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14 Best Recruitment Apps to Find Best Candidates in 2022

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14 November, 2022

Acquiring the best-suited talent for an organization is the most crucial yet arduous task. And who does that? The HR management solely. Due to this, HR professionals face immense pressure to find, connect and acquire candidates to fill open positions for their organizations.  

But these open slots cannot be filled by traditional hiring methods of using pen paper and piles of documentation; the latest skills demand advanced technology for efficient and accurate evaluation. 

Are you aware that 70% of job seekers use their smartphones to find work? No?   

Well then, it's high time the management gets woke to hire the latest skill-oriented candidates. The recruitment industry has shifted quickly to software and apps over the past few years (less than a decade). Gone is the time when job-seekers applied for jobs via advertisements or pamphlets.   

Recruitment Apps are the only future of the hiring industry, says the latest demographics. Yes, the recruiting software market is reportedly worth $1.5 billion today.  

iMocha is one of the best recruitment apps that can assist recruiters in hiring top talent from the vast talent market. Its advanced technology like live coding interviews, patent AI-Logicbox, and an extensive library with 2500+ skills to support its upskilling and reskilling portal is built to accomplish all your hiring needs at once. 

Moreover, we have listed the top 14 recruitment apps to assist you in finding skilled and relevant candidates among the vague talent pool.  




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Best Recruiting Apps 

1. LinkedIn Recruiter  

LinkedIn Recruiter

Founded in: 2003  

Founded by: Reid Hoffman Eric Ly  

Free Trial: Not Available  


  • LinkedIn Recruiter is one of the best recruitment apps, which has the highest number of active candidates   
  • The software has the most effective filters, allowing you to find suitable candidates from anywhere worldwide. Hence it is a single platform for global hiring  
  • LinkedIn is a social media to interact and expand corporate networks. However, it is more of a professional and productive network, which is fully automated and integrated with some of the best platforms for recruitment, such as Greenhouse  


  • Searching for candidates using Boolean algorithms is complicated and does not show appropriate results every time  
  •  No resumes are attached to the profiles  
  • It does not allow the recruiter to add their required skills; only the ones added in the databases have to be used  

Clients: Nestle, Amazon, Dropbox, SIEMENS  

Pricing: $899.95/month  

G2 Rating: 4.4/5 (264 reviews)  



2. Monster  


Founded in: 1994  

Founded by: Jeff Taylor  

Free Trial: Yes  


  • Monster is one of the best recruitment apps. It’s effortless to search and contact candidates at Monster  
  • This recruiting application is helpful to source candidates based on particular location and industry  
  • Its job posting is very efficient and sends immediate alerts whenever candidates submit an application for an open position  


  • The user interface is intuitive  
  • Monster is filled with lots of candidates with outdated and less active profiles  
  • Filters are not effective  

Clients: Paul Wurth, Tata Consultancy Services, Ananth Technologies, Ybrant 

Pricing: $249/year  

G2 Rating: 3.9/5 (99 reviews)  



 3. Glassdoor

glassdoorFounded in: 2007  

Founded by: Rich Barton & Tim Besse    

Free Trial: Not Available  


  • The content at this mobile recruiting app is organized, giving you access to information about the company, accolades, employees, culture, diversity, etc. To showcase films, images, testimonials, etc., you can also upload multi-media content  
  • This best recruiting app gives a "behind the curtains" look at many businesses, especially in terms of how management works with staff, the overall company culture, pay, and benefits  
  • It makes it simple to compare various businesses' work cultures and values  


  • A lot of fake reviews are put by the company itself to show a good image to the world  
  • Even staff reviews are biased, so they are not always accurate  

Pricing: Not disclosed publicly  

G2 Rating: 4/5 (91 reviews)  



 4. Indeed Job Search  

indeed - 14 Best Recruitment Apps to Find Best Candidates

Founded in: Paul Foster & Rony Kahan  

Founded by: 2004  

Free Trial: Available  


  • By boosting the sourcing of quality applicants for essential jobs, this mobile recruiting apps contributes to increasing productivity 
  • Indeed representatives train you on the dashboard, upcoming webinars, etc.  
  • The user interface is swift and has a tonne of useful features that make using it simple  


