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Top 8 Career Pathing Software in 2024

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17 May, 2024

Many companies struggle with disengaged employees and high turnover rates. To address these challenges, many organizations are increasing their efforts to engage employees, including initiatives aimed at helping employees find a clear career path within the company.

In a modern setting, the absence of a hierarchical structure can lead to a lot of confusion regarding career progression for employees. The decision-making becomes overwhelming since an employee has several open choices to plan lateral moves or switch departments or even domains.

Although career pathing is an individual activity, companies can benefit significantly by introducing career pathing within their organization, as the aspirational and skills data can help identify skills gaps and plan personalized career paths.

If you’re in the market for a career pathing software, you should consider the Top 8 Career Pathing Software below to make your life easier, make your employees stick, and foster a culture of growth and development.



Top 8 Career Pathing Software to Consider in 2024

1. iMochaiMocha

iMocha is a skills assessment and intelligence solution designed to help organizations identify talent, assess skills, and make informed hiring decisions. Their skills intelligence platform uses advanced algorithms to help you create a skills taxonomy, map skills based on ontology, create employee skills profiles, and validate those skills via multiple channels, ultimately helping your HR department chart a career path for each employee.

  • Ontology-based mapping: iMocha lets you map competencies required for different roles within the company.
  • Personalized Career Planning: HR professionals can create employee career development plans. These plans can include short-term and long-term goals, training opportunities, and milestones to track progress.
  • Employee Profiles: Create detailed profiles for different job roles, outlining the responsibilities, skills, and qualifications required for each position.
  • Succession Planning: iMocha facilitates succession planning by identifying high-potential employees and providing insights into their readiness to take on new roles.

Founding Year: 2015

G2 Rating: 4.4/5 (239 Reviews)

Pricing: Check out the free trial


Ready to invest in your employees' growth? Discover how iMocha's personalized career pathing can help.



2. Zavvy

zavvyZavvy is a people enablement platform. It hosts a robust career pathing tool called career frameworks that lets HR teams create clear and meaningful career paths for employees. Its intuitive interface and personalization features enable professionals to set goals, track progress, and access resources to enhance their skills and advance their careers.

  • Clear roles and competencies: The tool lets you define expectations for every role and seniority. If a career progression model is missing, you can also use templates.
  • Transparency: Create structured and transparent pathways.
  • 360-degree Feedback: The platform features 360 feedback that allows peer feedback, upward feedback, downward feedback, and self-review for holistic development.
  • Development plan: With Zavvy, HR professionals can create a step-by-step action plan for an employee’s development.

Founding Year: 2021

G2 Rating: 4.8/5 (17 Reviews)

Pricing: Available on request


3. PaddleHR

paddlehrPaddleHR is a talent mobility platform that offers a wide range of features, including Career Pathing tools. With PaddleHR, professionals can create personalized career paths, set goals, and receive guidance and feedback from mentors and peers. The platform also offers analytics and reporting features to track progress and measure success.

  • Career Growth: With PaddleHR, your employees can explore opportunities based on their skills and interests.
  • Skills Development: Combine individual career objectives with your organization’s workforce goals to develop skill development plans.
  • Talent Marketplace: PaddleHR Marketplace allows employees to explore opportunities within the company.

Founding Year: 2016

G2 Rating: 5/5 (2 Reviews)

Pricing: Available on request


Bridge the gap between training and career aspirations. Discover how iMocha can help you build a future-proof workforce.



4. GrowthSpace

growthspaceGrowthSpace is an employee development platform that leverages AI and machine learning technologies to provide personalized career guidance and support. With GrowthSpace, professionals can access a wealth of resources, including online courses, training modules, and mentorship opportunities, to enhance their skills and advance their careers.

  • Development training: GrowthSpace provides training to High-potential employees, Leadership, DEI, and Functional teams.
  • Learning and training library: Professionals can access online courses and training modules on GrowthSpace.
  • The platform offers multiple solutions, such as one-on-one coaching and mentoring, team coaching, cohort-based workshops, and internal mentoring.

