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Welcome back to our product updates blog! 

Today, we're excited to share some of our newest features and enhancements, which will undoubtedly aid customers in saving their time during the test creation, editing completed reports, and help in hiring the best job role and culture fit candidates for your business.

Here’s a rundown of the new features and tools you can now take advantage of. 

You can catch up on all the new features and skills in our product round-up webinar.


1) Save time during the test creation: We've added the topic drop-down filter that will reduce time spent searching questions for a particular topic. Know more.

2) Reviewers can edit completed reports: Reviewers can now edit completed reports. If the reviewer feels that the report score needs to be edited or accidentally clicks "Finish Review," the report can be reviewed again. We have also added a system prompt that provides a snapshot of the review before the reviewer can confirm and click "Finish Review." Know more

3) Bulk invites are no longer a pain: Emails now can be separated by a comma, semicolon, tab, space, or even entered into a new line. When you copy-paste the email addresses from word or excel; no need to separate them with a comma. Know more.

4) Reduce time-to-hire with iCIMS + iMocha Prime Connector: Now, streamline your hiring process with the seamless 1-Click integration with iCIMS Prime Connector. Know more.


 New Skills Released 


Software Development

Unity Skills Test

Grafana Online Test

QML Skills Test

Cocos Creator Online Test

Cocos2d-x Assessment Test

Cognitive Ability

Janitor/Cleaner Test


Adobe XD Assessment Test

Big Data

Ambari Online Test

Software Testing

User Testing Skills Test

Apache Beam Python Online Test


Solr Online Test

Java Design Patterns Online Test

Artificial Intelligence

OpenSpan Online Test


Amazon DMA Online Test

Amazon RDS Pre-employment Test



So, this was a quick overview of our latest features and enhancements, which we are sure will definitely help you save your hiring time and onboard the best candidates. 

If you have any other questions then write to us at or to know more then read our Knowledge Base

Happy Hiring!

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Neha Kulkarni
Neha Kulkarni
Neha is a Product Marketer at iMocha with a strategic focus on go-to-market strategies. Neha loves introducing new technologies and products to customers and helps organizations optimize their recruitment plans.
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