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HackerRank Proctoring vs iMocha Proctoring: Detailed Comparison

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09 March, 2023

Proctored assessments are undeniably gaining popularity among recruiters. 

The reason being?

Well, according to a CNBC article ¹, more than 61% of individuals choose to work from home even if their offices are open. As a result, in order to adapt to this ever-changing work landscape, recruiters are increasingly turning to online assessment tools when hiring new individuals.

However, with the increasing reliance on these assessment tools, malpractices are on the rise too.

One of the unfortunate truths of today's tests is that applicants discover unique ways to cheat on them. Moreover, there are other challenges, too, such as candidate impersonation, question leakage, and many more.

To address these concerns, platforms like HackerRank and iMocha provide a variety of proctoring suites to keep your test environment secure and reliable.

If you need help deciding which tool to use, read the HackerRank proctoring vs. iMocha proctoring comparison to learn more about the proctoring differences and similarities between both tools.


General Overview

About HackerRank

HackerRank is a technical skill assessment platform that helps recruiters enhance their hiring efficiency. This tool customizes your recruiting process by allowing you to create assessments from the database of questions according to your hiring needs. It also enables you to add your own questions to the portal to make your hiring journey more seamless.

It includes a wide range of skill sets in its pre-written library to help you assess candidates' technical skills early in the process. Moreover, using this portal, you can objectively evaluate candidates and make better hiring decisions.

About iMocha

iMocha is an all-in-one skill assessment tool that offers various Talent Acquisition and Talent Development Services. In order to help you expand your talent management procedures, this tool features various types of questions such as multiple choice, video interview questions, live coding interviews, and AI-LogicBox.

It provides the world's most extensive talent library, with 2500+ ready-to-use skills and over 100,000+ questions. It includes 100+ cognitive skills, 80+ Next-Gen skills, 500+ IT skills, and more. Using the analytics functionality of this tool, you’ll easily be able to evaluate your applicant pipeline, track test performance, and evaluate any misconduct.



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HackerRank Proctoring vs iMocha Proctoring

Proctoring Parameters



 IP Address Tracking



 Audio & Video Proctoring

Not Available


 Image Proctoring



 Candidate ID Verification

Not Available


 Randomization of test questions



 Window Violation





HackerRank Proctoring Detailed Overview

Does HackerRank proctoring suit detect plagiarism?

Yes, in order to assist organizations, HackerRank provides a variety of automated and instantaneous proctoring solutions to maintain the integrity of applicants throughout assessments. Plagiarism detection is one of the proctoring solutions offered by HackerRank.

This tool's Copy/Paste tracking feature ensures that no copied content from the web goes unnoticed. The detailed reports will highlight those answers if a candidate attempts to paste a copied solution from the web. You can also enable the warning sign to alert candidates of this misconduct.


Is the skill library of HackerRank secure and reliable?

Yes, HackerRank's skill library is secure and reliable since it offers randomization of test questions in assessments to minimize guessing. Because of the randomization of questions, the algorithm chooses a new set of questions for each candidate. This guarantees that no questions are asked questions in a similar order.


Does HackerRank track the browser?

Yes, the HackerRank proctoring suite can track IP addresses. This feature limits the browser's functionality and prohibits test takers from accessing other tabs for information. Furthermore, AI proctors can detect and report the usage of alternate devices and raise alarms.


Does HackerRank record audio/video?

Unfortunately, this tool does not support audio and video proctoring capabilities.


Does HackerRank track tabs?

Yes, HackerRank's window violation proctoring system enables tab track. This tool can easily monitor candidates who attempt to switch tabs during the test. This will prohibit applicants from engaging in unethical conduct while taking the test.

Suppose a candidate tries to open another tab on their browser while taking the exam. In that case, a warning sign will appear on their screen informing them that the test is being proctored, and if they continue to do so, it will be reported to the examiner.


Does HackerRank support Candidate ID verification?

HackerRank is yet to introduce this capability.


Does HackerRank provide webcam proctoring?