Founding Year: 2018

G2 Rating: 4.8/5 (249 Reviews)

Pricing: Available on request


5. SumTotal Systems

sumtotal-1SumTotal Systems is a workforce management solution for highly regulated organizations. With its comprehensive suite of tools, SumTotal Systems enables professionals to create personalized development plans, set goals, and track progress over time. The platform also offers integration with other HR systems for seamless data management.

  • Personalized Development Plans: With SumTotal, your employees can create detailed development plans.
  • Career Mobility: SumTotal helps you provide contextual recommendations to your employees, personalized to their interests and aspirations.
  • 360-Degree Feedback: This platform lets you provide 360-degree feedback from managers, peers, and direct reports.
  • Succession Planning: SumTotal’s succession planning tools help organizations anticipate skills gaps and model future states of their collective workforce.

Founding Year: 1985

G2 Rating: 3.3/5 (42 Reviews)

Pricing: Available on request


Keep top talent turnover in check with structured career paths. Discover how iMocha's Skills Intelligence Cloud can help!



6. C2TI

c2tiC2TI is a global training partner for Defense, Civilian, and Commercial Industries. Their Career pathing tool, CPT, helps companies with the resources, guidance, and training needs of their employees. With C2TI, professionals can assess their skills, set career goals, and access personalized learning resources to enhance their capabilities and advance their careers.

  • Talent marketplace: C2TI’s CPT helps you showcase career opportunities to current and prospective employees.
  • Clear paths: With this platform, your employees will be able to identify typical paths of progression within your organization.
  • Assessments and identify skill gaps: This platform helps you assess competency strengths and identify areas for improvement of your employees.

Founding Year: 1989

G2 Rating: 3.3/5 (42 Reviews)

Pricing: Available on request


7. TalentGuard

talentguard-2TalentGuard is a workforce intelligence platform that includes robust career pathing features. With TalentGuard, professionals can create personalized career paths, set development goals, and access a library of resources to support their growth and advancement. The platform also offers performance management tools to track progress and measure success.

  • Career Path Builder: TalentGuard enables your employees to actively explore their possibilities within the company and build career paths tailored to their competencies and goals.
  • Agile Job-matching: This platform’s competency-based search functions allow employees to make upward, downward, or lateral moves based on their skills.
  • Personalized development plan: This platform provides a custom development plan based on employee competencies.

Founding Year: 2009

G2 Rating: 4.7/5 (3 Reviews)

Pricing: Available on request



hrsg-1HRSG is a competency-based talent management solution. They have a career pathing tool built into their Competency Core solution. The platform helps companies create a flexible career pathing program that boosts retention and builds a more substantial talent pipeline.

  • HRSG’s Competency core comes with Success Models.
  • It also features a Pathing Framework to help you create detailed career paths for your employees.
  • HRSG also ensures the implementation is done correctly with their Career Pathing implementation guide.

Founding Year: 1989

G2 Rating: 4.6/5 (6 Reviews)

Pricing: Available on request



The use case for career pathing is simple. If employees can visualize where they are heading without uncertainty about their place in your organization, they will stay long-term. Hence, selecting an appropriate tool that can accurately assess your staff's abilities, interests, and career objectives and subsequently transform them into valuable career pathways is crucial.

iMocha is one of the few platforms centered around the skills-first philosophy. It is perfect for capturing, assessing, validating, and updating employee skills as they chart their desired career paths.


Save employee engagement and motivation from taking a dip with personalized career paths. Elevate your workforce with iMocha's Skills Intelligence Cloud today!




What is Career Pathing Software?

Career pathing software is a tool that helps map out career progression for employees within the company. It facilitates goal setting, identifies skill gaps, and provides resources for professional development, ensuring alignment between individual aspirations and organizational goals.

Why is career pathing so important?

Career pathing is crucial for organizations as it fosters employee engagement, retention, and talent development. Providing clear pathways for advancement empowers employees to envision their future within the company, leading to higher morale and productivity.


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