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25 August, 2020

Don’t find customers for your products, find products for your customers. 

— Seth Godin   

When I joined Interview Mocha earlier this year, we were working on enhancing multiple things. We wanted to make the candidates’ lives easy while they gave tests, we were helping recruiters by making our analytics stronger, and we were focussing on creating questions in a way that would help assessors and candidates alike (a win-win-win situation, the third win for us, of course).    

We were feeling positive about where we stood with our product.  

And then COVID-19 happened 

The knee-jerk reaction in the working realm was to suspend the hiring process. Organizations were scrambling to understand how to, if at all they could, hire.   

This speed-bump in the process plunged us into adapt mode. Our focus now converged on successfully providing a platform for remote hiring.    

We were already ahead in the game, seeing as we had some features necessary for remote hiring at hand— image, screen, and video proctoring, accessing tests from any part of the world, pre-recorded video interviews.  

What we seemed to be missing, though, was a robust face-to-face interview simulator, especially for coding interviews.    

For the past few months now, we’ve been creating a platform that would not replace, but emulate face-to-face interviews to the best possible extent—a project that will take precedence for us in the months to come as well.  

The widespread belief that the pandemic is something that needs to be weathered is far from the truth. The changes brought about during this period aren’t in any way fleeting. They are here to stay. Well, at least some of them.    

We believe that imocha has to be equipped to cope with all these changes. Let me rephrase that—we believe that imocha will be equipped to handle these changes efficiently. So, what we’ll be doing for months to come is just that: help organizations handle these changes, and this is how we’ll be doing it:   

  • Stronger analytics: We’ve all heard that pictures speak louder than words. When it comes to hiring, though, numbers always speak louder than words. We’ll be working on building a robust analysis mechanism to help recruiters lessen the hire time required to finalize a candidate.   
  • Making proctoring data actionable: We also have a lot of granular level data when it comes to remote proctoring. We've been working on image and window violations, but for a client that goes through thousands and thousands of tests per day, how will they be able to go through all that granular level data?

    To make this process more efficient, we'll be focussing on creating a measure that would present this data in a much more actionable way. A recruiter, for example, cannot realistically go through hundreds of images of thousands of candidates to check whether there has been a violation, so we’re building a way through which that data can be read and understood easily.
  • Non-functional aspects of coding: Coding tests have been one of the most popular features with our clients. It is, as of now, dependent on whether or not it passes a number of test cases. Going forward, we’ll also look into the non-functional requirements of that coding. We will now dive into code quality, and that will be deployed for our users to leverage within a short period of time.   
  • Enhancing English Proficiency Test: This product is currently in the beta version. We’ll soon be deploying a version that will be more comprehensive and informed. In the updated version, the recruiters will have the ability to choose if they want the writing section or the speaking section, or any of the other tests for that matter.   
  • Empowering LogicBoxAnother feature that has been used by enterprises widely is the LogicBox feature. A number of tools these days use the MCQ framework, which includes a certain amount of guesswork on the part of the candidates.

    However, our LogicBox questions eliminate that element of guesswork completely, needing the candidates to comprehend the logic behind a question, but not requiring the exact syntax to pass. In the months to come, we’ll be strengthening this feature.
  • Supporting integrations: Apart from these key features, we’ll continue working on integrations further. We’ve integrated with the world’s top 10 ATS platforms (add examples) to reduce the hassle (for our users) of having to toggle back and forth to check a candidate’s life cycle. So, we’d keep the process of integrations on.
    And if a customer requires any specific integration, we’d be happy to support them.  

As we’ve noticed in a number of cases, our customers know the result they want to achieve, but seldom identify how to achieve that result. This is where content comes into the picture! We support our clients to build the right content for them—we ensure a certain amount of handholding to help organizations attain their desired goals. You can stop wondering now, this is exactly why our content wins us the deals.   

We won’t stop until we revolutionise the world of digital skills assessment. The 'i' in imocha, for me, stands for one thing—innovation, the kind that makes us stand out.  

imocha team


Vishal Madan
Vishal Madan
Head of Engineering, iMocha, Vishal is a senior techno-functional leader, who takes pride in being fearless, decisive and works only with one motto in mind – 'Value Addition' in any task at hand, be it the primary portfolio in Delivery, Managed Services or Program Management or proactively taken secondary portfolio(s) which helps the organization succeed.
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