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Top 10 Best Applicant Screening Software in 2022

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11 November, 2022

Would you believe me if I say writing a job description, sorting resumes, finding red flags in CVs, aligning potential candidates, and all other screening tasks require almost no human intervention?  

No? Well, that's true now. The best applicant screening software makes it possible for recruitment teams.  

Applicant screening tools deploy various advanced technology, such as social profiles, psychometric evaluations, and culture-fit aspects, to determine a candidate's potential and present a detailed report to the hiring authority. These reports, assessments, and sifting through thousands of resumes help hiring managers to make unbiased and fair decisions while employing candidates.   

Studies have shown that approximately 78% of applicants lie in their resumes!  

The hiring manager cannot screen resumes, conduct background checks, develop customized assessments, or evaluate those assessments solely. But all of this is possible using  the best applicant screening software that ensures efficiency and promptness  

That's why we have curated a detail-oriented list of the top 14 applicant screening tools, comparing pros and cons, price variations, free trials, ratings, and more.  

So, find out and engage with an applicant screening software for your organization now.  




Screen, assess, evaluate and hire – get all the answers related to your hiring needs here at iMocha!  


Skills Assessment Tools

1. iMocha   

iMocha-Nov-11-2022-12-00-04-8164-PMiMocha is an applicant screening and skills intelligence platform that empowers talent executives to make better decisions and build competitive teams. It provides firms with a robust recruitment platform that offers a clear, easy-to-read overview of a candidate's assessment and filters out potential candidates among the vast talent pools.  

It is an enterprise-ready platform that eliminates all boring, unproductive, repetitive activities saving a lot of manpower.   

Founded in: 2015      

Founded by: Amit Mishra and Sujit Karpe      

Free Trial: Yes     


  • It enables you to accurately determine the candidate's proficiency level, including beginner, intermediate, proficient, and experienced 

  • This applicant screening tool allows recruiters to view candidate pipeline, measure test performance, and analyze invitation data  

  • It provides insightful assessment reports that enable employees to see their skills, competency, areas of improvement, and training efficacy   

  • iMocha offers AI-powered customizable and shareable reports  


  • iMocha does not conduct psychometric tests 

  • It does not conduct a background check  

Clients: Capgemini, Cognizant, Wipro, Vanguard, CGI Deloitte, PayPal, Fujitsu and more       

Pricing: Price on request      

G2 Crowd Rating: 4.4/5 (165 reviews)  



Wondering how to screen candidates and measure their on-the-job skills? Try iMocha's skill assessment portal!



Candidate Resume Screening Software  

2. Freshworks  


Founded in: 2010   

Founded by: Girish Mathrubootham   

Free Trial: Available   


  • Freshworks is a cloud-based software with self-automation that helps make the process streamlined and faster  

  • With the help of webhooks, users can extract candidates' data within a limited time     

  • The platform helps interact with many potential candidates via a contextual message from the chatbot, and then the latter can be handed over to the agent at the right time    


  • Freshworks is an expensive college recruitment software    

  • The software has limited filtering options when compared to other campus recruiting software  

Clients: Clarity, Salinas Valley Memorial Healthcare System, Bridgestone, Synergy, Bensons for Beds   

G2 Crowd Rating: 4.5/5  



3. Zoho Recruit  

zoho-Nov-11-2022-11-58-04-6587-AMFounded in: 1996    

Founded by: Sridhar Vembu and Tony Thomas    

Free Trial: Available    


  • This talent mapping software enhances your return on investment   
  • Zoho is one of the best talent mapping tools that allow all the Zoho applications, such as CRM, Email, and other inbound marketing tools, to sync together to work as one system   
  • Zoho has integrated with many social media channels, such as LinkedIn, for social recruiting   


  • The application is not fully mobile-friendly   
  • Their customer services are not readily available to free users   
  • The platform has a complex, unintuitive user interface, making it hard for users to navigate and utilize many features   

Clients: Allianz, PWC, Bosch, Deloitte, A1 (Telecom Austria Group)    

Pricing: $145/month    

G2 Rating: 4.4/5 (1,340 reviews)      



4. Skeeled

skeeledFounded in: 2014  

Founded by: Mike Reiffers & Nicolas Speeckaert   

Free Trial: Not available  


  • It's a user-friendly platform  
  • Sending feedback to candidates is quick and effective with Skeeled  
  • It allows the recruiter to multipost. i.e., a single post will be advertised on multiple job portals  


  • Their email integration is not effective at all. One has to repeat the same receiver's email id every single time. It also shows "no-reply" in reply to the mail  
  • Implementing Skeeled is a lengthy procedure  
  • Candidate grouping makes it even more confusing   

Clients: Sales-Lentz, Nuo skin, IBDO,, G4S  

Pricing: Not disclosed publicly  

G2 Rating: 4.3/5 (21 reviews)  


Video Interviewing Software    

5. iMocha

iMocha-Nov-11-2022-12-00-04-8164-PMiMocha, one of the top applicant screening software that offers proven and tested solutions for hiring candidates virtually. Using its one-way video interview question function, you can evaluate candidates' required skills, including soft skills, technical skills, cultural fit skills, and more.   

To protect their credibility, the assessments conducted by iMocha are encrypted through strict security protocols such as GDPR, ISO9001, and ISO27001. This applicant screening tool ensures that the data and analytics presented are unbiased and authentic.   

