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Must watch movies/shows for HR professionals and business leaders

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Must watch movies/shows for HR professionals and business leaders

Lights. Camera. Action.   

Understanding the Skills Gap: How can businesses overcome this issue

Skills are slowly turning into rivers. Well, not literally.  

Adjacent skills: Their role in building skills-first organizations

What do you think is the best way to reduce the skills gap?   

Codesignal vs Hackerrank vs iMocha: Detailed Comparison in 2023

Pre-employment screening tools help find top applicants and make recruiting choices that are quicker, simpler, and bias-free. Organizations today find pre-employment assessment tools as the best tool for finding relevant candidates for a position and avoiding bad hires.

15 Best CRM Recruitment Software in 2023

Organizations, currently, have various priorities: identifying and developing critical skills for organizational growth, closing the skills gap, maintaining an organization-wide skills bar, and more. And to address them, recruitment plays a key role.

Top 7 Sales Assessment Tools to Assess Sales Competency

The sales sector is undergoing a vast transformation, more so with the shift to remote working culture limiting the ability of sales representatives to meet clients in person. Thus, it is becoming increasingly essential for sales representatives to possess the ability to foster relationships with clients, despite the lack of face-to-face meetings.  

Top 10 Candidate Engagement Tools of 2023

On an average, top candidates stay in the market for mere 10 days. Which is why, it is vital to keep you candidates engaged during the entire recruitment process. Candidate engagement is not a small feat, recruiters and talent professionals have to continually engage – with various methods of communication – to keep candidates looped and interested. And that’s where candidate engagement tools come into play.

HackerEarth Proctoring vs iMocha Proctoring: Detailed Comparison

Concerned about maintaining the integrity of candidates during online recruitment assessments?

Internal Mobility: All you need to know 

Internal mobility, aka talent mobility, is more than just a buzzword to build a versatile talent pool within an organization. Instead, when your company makes the best out of talent mobility, it can enhance your company’s growth and improve your employees’ performance, retention, and satisfaction rates.   

Vervoe vs. HackerRank vs. iMocha (Detailed Comparison)

With advanced skills assessments, Vervoe has successfully established a robust virtual hiring platform. The platform allows candidates to demonstrate their skills and talent through on-the-job responsibilities. Vervoe additionally uses machine learning algorithms to rate candidates according to their performance automatically. 

DevSkiller VS HackerRank VS iMocha (Detailed Comparison)

DevSkiller is a leading provider of technical screening solutions. Powered by the RealLifeTesting technique, it gives an excellent candidate experience while accurately assessing candidates' technical skills. In addition, its talent pipeline allows recruiters to track candidate performance as test results are added.

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