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Top 10 Candidate Engagement Tools of 2024

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12 January, 2023

On average, top candidates stay in the market for a mere 10 days (about 1 and a half weeks). This is why companies must keep candidates engaged in the recruitment process.  Candidate engagement is not a small feat, and recruiters and talent professionals must continually engage candidates with various methods of communication – to keep them looped and interested. This is where candidate engagement tools come into play.

Candidate engagement software improves the candidate experience – as it ensures a positive impression of the organization from the get-go.

The rates of applicant drop-outs are high as recruiters struggle to maintain their recruitment processes in good health. An effective candidate engagement platform will give you the expediency required to attract good candidates and help screen them faster.

Here’s a look at the top 10 candidate engagement tools of 2024 that can impact your recruitment process positively.





Top 10 Candidate Engagement Tools of 2024

Listed below are some of the best candidate engagement tools of 2024. With the help of these tools, you will be able to effectively engage your potential hires in an openly communicative relationship.

These tools help you project a positive brand image and demonstrate your organization's work culture, enabling you to retain good candidates in your recruitment funnel.

1. iMocha

iMochaiMocha is a skill assessment platform that also provides the functionalities of a candidate engagement tool. It provides sound recruitment assessment solutions and in-depth analytics. It provides a horde of engagement-focused features as well.

You can keep your candidates engaged with iMocha's custom tests, advanced employer branding, automated video interviews, and inventive question types. These functionalities encourage them to complete their assessments.


  • iMocha helps you create a specialized microsite for recruitment, using which you can ask your candidates to apply and take assessments directly through the microsite. This feature has been especially useful during campus recruitment where candidates apply for specific roles and apply in huge numbers
  • You get access to customized skill assessment problem statements created by industry experts
  • iMocha helps you create competency charts against industry benchmarks for recruitment assessment drives
  • You get specialized tools like Live Coding Interview to assess the coding and tech skills of your candidate pool

Apart from the skill assessment solutions that enable candidate engagement, iMocha introduced the robust, AI-powered Skills Intelligence Cloud in 2023. This platform offers data-driven qualitative insights on employee skills in an organization. With these insights, organizations can identify strengths and weaknesses of their workforce, manage employees for internal mobility and plan their workforce for new projects accordingly. Employers can also understand what the primary skills are in the company and predict future requirements of the organization.

G2 Statistics

iMocha has 4.4 stars out of 5 (239 reviews) on the G2 platform. The most liked features of this platform are as follows:

  • It has a good tech support team
  • The question banks are diverse, especially in the IT sector
  • Test violations can be easily caught through video and image


You can request iMocha for a custom quote on this page.

Customer Segment

iMocha caters to all industries and provides a wide gamut of industry specific, domain specific, cognitive, technical, and functional assessments.


Need help finding candidates with the right skills? iMocha offers custom assessments to find skill-fit candidates!



2. Brazenbrazen

Brazen is one of the key candidate engagement platforms that offer the contemporary features of remote hiring.


  • With Brazen, you can conduct virtual events for hiring candidates. This is a virtual job fair where candidates can join webinars and watch promo videos or navigate to recruitment virtual booths
  • The QuickChat and FAQ Concierge feature is equipped with AI engines that assess candidates while keeping them engaged

G2 Statistics: NA

Customer Segment

If your organization is looking at remote hiring, try Brazen.



3. ConveyIQ

conveyIQConveyIQ is a candidate engagement platform that focuses on managing personalized communications for candidates in various forms and stages of the candidate journey.


  • You can integrate ConveyIQ with your ATS and launch messaging at any stage of the candidate journey
  • You can engage in digital interviews through on-demand or live videos
  • You can schedule recruiting events on the platform itself
  • It provides you with surveys and analytics as well

G2 Statistics

ConveyIQ hasn’t yet been rated or reviewed on the G2 platform yet.

Customer Segment

This candidate engagement software is best suited for email recruitment marketing for large businesses.



4. iCIMSicims candidate engagement platform

With iCIMS, your organization can locate and engage with the most suitable and talented candidates in the industry while speeding up the recruitment process.


  • You get access to features that help you improve the ROI of recruitment marketing and automate it
  • Your organization can send targeted communications to candidates to encourage them to respond faster
  • You get features to conduct career fairs virtually

G2 Statistics

iCIMS has a rating of 4.1 stars out of 5 (608 reviews) on the G2 platform. Customers prefer the following functionalities the most:

  • The software is customizable to organizational needs
  • Capability to streamline workflows well
  • Good customer support

Customer Segment

You can use this software at an enterprise level for scaling up your recruitment drives. 



5. HireEZhireez

HireEZ is best known for its extensive candidate profiles and AI-powered, centralized recruitment platform. It specializes in recruitment emailing. 


