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Top 15 Candidate Assessment Tools to Pick Right Talent (2024)

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04 November, 2022

All organizations, regardless of size and industry, seek the right talent to fuel their growth. But, finding this talent can be a daunting task. From shortlisting profiles to assessing their skills, there's a lot that needs to be done by HR. Thankfully, to simplify the process, different candidate assessment tools are now available.

These tools help in automating the initial screening of resumes, saving time and effort for recruiters. It also allows for more consistent and objective evaluation of candidates based on predefined criteria, reducing bias in the selection process. Additionally, assessment software can help identify top candidates more efficiently, leading to faster hiring decisions and reducing time-to-fill. Overall, these tools can improve the quality of hires and enhance the overall effectiveness of the recruitment process.

By switching to an automated candidate screening process, you can automate time-intensive tasks. Read more on candidate screening software.

This blog post will explore fifteen popular candidate assessment tools and how they can benefit your business.




List of the best candidate assessment tools

When hiring the best talent, knowing how to choose these tools is as important as finding the perfect candidate. From personality tests to skills assessments, the options are endless.

But how do you know which ones will be most effective for your specific needs? Below is a list of the top 15 candidate assessment tools that have proven to be successful in helping businesses pick the right talent.

1. iMocha

iMochaAre you tired of sifting through hundreds of resumes looking for the perfect candidate? Look no further than iMocha’s candidate assessment tool. This platform allows you to quickly filter candidates based on their skills and experience, saving you time and effort in the hiring process. iMocha’s extensive skill library offers over 3000+ skills, including 500+ IT skills, 37+ Coding languages, 20+ Domain skills, 20+ Cognitive tests, and more.

But what sets iMocha apart from other assessment tools is the unique assessment modules. These customizable modules allow you to gauge a candidate’s aptitude for a specific job role you are hiring for, ensuring that you end up with only the most relevant individuals. It also enables recruiters and hiring managers to hire on the go, eliminate biases, and make faster data-driven decisions.

iMocha offers coding simulators and AI Logic Box to assess candidates’ coding skills. The AI-powered Proctoring feature ensures the integrity of candidates and prevents cheating or fraud during remote assessments. iMocha’s plug-and-play integrations with top ATS, including iCIMS, Workday, Taleo, Lever, and more, can ensure the entire recruitment pipeline is all at one platform.

iMocha's Skill Intelligence Cloud, launched in 2023, goes beyond candidate assessment by enabling you to evaluate your employees' current skills. This helps you create targeted talent development programs. Using advanced skill analysis and validation, this AI-powered platform helps build agile teams, devise succession plans, encourage internal mobility, and acquire diverse skills, preparing your workforce for the future. 

G2 Rating: 4.4/5 (246 reviews)

Subscription Prices: Subscription costs of iMocha vary based on each project's unique needs, making iMocha a popular solution for any company.



iMocha's skills assessment platform enables organizations to execute competency-based assessments for talent hiring.



2. Xobin

xobinIn today's job market, it is more important than ever to find the right candidate for a role. But with so many qualified candidates, it can be tough to know where to start. That is where Xobin comes in.

Xobin is the leading provider of candidate assessment tools. With Xobin, you can assess a candidate's skills, aptitude, and personality in one place. And because Xobin is an AI-powered candidate assessment platform solution, it is more accurate and efficient than a recruiter manually doing it.

With a high retention rate, it is clear that they are doing something right. Their platform is designed to be as efficient and reliable as possible, making it easy for their clients to post job listings, receive applications, and conduct interviews. The platform also provides a wide range of tools and resources to help clients throughout the hiring process. So whether you are looking to fill an entry-level or senior executive role, Xobin can help with your hiring requirements.

G2 Rating: 4.8/5 (111 reviews)

Subscription Prices: They offer three pricing plans: Essential ($166 per month), Standard ($399 per month), and Enterprise plan for organizations requiring customized solutions.



3. TestGorilla

testgorilla1TestGorilla is another one of the candidate assessment tools that allows you to easily create custom tests to assess a potential employee's skills and abilities. Their library consists of 253 scientifically validated tests.

With TestGorilla, you can save valuable time and improve the accuracy and efficiency of your hiring process. This tool is reliable and efficient in helping you find the best fit for your team.

G2 Rating: 4.5/5 (1039 reviews)

Subscription Prices: The free plan is great for getting started with TestGorilla, while the monthly and yearly plans offer more features and customization for businesses that hire occasionally or growing companies. For businesses that sometimes hire and want flexibility, there is a subscription fee of ₹1,600 per month. The subscription fee for businesses with high-volume hiring needs is ₹19,000 per month. For companies with significant hiring requirements, the cost is ₹1,25,000 per month.

