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28 February, 2023

The basic aim of campus recruitment is to bring quality to the organization with emerging talent willing to apply for their desired roles. Inducing online campus hiring lets organizations use advanced academic knowledge wherein there is room to interfere with innovative ideas and maintain a talent pool.

Companies choose the process of campus hiring as it creates a decent talent pipeline leading to marking potential candidates for future openings. Especially in the case of online campus recruitment, companies happen to save a lot on cost and time. No amount is required to invest in pen and paper as the entire process is handled online.

The step of campus hiring helps organizations build their brand name as it leads to creating a long-lasting impression of organizations on a wide audience wherein many of them are introduced to the company name at college during campus recruitment. Even if the candidate is not enlisted for the position, it still leaves a mark on their mind about the existence of your firm.

The pandemic has brought significant refinements to the hiring process across the world. Online campus recruitment is now preferred more by organizations as it provides a more efficient way of engaging with campus hires.

Once the pandemic occurred it became a hustle for organizations to hire candidates through the traditional hiring process of campus recruitment due to restrictions imposed during the lockdown due to which the campus hiring process was made remote by many.

The pandemic had a severe impact on the recruitment process of organizations with several companies putting positions on hold. Due to this, the students started withdrawing their applications and companies their offers without any responses on applications with postponed hiring dates.

This in turn had a severe impact on students and freshers, creating a sense of fear amongst them about unemployment. Even if companies were willing to conduct campus recruitment, the social measures for the lockdown hindered their efforts. This was the time when innovation and creativity stepped in with a non-conventional way to hire potential candidates from the talent pool through online campus recruitment.

Challenges faced by industries in campus hiring

It becomes a hassle for businesses to engage a large number of students from one campus or multiple campuses at a time. Campus hiring constitutes of various challenges which not only include assessments but

1. Campus hiring is a resource and time-intensive process:
Screening a large talent pool is not an easy task it comprises various processes. Organizations have the process to screen candidates and select and roll out offers in a short period wherein involve coordination with TPOs, logistics of the process, travel of interviewers, and panel interview. Engaging all candidates present in the recruitment drive is not a piece of cake.

2. Campus hiring is a cost-intensive process:
Other than the manpower and time consumed in campus hiring, the cost is also one of the challenges faced by organizations as half the percentage gets consumed in logistics, wherein recruiters and senior interviewers are required to travel to the campus to interview the ones shortlisted. Due to the campus location being far from their organization, recruiters are hesitant to set up campus hiring as it affects their cost set for the campaign.

3. Diversity in campus recruitment:
Several organizations go through the obstacle to engage and recruit diverse candidates wherein unconscious biases are often the reason. The time crunch is a major reason for organizations failing to hire the right talent as stereotypes tend to step in during in-person recruitment.

4. Judgment based on resumes:
When dealing with a high volume of candidates, organizations fail to gauge each candidate fairly as judgments mostly rely on the CVs shared wherein few candidates write false information, which creates an impact on the judgment of recruiters while enlisting candidates for the job role leading to wrong decision because of misjudgment of candidate's skills. Resumes before lockdown were a make-or-break deal back then, but such is not the case now. The traditional hiring method made it difficult to evaluate a candidate's potential.

5. Negative impact on candidate experience:
Students have various choices when it comes to the job search industry. If the companies fail to make a good impression, it affects their branding in a large audience. It’s important to make sure that no candidate goes overlooked during the recruitment process.

Challenges faced by candidates during campus hiring

After the pandemic, remote hiring had cheating/impersonation problems which led to choosing the wrong talent during hiring. Hence, it's vital to focus on engagement with candidates to provide them with experiential hiring with a WOW factor.

1. Consumes candidate's time:
In campus drives conducted by organizations, candidates are expected to wait for hours until the last round is finished and when they qualify for the following rounds of interview which takes up their entire day mostly.

2. Neglecting the right talent:
Not necessarily every candidate holds a working experience as an intern but that does not make them unqualified for a particular role. However, the traditional process of hiring fails to evaluate candidates’ real potential due to the judgments based solely on CVs.

Why choose iMocha Microsite solutions? 

The concept of the iMocha microsite is about running marketing campaigns for targeted hiring initiatives that contribute to building a deeper relationship with students. iMocha microsite is a mini website that constitutes landing pages with employer branding that attract candidates and assesses job-specific skills.