  • Indeed Job Search is one of the most expensive recruiting applications  
  • Its analytical dashboard is not easy to understand and customize  
  • The software does not have any feature to auto-fetch the downloaded resumes directly to the ATS  

Pricing: $150/user  

G2 Rating: 4.2/5 (495 reviews)  



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5. Freshteam freshwork

Founded in: 2011   

Founded by: Girish Mathrubootham   

Free Trial: Yes   


  • The talent management process of this is one of the top recruiting apps is based entirely on analytics 
  • All recruitment phases can be automated with this top recruiting app 
  • It allows you to manage basic tasks like tracking personal time off, even with the free version.   


  • The customer support team is unresponsive.  
  • Posting a job and tracking applications are complicated at Freshteam 
  • The UX/UI of this recruiting tool is unintuitive.    

Clients: Travix, Pearson, VICE media group, Fiverr., exabytes, multichoice 

Pricing: $0/month  



 6. Calendly  


Founded in: 2013  

Founded by: Tope Owatonna  

Free Trial: Available  


  • It enables users to create multiple event categories with various goals so that customers are aware of what they are signing up for  
  • Calendly is the best recruitment app that automatically notifies users of upcoming events  
  • It immediately synchronizes with Google Calendar, Outlook, and Zoom to discover open meeting times, and then schedules meetings following those times  


  • Customer support does not respond 
  • It does not integrate with the team messaging app  
  • No Indian payment getaway is available  

Clients: Dropbox, Twilio, eBay, compass, benefits  

Pricing: $ 0/month  

G2 Rating: 4.75 (1455 reviews)   



7. iCIMS   


Founded in: 2000   

Founded by: Colin Day   

Free Trial: No   


  • A number of insightful features are available in this recruitment app, including text engagement, Teams integration, job postings, and social distribution, which streamline the recruitment process for recruiters and candidates alike 
  • With iCIMS, you can store and retrieve the information of both active and passive job seekers 
  • This one of the best recruitment apps lets you analyze the progress of a candidate profile from beginning to end and identify any significant drops offs 


  • There are limited self-service options, so most things cannot be customized from the user's end, but must be dealt with by customer service. 
  • It is prone to glitches and slowdowns due to its large amount of data 
  • ICIMS's UI/UX is outdated and overwhelming at times   

Clients: intel, Amdocs, Intuitive, Pepsico, Sun Life  

Pricing: $1700/month   

G2 Rating: 4.0/5 (479 reviews)  



8. Smart Recruiters


Founded in: 2010    

Founded by: Jerome Ternynck    

Free Trial: Yes    


  • It allows the recruiter to review candidates, add grades or ratings, pass the review to another reviewer, or return the review to the H.R. team  
  • It enables hiring teams to communicate and have complete access to the candidate pool during the hiring process  
  • This top recruiting app provides the functionality of creating email correspondence templates  


  • It is not well integrated with other platforms    
  • SmartRecruiters does not have any feature for self-scheduling interviews  
  • It does not automatically contact candidates after a job application    

Clients: Equinox, Avery Dennison, VISA, LinkedIn, Skechers  

Pricing: On request    

G2 Rating: 4.3/5 (439 reviews)  



9. Breezy H.R.  BreezyHr

Founded in: 2014   

Founded by: Darren Bounds   

Free Trial: Yes   


  • For a new HR manager, the user interface is very intuitive and easy to use
  • It gives access to additional services like Facebook Ads and LinkedIn postings.   
  • Breezy H.R. lets managers quickly build new pools to keep the database organized 


  • Breezy H.R. sends notifications to hiring managers only and not the other stakeholders
  • It does not have video conferencing embedded in it

Clients: Booster, Docebo, dodge data & analytics, dollar eight clubs, elevation church   

Pricing: Starting from $0   

G2 Rating: 4.4/5 (526 reviews)  



