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In recent years the recruitment process has evolved and continues to do so! It is all about data-driven recruitment now, with a pinch of human emotions! Many new trends came in the recruitment industry over the past couple of years, years pass and trends changed!

However, one thing common amongst the changing trends is they all were candidate focused! Since it is a candidate’s market, all these trends either worked to provide a better candidate experience or reach out to more and more candidates from the talent pool.

To achieve this, recruiters went all in, they optimized social media to the very extent, they started using pre-employment skill testing software, introduced big-data analytics to recruitment. So, that they can have an upper hand over their competitors and in the market.

5 Recruitment Trends To Follow In The Year 2020!


1. Create A Better Consumer Experience

Creating an optimal level of candidate experience is what matters the most in today’s time. You need to come up with some sort of strategy to create one, it should be thoughtful and attractive from the very first interaction of the candidate with your company, be it the website or any page of the website, it should always be engaging for the candidate.

Also, make sure integrating technology to your platform is not hindering but helping the applicants. Information should be easy to find on the website. Candidates these days apply for jobs via mobile phones, therefore, don't forget to optimize your organization’s app for a great experience. Use technology as a part of your interview process. If you aren’t already using pre-employment skills testing software then 2020 can be your year. If the candidate’s currently employed while applying to your organization you can make things easy for her/him by taking a one- way video interview. 

This will create an assertive yet flexible image of the organization.

v1 CTA-image2-12. Employer Branding

Employer branding is a trend that will never go away! It is here to stay forever, therefore, recruiters need to make sure that they come up with a strong recruitment strategy that reflects a strong brand presence. 

Start with evaluating your current employer brand and assess the strong and weak points of your brand, you can then work on the weak points and revamp your brand image. The year 2020 is a golden opportunity for recruiters, try to engage as many customers and candidates as possible!

Also, make sure to make a note of the changing demographics in the recruitment industry. For today’s candidate, it is no more just about the compensation, they want to join an organization that has a good culture where they can easily adjust! You’ll need to start with creating campaigns that showcase your work environment, employees, and culture. Recruiters are advised to take this initiative up with the marketing team for better quality and connect with the audience.


3.  Adopt The Millennial Communication Trend: Texting

Millennials work best with texts! If you are a millennial you’ll agree with me. Texting is a really popular way of connecting with people. Almost 90% of Americans use cellular devices to communicate/interact with each other on a daily basis. Therefore, it makes sense to communicate with the candidates over the medium they are most active on. However, one thing you are supposed to be mindful of is, ‘professionalism.’ Even though texting is casual in nature, make sure you maintain professionalism while texting. 


4. Optimize Social Media 

Optimizing social media will help you with inbound recruiting. This will attract candidates to your organization and candidates will proactively apply to be a part of your organization.

Since most candidates aren’t on job boards and you need to hire the best in the talent pool, try to reach them on as many social media sites as possible, especially Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. 

All you have to do is take the help of digital advertising and content marketing to attract traction to your website. Recruitment is a long term process, therefore, your main goal is to attract candidates to your website by advertising the achievements, culture, and growth opportunities of the company. This is to create your brand image in the market. Once your organization sets itself as a brand in the market, you’ll realize candidates proactively apply to your organization. 

Later on when your organization has established an online presence you can take up recruitment marketing, however, that takes additional resources to implement and you would require the help of your marketing department.


5.  Focus On Soft Skills

The demand for social skills is soon going to increase in the workplace across all industries. In, USA the demand will increase by 26%, and in Europe by 22%. Therefore, it is high time that recruiters inculcate soft skills in the recruitment process in the coming year. 

However, this recruitment trend isn’t something that is born out of thin air this comes into practice because lately, there’s a shortage of soft skills across all industries.

Back in 2010, an employee lacked 1 or 2 of the critical skills that are required for a job role but now the number has risen to 18. This roughly translates to a lack of 23 million skills.

It’s not like recruiters weren’t hiring for soft skills, however, over the period of time, these skills now involve a few converging factors and these factors are ‘supposedly’ going to get more evolved/elaborate in the future.


Like any other industry, some trends are going to stay and some are going to get obsolete over-time and new trends will get added-on! Keeping in mind how social media is growing and how it attracts people of almost all generations, reaching out to candidates over it doesn’t seem a bad idea! Tell us which is your favorite recruitment trend in the comment section!Subscribe to iMocha blog

Nivedita Joshi
Nivedita Joshi
Nivedita is a content writer by profession. She strives to make her content as relatable and informative as possible for the readers. On a personal front, her knack for trying out different cuisines and exotic food is unrivaled. In her free time, she writes quatrains on her Instagram page.

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