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What is a Pre-Employment Assessment Test?

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What is a Pre-Employment Assessment Test?

Want to hire individuals immediately, but finding it extremely difficult?

What to Look for When Hiring a Software Developer?

Organizations in many sectors are still on the lookout for good developers despite being hit by the layoff tsunami.

Top 14 Talent Management Software

Owing to technological shifts, the nature of work and business demand is rapidly changing. Many companies have already started utilizing Cloud-based Talent Management Software to foster talented individuals.

Top 12 Employee Assessment Tools in 2023

Employee assessment tools are no longer drag versions of 'never-used' software. Companies are increasingly recognizing the value that talent assessments can provide.

Building a future-proof workforce: Role of AI-driven Skills Intelligence in managing your BFSI firm’s Skills Index

The predictions are out, and it's time for India's ever-evolving BFSI sector to bring them into action. As per a recent study, India’s BFSI sector is expected to be the third largest by 2025 and India’s finance sector is projected to result in a market volume of US$18.75 million by 2027.

Unleashing South East Asia's BFSI Talent Potential: A Skills-First Path to Resource Efficiency

The BFSI sector is facing a perfect storm of obstacles, with the rapid pace of technology, market uncertainties, and evolving regulations creating a tumultuous environment.

Empowering BPO Recruitment: iMocha's AI-EnglishPro and Its Role in Assessing Business English Communication Skills in the SEA Region

Business Process Outsourcing, commonly known as BPO, is becoming increasingly popular, especially in the Asia-pacific region including Southeast Asia. The BPO market is rapidly growing because of the increased adoption of outsourcing by different organizations as part of cutting costs and improving their efficiency. With the development of digital technologies like AI, Machine Learning, automation and so forth, there is an increased expectation of the BPO market to boom in the SEA region. As per a recent study, revenue for the Asia-Pacific BPO is expected to surpass US $72.38 billion (about $220 per person in the US) in 2023. This further depicts the hidden potential of the BPO industry.

What is a Video Proctoring Tool, and How to Select the Best One?

In today's changing era of work, many companies have already started leveraging tools like video interview assessment during the hiring process. Undoubtedly these interview tools provide convivence and an effortless method of identifying top candidates.

Future of Emiratization: Building a Skills-first Organization with AI-driven Skills Intelligence

Amidst the UAE's quest for economic growth, a surprising challenge emerged—a scarcity of local Emirati talent in the private sector. With a mere 4% of Emiratis working in this domain, the government set a bold target to raise this number to a remarkable 10% by 2026.

Why is Building a Skills-First Organization Critical in the Age of GenAI?

Before September 2021, the term and idea of "GenAI" were relatively unknown to the general public. However, since then, 'GenAI' has emerged as a powerful force, causing significant disruptions in various fields.

15 Best Competency Management Software in 2023

Are you tired of managing employee performance and skill development manually?

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