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4. Test Dome

testdomeTest Dome is another online tool that allows you to customize assessments based on the specific qualifications required for each position.

The cost may vary depending on the size and scope of your project, but with its proven effectiveness and user-friendly interface, Test Dome is worth every penny. No longer will you have to rely on gut feeling or unstructured interviews.

With Test Dome, you can create custom programming tests based on the specific skills needed for your project. The user-friendly interface of Test Dome makes it easy for administrators and candidates to navigate the testing process with minimum hassle.

G2 Rating: 4.5/5 (109 reviews)

Subscription Prices: The starter pack costs $20 per candidate and is perfect for small businesses with up to 5 employees. The small pack, which costs $16 per candidate, provides access for 25 candidates. The medium pack, which costs $10 per candidate, is ideal for businesses with up to 100 employees, while the large pack provides access for 300 candidates and costs $8 per candidate. Finally, the extra large pack includes access for 600 candidates, which costs $7 per candidate.



5. is a candidate assessment tool that uses a sophisticated algorithm to analyze and score applicants based on their resumes and responses to customizable interview questions.

The subscription cost for this valuable tool is affordable for any business, given that only 0.1% of contributors make it into their program.

Subscription Prices: The standard plan can unlock detailed reports for just $99 per month. The advanced plan covers extended privacy protection and branding capabilities for $149 per month. Finally, the premium plan costs $249 per month. Each plan can be tried for free for 14 days, so you can decide which one is right for you.

G2 Rating: NA


6. eSkill

eskilleSkill is a leading candidate assessment tool that allows you to create, administer, and grade tests online. Using eSkill, employers can create customized tests in dozens of categories, ranging from Excel skills to customer service aptitude.

The platform also offers pre-made assessments for popular positions, saving time and effort during the hiring process. In addition to assessments, the platform also provides tools for virtual interviewing and onboarding new hires.

G2 Rating: 4.5/5 (328 reviews)

Subscription Prices: They offer five payment plans: small business, staffing, basic, premium, and enterprise, and the pricing is available upon request.



7. Devskiller

DevSkillerDevskiller is very popular among hiring teams since it can effectively identify qualified job applicants. It offers customizable coding tasks and comprehensive technical skill evaluations, ensuring that you hire the best fit for your team and reduce recruitment costs and the likelihood of employee turnover.

G2 Rating: 4.7/5 (60 reviews)

Subscription Prices: They offer different monthly subscription plans tailored to your needs, starting at $499.



8. Codility

CodilityCodility is a tool for interviews that helps businesses hire developers. Recruiters can assess a candidate's skills in critical areas such as problem-solving and programming on the platform. This candidate assessment platform remote hiring, hiring at scale, and senior source developers.

G2 Rating: 4.6/5 (408 reviews)

Subscription Prices: Their pricing varies based on the company’s recruitment needs. You can get a quote on request.



9. Mettl

MettlMettl is a comprehensive assessment tool that offers various features to help organizations screen and hire the best candidates. They have a user-friendly interface and offer a variety of question types, making it easy to create assessments tailored to the organization's specific requirements. The platform also includes a wide range of reports and analytics, making it easy to track progress and identify areas for improvement.

Overall, Mettl is an excellent choice for organizations looking for a comprehensive assessment tool that is easy to use and provides detailed data-driven insights into candidate performance.

G2 Rating: 4.4/5 (499 reviews)

Subscription Prices: The pricing is based on the size of the organization and the number of users, and there are also customized plans available to meet specific needs.

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Assess candidates for the job quickly and easily with iMocha's skill-based Talent Analytics.



10. Vervoe

vervoeVervoe is another one of the candidate assessment tools that allows you to create customized assessments for job openings, giving you a more accurate picture of each applicant's skills and abilities. It is an affordable solution for all hiring needs.

G2 Rating: 4.5/5 (64 reviews)

Subscription Prices: Vervoe offers three subscription plans: Pay & Go, Growth and Enterprise. The Pay & Go plan costs $19 per month and includes access to all of Vervoe's features. The Growth plan costs $250 per month and provides access to all of Vervoe's features and additional customizations. The Enterprise plan includes custom pricing based on the enterprise's specific needs. All plans have access to Vervoe's customer support team.



11. is one of the top-rated candidate assessment tools. This tool has successfully helped the interview process for countless companies. allows candidates to code in real-time and share their results with interviewers more accurately to assess their technical skills.

