remote meetings.  
  • Screen sharing allows seamless collaboration among users.  
  • Users can access the platform using both desktop and mobile applications.  

G2 Rating – 4.5/5 (52,021 reviews) 

Pricing – Basic version is free, but paid subscriptions range from $14.99/month to $19.99/month.



7. Google Meet Google meet

Google Meet is a cloud-video conferencing application that allows users securely connect and collaborate from any part of the world. With group meetings accommodating up to 250 people, it is an excellent remote interview software for conducting high-quality video meetings with potential candidates at a convenient time.  

Type of Software – Cloud-Video Conferencing Software  

Features – 

  • Due to the added safety measures taken by Google, this remote interview platform offers end-to-end encryption for video meetings for added protection. 
  • Users can invite and host large online meetings of up to 250 participants using this remote interview software.
  • Equipped with polls, Q&As, and hand-raise features, this tool makes it easier to engage in online meetings.
  • Using the invitation link, users can access this remote interview platform from any device.
  • Presentations during meetings can flow smoothly with the sharing screen feature.
  • This remote interview software's speed-to-text technology makes it easier to follow conversations. 

G2 Rating – N/A 

Pricing – The basic version is free, but the Starter and Standard versions cost $5/month and $10/month, respectively.  



8. Otter is a well-known meeting transcription and collaboration software that can seamlessly capture and summarize online interview meetings, making it easier for users to comprehend, collaborate, and recall the key takeaways of an interview. 

Type of Software – Meeting Transcription and Collaboration Tool 

Features – 

  • Accuracy in dictation makes it easy for users to follow the transcripts.  
  • This tool includes speaker identification, a custom dictionary, timecode management, and closed captioning.  
  • Users can edit the transcripts using text editing, spell check, and punctuation features.  
  • can easily integrate with existing applications, such as Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, and Zoom, to capture meeting notes.  
  • This tool also enables you to import pre-recorded video and audio files for transcription. 

G2 Rating – 4.1/5 (103 reviews) 

Pricing – The basic version is free, and paid subscriptions start at $8.33/month.   



9. Descript Descript

As an all-in-one audio/video conferencing and editing software, Descript is one of the top remote interview tools people can use for transcription. Record directly or upload a file; this tool will allow users to instantly transcribe it into text, helping them make changes directly to the text or media file. 

Enabled with automatic speaker detection, transcriptions using this remote interview software are fast and accurate. Removing mistakes in screen and webcam recordings or editing silence gaps and filler words is also easy with this application. 

Type of Software – Editing and Transcription Tool 

Features –  

  • Descript allows audio transcription in 22 different languages, such as Spanish, Danish, Latvian, and Polish, to name a few.  
  • With the White Glove service, users can hire professional transcriptionists at a 24 hours turnaround time.  
  • Pro subscribers can use editing features like live collaboration, auto-captioning, multi-track editing, and much more.
  • As a remote interview software, Descript comes with a cloud sync feature that gives users and collaborators access to files from anywhere. Users can also make the most of flexible document and subtitle export options 

G2 Rating – 4.6/5 (318 reviews) 

Pricing – The basic version is free, but the Creator and Pro subscriptions cost $12/month and $24/month, respectively. Visit the website for a custom quote on the Enterprise subscription.  



10. Miro miro

Miro makes it easy to collaborate during interviews with its pre-built templates, robust set of widgets, infinite canvas, and other excellent capabilities. Enabled with visual collaboration features, Micro makes an excellent remote interview software by making meetings and workshops more engaging where users can brainstorm ideas, compete, and much more. 

Type of Software – Visual Collaboration Platform 

Features – 

  • Advanced design tools include drawing, drag-and-drop, mind mapping, and pre-built templates.  
  • Users can edit collaboratively and communicate through comments.  
  • Miro allows users to import images from their devices easily. 

G2 Rating – 4.8/5 (3,832 reviews) 

Pricing – Subscriptions start at $8/month and can go over $16/month, depending on the type of subscription. Visit the website for a custom quote.



11. Mural Mural

Identified as a collaborative intelligence company, Mural provides a digital whiteboard collaboration space where users can work together asynchronously or in real-time. It is one of the emerging remote interview tools as it allows people to consult and innovate visually with incredible Facilitation Superpowers features and guided visual methods. 

Type of Software – Whiteboard Collaboration Space  

Features –  

  • As a remote interview platform, Mural can easily guide collaborations using its Facilitation Superpower features, such as Private Mode, Flexible Canvas Options, Custom Toolbars, and so on. 
  • Visual collaborations are made easy with features like sticky notes, mapping & diagramming, reactions, and quick talk, to name a few. 

G2 Rating – 4.6/5 (1,099 reviews) 

Pricing – membership starts for free, but paid subscriptions can range from $9.99/year to $17.99/year/. Visit the website for a custom quote on the Enterprise membership.



