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Top 6 Skills you Need in Telecom Today

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21 September, 2022

Cyber technology is growing fast and with the emergence of the metaverse it is more complex than ever to hire a job-fit candidate in the telecom sector. With the speed at which technology is changing, businesses need skilled employees – fast.

Considering this, iMocha has not only prioritized providing a top-notch assessment platform but also a whole library of skill assessments dedicated to the telecom sector.

Here’s a list of the top 6 skills and the tests you can use to hire the perfect candidate, and if they aren’t already available in the extensive iMocha library, our experts can custom create them for you -


Top 6 skills you need in telecom sector today
Edge computing:

Edge computing is a distributed computing paradigm that brings computation and data storage closer to the sources of data.

Top 5 tests - SOA Cloud Computing Assessment, Computer System Validation (CSV) Online Test, Field Technician Aptitude Test, Microsoft Azure Programming Assessment Test, Amazon Web Services (AWS) Online Test.

Network functional virtualization (NFV):

Network functions virtualization (NFV) is the replacement of network appliance hardware with virtual machines.

Top 5 tests - UFT/QTP Test for Pre-employment testing, IBM Rational Functional Tester (RFT) Test, Senior Network Engineer Test, F5 Networks Online Test, CISCO Networking Test Assessment.


Software-Defined Networking (SDN) is an approach to networking that uses APIs to communicate with underlying hardware infrastructure and direct traffic on a network.

Top 5 tests - Ranorex Testing Online Test, Bash Script Developer Test, Selenium Online Subjective Test, Software AG webMethods Test, Cucumber Testing Online Test

Application Network and Cloud security:

These skills act as a collection of procedures and technology designed to address external and internal threats to business security.

Top 5 tests - CISCO Security Test Assessment, SAP GRC Assessment Test, Information Security Governance Skills Test, Cyber Security Specialist Test, Microsoft Teams Security and Compliance Test


AI/ML represents an important evolution in computer science and data processing that is quickly transforming a vast array of industries.

Top 5 tests - Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Online Test, ML Engineer with Python Test, Deep Learning Online Test, Machine Learning Online Test, Blue Prism Assessment Test, Azure Bot Services Online Test


These skills focus on blockchain technology and can develop blockchain-based solutions for business purposes. Analytics & BI

Top 5 skills - Blockchain Assessment Test, Informatica Data Quality Test Assessment, Big Data Assessment Test, Data Interpretation Online Test, Online Embedded C Programming Test

Other popular skills and hot topics within those skills which are available in the iMocha Skills Library or could be custom created by our Subject Matter Experts:

Telecom Manager Network Model: LDAP, TMN Layers, FCAPS Layers, Network Management Model, SNMP Messages, TACACS

Documentation of Telecom Circuits: PRI, Analog, DSL

Networking Advance: Maintenance, Radio System Communication, Satellite Antennas, Satellite Frequency Band, Types of Protocol, Topology

Networking Fundamentals: DHCP, TCP/IP, Cloud Computing, Network Infrastructure and Architecture, OSI Layer

Security Fundamentals: Authentication, Firewalls, TCP ports, UDP ports, Log type in monitor lab, Network attack

Telecommunications: 5G concepts, elements, 5G Security

System Monitoring and Alerts for Telecommunications: System Monitoring and Alerts for Telecommunications

Firewalls Fortigate & Firtinate: Authentication, EIGRP MD5, CLI Command, Ingress and Egress, DHCP, SSL-VPN

CISCO Networking: Infrastructure Maintenance, LAN Switching Technology, Routing, SD WAN

Mobile Networking (3G, 4G, LTE,5G): Technology, architecture and protocol (MMEGI, MMEI, GUMMEI, TAI, ECGI, APN), "3G UMTS Basic Principles", TAI Signals, 4G LTE Security, LTE EPC, CRAN, Massive MIMO, Dual connectivity, 3G UMTS, Basic Principles, Cell Splitting and Sectoring

Here’s what our Head of Engineering Vishal Madan has to say about Skills Challenges in Telecom today:


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