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November Product Update - Introducing New iMocha Skills

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20 December, 2021

Hi there,

Here's Mocha's monthly product roundup! 

Larger question bank for trending skills: 

iMocha has added more than 100 questions. for each trending skill such as iOS Swift. Android. MySQL. Javascript. and Backend coding. 

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Improve candidates' experiences with the unmatched web-based coding editor: 

The skill assessment experience of the candidate can be improved with iMocha's seamless and familiar web-based IDE powered by the Monaco editor with IntelliSense. 

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Enable No Point option for subjective type questions: While adding questions to assessments. you can now assign No Points to descriptive-type questions. This will make the evaluation procedure easier for hiring managers by giving them the option to assess subjective responses exclusively. 

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With the skill library of 26 coding languages, you can now evaluate the relevant coding skills of the candidate

With the addition of Scala, Kotlin, GoLang, MySQL, and TypeScript, iMocha’s skill library offers a comprehensive range of coding skills and a 2,000+ strong coding problems repository.

Assess frontend developers accurately with HTML, CSS, and JS compilers:

HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are prominent web development tools used in website development. To assess candidates' website coding and designing skills, iMocha has introduced these question types in a project-based environment to help organizations accurately evaluate candidates for front-end development roles.

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Easily verify candidates’ identities by using the Base Image in the PDF Report feature:

Verifying which candidate appeared in your assessments has become easier with the readily available candidate image in the respective test report. You may or may not opt to include the candidate image in the test report and circulate the results for convenient reference across stakeholders as well.

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New Skills 


New Skills

Skill Library

Big Data


Software Testing


Software Testing

Unit Testing (Junit & Mockito)

Machine Learning (ML)

Kubeflow / MLflow

Java 8

Spring Reactive


Pega Express Methodology

That's all, folks! 

For any questions, write to us at or read our Knowledge Base.

Happy Hiring!


Team iMocha

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iMocha Marketing Team
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