Want to customize assessments to test candidates based on any skill? iMocha has you covered!



12. RecRight recright

RecRight is an intuitive video recruitment tool that aims to make recruitment easy and manageable for everybody. This remote interview software allows users to do everything from announcing open positions to receiving applications to rating candidates. The pre-recorded interviews enable users to know their applicants better and hire talented candidates for the jobs.  

Type of Software – All-In-One Video Recruitment Tool 

Features – 

  • This remote interview platform allows users to seamlessly draft, manage, and publish applications.  
  • RecRight not only allows users to conduct live interviews but also record and review pre-recorded video interviews for open positions.  
  • This tool effortlessly integrates with your existing ATS. 

G2 Rating – 4.8/5 (2 reviews) 

Pricing – Available for a free trial, but paid subscriptions start at €265/month.  



13. VidCruiter

vidcruiter-1As an advanced video interviewing platform, VidCruiter offers live video and pre-recorded interviewing tools that are open for customization to meet different recruitment scenarios and reduce hiring time and costs while tapping into better quality applicants. 

The one-way recorded candidate interviews make it easy for users to review the applications, saving time to screen them to find top talent as quickly as possible. Additionally, it eliminates scheduling challenges to interviewing full-time workers who cannot be available for interviews during regular business hours. 

This remote interview platform also comes with an applicant assessment tool that automates the assessment of the soft and hard skills of the applicants. 

Type of Software – Digital Video Recruiting Software  

Features –  

  • The platform has adequate features for customization, reporting, performance, and user, role, & access management.  
  • Candidate management is more straightforward with workflow building, hiring process tracking, applicant data management, and candidate evaluation features.  
  • VidCruiter has an intuitive dashboard that enables file sharing. 

G2 Rating – 4.8/5 (189 reviews) 

Pricing – Visit the website for a custom quote.


Applicant Assessment Software 


14. pymetrics Pymetrics

Pymetrics is an AI-Driven soft skills platform explicitly designed for hiring and talent management. The tool uses audited AI and data-driven behavioral insights to promote and establish an effective and fair hiring approach.  

It is one of the few remote interview tools that uses neuroscience games to assess essential traits, such as risk aversion factors and cognitive strengths, to match candidates predictively and fairly with jobs. 

Furthermore, the platform can also assess the attributes of existing staff members to determine their success rate in the organization. Through its bias-free AI, pymetrics takes a unique approach to evaluate candidates. 

Type of Software – AI-Driven Soft Skills Platform 

Features –  

  • Users can use gamified tests to measure attention, focus, effort, decision-making, risk tolerance, learning, fairness, generosity, learning, and more.  
  • With data-driven insights, users can find the right candidates for their open positions.   
  • Pymetrics’ gamified assessments and other digital interview features make it an effective and comprehensive evaluation tool for recruiters.  

G2 Rating – 3.5/5 (5 reviews) 

Pricing – Visit the website for a custom quote.



15. Harver harver-1

Designed with the help of organizational and industrial psychologists, Harver is a remote interview platform that facilitates all forms of pre-employment assessments – from technical skills assessments to virtual interviews. 

With a suite of automated solutions, it is one of the remote interview tools that help companies hire and engage top talent quickly while minimizing biases. 

Type of Software – Pre-Employment Assessment Platform 

Features –  

  • Users can leverage predictive analytics, interactive assessments, and workflow automation to streamline the hiring process.  
  • Harver’s centralized dashboard enables users to access various analytical tools and interact seamlessly.  
  • This remote interview platform also serves as a resource for hiring, where users can access white papers, podcasts, and e-books for free.  

G2 Rating – 4.6/5 (171 reviews) 

Pricing – Visit the website for a custom quote.  




If you’ve been struggling with remote hiring, it’s time to re-evaluate your hiring strategy and upgrade your remote interview tools to overcome challenges. Whether it’s to accurately screen candidate skills or collaborate with candidates during an interview, the abovementioned remote interview software solutions are game-changers for any organization.  



What are remote interview tools? 

Remote interview tools are software applications that automate and streamline the hiring process, empowering hiring managers to find, assess, manage, and onboard new candidates into an organization while saving time and money. 


How can remote interview tools improve the hiring process? 

Some of the prominent benefits of remote interview tools include the following – 

  • Cost Savings  
  • Scheduling Flexibility 
  • Expands the Candidate Pool 
  • More Inclusive  
  • Eliminates In-Person Interview Stress 
  • Reduces Time-to-Fill 


How to choose the right remote interview platform? 

When selecting a remote interview platform, here are the factors you need to take into consideration – 

  • Integrations
  • Ease of Use
  • Customizability
  • Affordability 
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