10. Recruitee  


Founded in: 2015  

Founded by: Pawel Smoczyk and Perry Oostdam  

Free Trial: Available  


  • Recruitee is one of the best recruitment apps that improve your workplace's overall functionality and workflow. It allows you to add comments in a candidate profile candidate's or even pass them over to someone else in the ream for review or discussion   
  • It allows the easiest cataloguing and filtering of candidates among vast talent pools  
  • It is easy to create custom pipelines for your positions with Recruitee  


  • You can only invite them via; does not have links  
  • Recruitee is one of the most expensive recruiting applications  
  • Job posting takes a lot of time here   

Clients: hotjar, TaskHuman, M&S, Staples, Framestore, Transcom  

Pricing: $109/month  

G2 Rating: 4.5/5 (337 reviews)  



11. Workable


Founded in: 2012   

Founded by: Nikos Moraitakis and Spyros Magiatis   

Free Trial: Yes   


  • The platform automatically branches out a single post to several different companies making it one of the best recruitment apps 
  • Workable provides a shared space for hiring managers and team members to collaborate in an efficient manner   
  • The software has effective integration with Outlook, Zoom, and Teams for accessible communication and interview scheduling   


  • It does not allow the recruiter to add a title while setting up an invite email template   
  • Customer support is hardly available over call; you have to contact them via mail   
  • Reports/analytics functionalities are not customizable   

Clients: dribble, moodle, LYST, bevi, bulb, Deposit Solutions   

Pricing: Varies from $129 - $559/month   

G2 Rating: 4.6/ 5 (365 reviews)  



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12. Vincere  


Founded in: 2015   

Founded by: Bernie Schiemer  

Free Trial: Not Available Pros:     

  • This best recruiting app has some refined automation capabilities that make it easier for recruiters to contact candidates, perform procedures, and interact with LinkedIn   
  • The software is affordable to all   
  • Vincere allows you to run a free text search from any page and get accurate results   


  • The system is click-intensive and prone to bugs and problems   
  • The software is not customizable enough   
  • It does not integrate with job boards properly  

Clients: Tempting ventures, zitko, prime., Halcyon Knights, the pond  

Pricing: $39/month    

G2 Rating: 4.6/5 (375 reviews)  



13. Bamboo H.R.  


Founded in: 2008  

Founded by: Ben Peterson & Ryan Sanders  

Free Trial: Available  


  • This mobile recruiting app is easy to use for both candidates and H.R. managers  
  • The software provides easy access to crucial information and on-point reporting  
  • It allows users to access their r-learning platform to understand the application   


  • Setting up leave management policies is complicated   
  • Bamboo H.R.'s customization is tedious and time-consuming  
  • It does not allow the users to edit titles like job titles, locations, etc.  

Clients: Wistia, Community Counselling, Gravy Analytics, Civtec, Haiti  

Pricing: $ 8.75/month   

G2 Rating: 4.5/5 (1239 reviews)  



14. ZipRecruiter  

ziprecruiterFounded in: 2010  

Founded by: Ian Siegal & Santa Monica  

Free Trial: Available  


  • Zip Recruiter offers a great 1-click application that makes it easy and quick to move through the application process  
  • The search filters probably makes ZipRecruiter one of the best recruitment apps; they are efficient and require no efforts  
  • Zip Recruiter is one of the most effective mobile recruiting apps. It's job posting tool offers quality and most accurate results within no time  


  • ZipRecruiter is an expensive tool  
  • It does not have integration with large job boards such as Indeed  
  • They sent too many spams mails  

Clients: SPB, Lids, Mercy, MVT, Hobby Lobby  

Pricing: Not disclosed publicly  

G2 Rating: 4.7/5 (848 reviews)  




What is a recruiting app?  

A recruiting app is a mobile platform to establish communication between employers and job seekers on an accessible platform. It covers all stages of the hiring process—for example, iMocha, CareerBuilder, Monster Jobs, etc.  


Why do companies need recruiting apps?  

The best recruitment apps are effective in streamlining operations and procedures and boosting hiring quality. Hence, companies use recruiting apps to advertise job openings, find qualified applicants, and hunt for employment.  

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Payal Rajpoot
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