It encompasses information about your company, the job role, the organization is hiring for wherein it schedules campus recruitment drives and sends invitations to candidates to attempt the test to apply for the job role.

Following further, candidates attempt the assessment that is secured with AI-powered cheating prevention measure proctoring and cheating prevention measures wherein the assessment holds a randomized question bank to prevent any leaking of Q&A.

The iMocha Microsite induces a sense of urgency among candidates for the job role posted by your organization as it’s available for a limited time for the candidates to apply for the position. The depiction of having to use the iMocha microsite creates an impressive impact as having brand a brand value in the market.

Features of the iMocha Microsite

1. A tailor-made webpage for your campus recruitment:
Inform the graduates of the positions you have readily made available for them to access and apply for. It is a mini website with easy navigation that contains all the details a candidate needs to apply for the job, such as the test and position-specific FAQs. Add some branding elements to your website and customize them to reflect your viewpoint. This encourages applicants to move through with the job evaluation and application they have been targeting.

2. Direct integration with the iMocha test platform:
After registration, candidates can directly access the assessment platform in order to complete the test submission before the Microsite goes offline.

3. Integrated AI-enabled proctoring:
Identify instances of cheating with the help real-time view of your candidate while they are attempting the test, which will help you in evaluating their personality and detect any discrepancies and suspicion while taking the test.

4. Seamless execution of shortlisting candidates during volume hiring:
The website will be capable of handling all the traffic it attracts and preventing your website from crashing. There are times when a website tends to crash due to excessive traffic at the same time arriving. However, such is not the case with the iMocha microsite, as it’s immensely capable of handling all the website traffic.

Benefits of the iMocha microsite

1. Streamlines campus recruitment process for volume hiring:
The hiring process is made smooth and structured with the iMocha microsite as it follows a process to evaluate a candidate's potential and evaluate whether or not they qualify for the job role by following a process that first requires a candidate to attempt the test for their desired job role. Followed by the same, the report is generated and candidates are shortlisted based on results leading to the recruiter scheduling an interview with the hiring manager.
The hiring manager then interviews the candidate on iMocha’s live interview platform with coding and whiteboarding options. Lastly, a comprehensive report is generated with the hiring team’s feedback leading to finalizing the candidate for the job role.

2. Prevents cheating and impersonation:
The feature of proctoring included in the assessment helps in preventing cheating during the online assessment as the video stays on during the time candidate is attempting the assessment to make sure there is no impersonation. The candidate cannot close the assessment tab and switch to another when giving the assessment.

3. Prevents leaking of question ban:
Each candidate gets a different set of questions even if they are attempting for the same role as there is a bank of questions which is happen to be set in a random order which makes it tough to cheat and pass the answers to a candidate who is yet to attempt the test.

4. Positive and hassle-free candidate experience:
Candidates can attempt the test from the comfort of their home as the online method of applying for the job role and attempting the test does not require them to travel to their campus or wait at the same place until the report is generated that states whether they are qualified for the next round or not. Saves them the hassle of driving to a campus location for recruitment drives.
You’ll see a decline in the dropout percentage of candidates as it keeps them engaged with your informative website for their desired job role until the test submission.

5. Diversity and Inclusion:
The assessment does not judge you based on your caste, sex, or religion nor is it influenced by any of the references. It only evaluates candidates' potential based on the report generated after which it is decided whether the candidate is qualified for the next round or not.

6. Saves organizations time and cost:
It reduces the cost of traveling to the campus location and setting up the interview process until all candidates are screened. It also excludes the initial step of traditional hiring i.e., telephonic screening or email communication as the first step would be for the candidate to attempt the assessment.

Campus Recruitment is made easy with the iMocha microsite

Get the maximum attraction in a minimum amount of time with the iMocha microsite’s mini-recruitment campaign. Induce an innovative test experience for candidates countrywide with remote hiring through iMocha’s microsite.
The iMocha microsite is a complete guide for the campus recruitment job roles that an organization is hiring which holds all the information like FAQs of the job's role, applications, and more that is everything on one webpage, making it easier to navigate and smoothening the communication process of the recruiter and candidate that happens at initial stages.

Tanvi Sharma
Tanvi Sharma
Tanvi Sharma is a Content Strategist at iMocha. A seasoned marketer and branding consultant, she likes sewing stories together to help brands find their true and unique voice. A perfection enthusiast, she believes each and every word should serve a purpose while writing. When she’s not writing for work, she is writing fan fictions and theories, and volunteering at local animal shelters.
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