G2 Rating: 4.4/5 (210 reviews)

Subscription Prices: offers four different subscription plans. The Free Plan allows users to start collaborating with candidates on writing working code. The Team Plan costs $250 per month and allows users to collaborate with their team on questions, files, and databases. The Business Plan costs $750 per month, is geared towards large-volume interviewing, and includes features such as custom branding and interview templates. Finally, the Enterprise Plan is customizable and can be tailored to the organization's specific needs.



12. Hirevue

HireVueHirevue is one of the industry-leading candidate assessment tools. They offer unparalleled accuracy and efficiency in the hiring process since they automate workflows and save a hiring manager’s time to do more meaningful tasks. In addition to assessment tools, Hirevue also offers AI-powered interview rehearsals and candidate feedback surveys.

G2 Rating: 4.1/5 (231 reviews)

Subscription Prices: Hirevue offers two different subscription plans: the Essentials Plan and the Enterprise Plan. The Essentials Plan is designed for organizations with 2,500-7,500 employees, and the cost starts at $35,000. The Enterprise Plan is fully customizable and can be tailored to an organization's specific needs.



13. HackerRank

Hackerrank 1HackerRank is a candidate assessment platform with over 1,000 + reviews. With 2,800+ organizations as customers (with >25% from Fortune 100 companies), it is clear that companies across various industries trust HackerRank to find top talent.

From programming challenges to behavioral and technical interviews, HackerRank has it all. Further, they also have a database of 18 million + developers for companies to choose from.

G2 Rating: 4.7/5 (455 reviews)

Subscription Prices: They offer four pricing plans: Interview ($25 per month per user), individual ($249 per month), team ($599 per month), and an enterprise solution that is customized to your needs.



14. HackerEarth

hackerearthHackerEarth is an Indian company with its headquarters in San Francisco, US. Their platform enables hiring managers to assess technical skills at scale. They have 1,000+ companies who trust their hiring requirements due to their user-friendly experience. Further, recruiters can assess technical skills in real-time and make data-driven hiring decisions.

G2 Rating: 4.5/5 (316 reviews)

Subscription Prices: HackerEarth offers a startup plan for small businesses that costs just $119 per month. They offer an enterprise plan for $279 per month for larger enterprises. For companies with specific needs, they offer a custom plan that can be customized to fit your budget.



15. ThriveMap

ThrivemapThriveMap uses a combination of objective assessments and behavioral surveys to evaluate a candidate's compatibility with your organization, providing helpful insights for the hiring process. This London-based company is used by organizations looking to expand their team and hire quality candidates at scale.

G2 Rating: 3.0/5 (1 review)

Subscription Prices: ThriveMap offers customizable subscription plans. This means businesses can choose the features they need and only pay for their use.


Wondering how to get your candidates to take assessments? Make them fun! Use iMocha's Coding-in-the-blanks, patented tool to create a holistic experience for your candidates and save time!



Which candidate assessment software should your business choose?

Since every organization has different needs and end goals for its hiring process, choosing a solution that helps you achieve them is crucial. Whether you represent a growing business or a multinational corporation, choosing software that can scale further with your requirements is best.

iMocha is a popular candidate assessment software for leading companies globally. We help reduce hiring costs by almost 45% and hiring time by up to 40%.

Still failing to manage lengthy hiring cycles and overburdening costs? Book a demo to check iMocha’s AI-based skills assessments and other top-notch features.


If you wish to know more about pre-employment testing and how they can help you, visit Top 15 pre-employment testing software to Consider in 2024.



What is candidate assessment software?

As the job market becomes increasingly competitive, companies can streamline their hiring process by using candidate assessment software. This tool allows employers to automatically filter job applications based on specific selection criteria, often using artificial intelligence and keyword searches to identify the most relevant candidates.


What are the benefits of candidate assessment software in the hiring process?

The benefits of candidate assessment software include a fast recruitment process, hiring top talent, no bias, increased diversity hiring, scalability, lower chances of employee turnover, and support in remote hiring.


How can candidate assessment tools help in reducing hiring time and cost?

The recruitment process is one of the most critical processes in an organization. To find top talent that will be suitable and meet all requirements, hiring teams go through an analysis process on each candidate. This includes looking at the candidates' specific skills or qualities and how those abilities will benefit them from your organization.

Candidate assessments help determine the candidates' skills and potential for an offered position in an organization. These assessments determine traits such as leadership qualities or logical reasoning skills, among others, that will be needed on the job successively. Reducing the need for multiple rounds of interviews and potentially saving time and resources in the long run.


Fast track hiring with iMocha's secured remote assessments at scale and hire the best talent across geographies.




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