  • One of the best features of this candidate engagement tool is the availability of countless templates for building personalized emails 
  • You can create custom touchpoints with multiple emails to avoid missing out on or losing emails in your inbox 
  • Bulk email functionality helps you automate emails for up to 200 candidates 

G2 Statistics

HireEZ has garnered a favorable 4.6 stars out of 5 (245 reviews) on the G2 platform. Below are the functions its customers like best:

  • Excellent candidate filters
  • Bulk emails capabilities
  • Project organization

Customer Segment

HireEZ is a platform that is flexible for all business sizes and is best for those who require smart recruiting.



Worried that lengthy developer screening processes are affecting candidate experience? iMocha's coding assessments provide a seamless candidate experience.



6. Oleeooleeo

Oleeo is a provider of intelligent, award-winning talent acquisition technologies that incorporates the concepts of artificial intelligence and machine learning.


  • The Oleeo applicant tracking system is fully customizable
  • The ATS is cloud-based and employs powerful AI engines to filter candidate profiles
  • The technology provides end-to-end recruitment software solutions for hiring events
  • With Oleeo Engage, your business can create candidate pipelines, nurture candidates through multichannel marketing, and more

G2 Statistics

Oleeo has 4.2 out of 5 stars (10 reviews) on the G2 platform. Customers found the following functionalities handy:

  • Excellent scheduling features
  • A centralized approach to recruitment tasking
  • Easy setup and administration of the tool

Customer Segment

Oleeo is a thoroughly customizable tool suitable for businesses of any size looking for recruitment workflow automation.


7. TalentWave (Now People2.0)talentwave

Earlier known as TalentWave, People2.0 is a candidate engagement tool specializing in distributed workforce and consolidated EOR/AOR capabilities.


  • This is an excellent platform that you can leverage to create a global workforce
  • You get access to features for staffing, search, and recruitment
  • You can conduct mass talent procurement using People2.0
  • It makes compliance easier

G2 Statistics

TalentWave/People2.0 do not have any ratings or reviews on the G2 platform yet.

Customer Segment

If your business is looking to create a distributed workforce, People2.0 can help you. 


8. Beamerybeamery-1

Beamery is a consolidated package of end-to-end talent solutions like search, reach, and hire for companies looking for a single candidate engagement software for everything.


  • The entire talent platform is powered by artificial intelligence
  • Connect with career sites, talent networks, and campuses for talent search
  • Leverage CRM, talent marketing, and referrals for engagement
  • Work with talent analytics DE&I and compliance automation

G2 Statistics

The Beamery candidate engagement tool has 4.1 out of 5 stars (149 reviews) on the G2 platform. The following features are the most liked:

  • Contact and pool creation
  • Powerful search features
  • LinkedIn connectivity
  • User friendly 

Customer Segment

Businesses looking for a one-stop talent solution that needs nothing else can benefit from Beamery.


9. Talentry


Talentry is one of the leading candidate engagement software in the niche of Talent Relationship Management (TRM).


  • You get access to tools that help you attract talent, engage with candidates and retain preferred candidates under one roof
  • Tools like CRM, employee referrals, and alumni management help you make the most of candidate engagement

G2 Statistics: NA

Customer Segment

Medium to big-sized companies can benefit best from Talentry.


10. ClearCompanyclearcompany new

This candidate engagement platform helps your business speed up recruitment and keep candidates engaged.


  • Unified, centralized design
  • Performance management
  • Recruitment planning
  • Seamless recruitment and onboarding

G2 Statistics

ClearCompany has received 4.6 stars out of 5 (325 reviews) on the G2 platform. Below are the features that clients loved the most:

  • Wider reach with job boards
  • Easy to use
  • Easy integrations

Customer Segment

ClearCompany can benefit businesses of large sizes.


Check out these best candidate assessment tools to screen job fit candidates.


Wrapping Up

Recruitment processes can be streamlined and made more efficient with the use of a suitable candidate engagement tool. You can try iMocha’s skills assessments for great candidate experience during the screening process.


Manual tasks slowing down the hiring process? Automate traditional tasks with iMocha's AI-powered digital skills assessments.



Frequently Asked Questions

What is a candidate engagement tool?

A candidate engagement tool is a software that helps keep the recruitment candidates involved in the hiring process through emails, SMS, texts, and other forms of constant communication.


Why is candidate engagement performed?

In order to prevent good candidates from falling out of your recruitment pipeline, you need to keep them engaged and interested in joining your company. This can be done through active candidate engagement.


How do you find, attract, engage and close candidates?

With the help of the right candidate engagement tool, you can tap into countless resources of talented candidate pools, connect with them and commence your hiring process.


How do you keep candidates engaged during the hiring process?

By communicating with your candidates through various channels and actively engaging with them regarding company events, formalities, processes, and other necessities, you can keep your potential hires engaged.


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