Founded in: 2015      

Founded by: Amit Mishra and Sujit Karpe      

Free Trial: Yes     


  • iMocha lets the hiring manager set a maximum number of attempts for each question   
  • This software allows you to create test links for all your hiring needs. E.g., you can opt for an Open link URL for bulk/campus hiring  
  • You can design an extremely flexible test based on your requirements by determining the duration, the number, and the type of questions  


  • iMocha does not conduct psychometric tests.    

Clients: Deloitte, PayPal, Fujitsu, Capgemini, Cognizant, Wipro, Vanguard, CGI, and more       

Pricing: Price on request      

G2 Crowd Rating: 4.4/5 (165)    



Employers lose around $600 billion yearly to resume fraud, and 57% of applicants fabricate their skill sets. Want to know the solution?  



6. Talview

talview1Founded in: 2017

Founded by: John Jose, Sanjoe Tom Jose, and Subramanian Kailasam

Free Trial: No 


  • The platform is multilingual, hence catering to the recruiter's needs effectively.   

  • Talview works on almost all the top search engines used by students, such as Chrome, Firefox, and Edge  

  • It is data-safety compliant.   


  • The portal often gets stuck during the data research phase.  

  • The customer support is unresponsive.   

  • Data panels of large size can be challenging to download.   

Clients: Meta, Vodafone, HCL, Cambridge Assessment, Cognizant   

Pricing: $25000/year   

G2 Rating: 4.5/5 (33 reviews)    




vidcruiter1Founded in: 2009  

Founded by: Sean Fahey  

Free Trial: Available  


  • This applicant screening tool enables the recruiter to pre-screen applicants and organize them as per the organization's workflow  

  • VidCruiter does not work on mobile phones  

  • Team VidCruiter has a super backup support for any technical issue  


  • It lacks bulk automated actions such as bulk printing, or bulk download, etc.  

  • It repeats a lot of information in the exported reports  

Clients: Kelley, Human Capital Coordinator, Life Coach  

Pricing: $5000/year  

G2 Rating: 4.8/5 (191 reviews)  



ATS (Applicant Tracking Software)  

8. Jobvite

jobvite1Founded in: 2006   

Founded by: Jesper Schultz and Hans Larsen   

Free Trial: Yes   


  • Jobvite job posting is also shared on other job boards, which improves the coverage for the posting and candidate outreach   

  • The U.I. is applicant friendly intuitive and makes the recruiting process efficient for both recruiters and hiring managers  

  • It provides analytical reports of each candidate  


  • You cannot access knock-out form templates, and neither can you customize basic templates  

  • Jobvite automated email feature sends many emails at a time, which can overwhelm the inbox and end up mixing essential emails  

  • It lacks integrations with M.S. Teams and LinkedIn  

Clients: Scott Sendelweck, ACCO Brands, eegee's, Long Building Technologies, Exelon   

Pricing: $30/recruiter/month   

G2 Rating: 4.0/5 (504 reviews)  



9. Greenhouse 

Greenhouse-Nov-11-2022-12-05-58-5557-PMFounded in: 2012   

Founded by: Daniel Chait and Jon Stross   

Free Trial: No   


  • You can customize the platform to meet your organization's unique requirements and build different hiring plans for every role.   

  • It is simple to use and works well with different platforms (E.g., G Suite & Goodtime).   

  • Greenhouse is a "one-stop shop" for all hiring processes. Within Greenhouse, you can post positions, evaluate applicants, arrange interviews, make offers, and even source.   


  • It has limited options for customizations 

  • The application does not allow for saving notes, tracking communications, and adding numerous departments 

  • The application shows an inability to match resumes with similar candidates

Clients: HubSpot, Wayfair, HARRY'S, invision, J.D. Power    

Pricing: On request   

G2 Rating: 4.4/5 (1214 reviews)  



10. Smart Recruiters  

smartrecruiters1Founded in: 2010    

Founded by: Jerome Ternynck    

Free Trial: Yes


  • It allows the recruiter to review candidates, add grades or ratings, pass the review to another reviewer, or return the review to the H.R. team  

  • It enables hiring teams to communicate and have complete access to the candidate pool during the hiring process  

  • The application provides the functionality of creating email correspondence templates  


  • It is not well integrated with other platforms    

  • SmartRecruiters does not have any feature for self-scheduling interviews  

  • It does not automatically contact candidates after a job application    

Clients: Equinox, Avery Dennison, VISA, LinkedIn, Skechers  

Pricing: On request    

G2 Rating: 4.3/5 (439 reviews)  



Wondering how to assess skills accurately during interviews? Try iMocha's Video Interviewing solutions! 




What is the best way to screen candidates?  

Here is the best way to screen candidates effectively:  

  • Resume review  
  • Read cover letter  
  • Perform phone screening (phone call interviewing)  
  • Video call interviewing/screening  
  • Skill assessment   
  • Background check  

All of the above steps could be automated by engaging in the best applicant screening tools such as iMocha.  


What are the types of applicant screening software?  

Some of the commonly used applicant screening software are skill assessments, video interviews, live coding interviews, and ATS.  


What goals can be achieved by using applicant screening software?  

The best applicant screening software automates the hiring process, saving a lot of time and capital. It also boosts overall organizational productivity by eliminating repetitive activities such as sifting through each resume, grouping candidates, creating custom assessments, and more.  

Payal Rajpoot
Payal Rajpoot
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