Yes, HackerRank does provide webcam proctoring. This proctoring function automatically enables a candidate's webcam and collects periodic snapshots of them. As a candidate proceeds, the webcam captures and records a picture every minute for the exam or until candidate submits the test.


Can HackerRank detect screen sharing?

No, HackerRank cannot detect screen sharing.



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iMocha Proctoring Detailed Overview

Does iMocha proctoring suit detect plagiarism?

Yes, iMocha's plagiarism proctoring suite allows recruiters and hiring managers to identify copied content readily. With the help of this crucial feature, you can restrict candidates from copying the question from the platform and searching it on the web. It further limits candidates from copying and pasting answers from the internet. 

Is the skill library of iMocha secure and reliable?

Yes, the skill library of iMocha is completely secure and reliable. In order to ensure that no candidates get a similar set of questions, this tool offers randomization of questions. All these questions are randomized so that no candidates get the chance to guesswork.

Furthermore, each question is randomly selected from a question bank that comprises hundreds of questions. The responses are also randomized to reduce the risk of cheating during bulk assessments.


Does iMocha track the browser?

Yes, iMocha provides a secure lockdown mechanism to ensure students take the exam from the same device and location where they received the assessment invitation. This mechanism prevents students from accessing web browsers or other applications during the test. Additionally, iMocha's AI-enabled proctoring verifies IP addresses for added security.


Does iMocha record audio/video?

Yes, iMocha provides an intelligent video and audio proctoring suite that monitors the assessment environment and eliminates the risk of cheating methods. Smart proctoring utilizes individual candidates' video, and microphone feeds to auto-investigate assessments.

The system also checks the audio during the test and monitors applicants' background voice activity. It even raises a red flag for recruiters if any suspicious voice behavior is identified, saving them from having to watch the entire video.


Does iMocha offer candidate ID verification capability?

Yes, this tool offers comprehensive candidate ID verification to help ensure the integrity of the testing process. Candidates are required to provide a valid government ID, such as a passport or voter ID card, as well as a selfie. This information is further verified, and candidates are only allowed to appear for the test after verification and confirmation.

Does iMocha restrict browser tab switches?

Yes, through the window violation proctoring feature, recruiters can assess their candidates' authenticity and note any suspicious activities or malpractices during the test. This feature allows recruiters to track how many times and for how long the candidate attempted to leave the test window. This tool also notifies the test administrator through red flags if any violations are detected.


Does iMocha provide webcam proctoring?

Yes, iMocha offers real-time webcam proctoring features to avoid candidate impersonation. The system takes regular snapshots to ensure compliance and will raise a flag if cheating is detected. This safeguards the integrity of the exam and ensures that all test-takers do not use any unfair means.


Can iMocha detect screen sharing?

Yes, iMocha utilizes advanced security measures to prevent cheating during online tests. It can detect screen sharing by disallowing candidates from taking screenshots, as well as forbidding the use of multiple screens or recordings. If a candidate tries to share their screen, it will activate a blackout, forcing them to use full-screen mode.



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G2 Ratings

HackerRank: 4.5/4 (272 reviews)

iMocha: 4.4/5 (189 reviews)



Pros and Cons of HackerRank Proctoring vs. iMocha Proctoring

Pros of HackerRank

  • HackerRank proctoring assists in detecting if any questions have been leaked on the internet.
  • This tool allows you to create proctoring levels based on your needs, ensuring that candidate assessments are fair.

Cons of HackerRank

  • This software does not assist in determining if the individual taking the exam is the same person who enrolled for the assessment.


Pros of iMocha

  • With the help of crucial insights provided through iMocha reports, you can track, measure, and improve your hiring procedures.
  • The detailed insights in iMocha's test reports help you track, assess, and optimize your hiring processes.

Cons of iMocha

  • iMocha does not offer any form of background checks for candidates.  


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Which is better: HackerRank or iMocha?

What distinguishes remote proctoring is how it employs technical trends such as artificial intelligence to administer a cheating-free online assessment. HackerRank and iMocha both provide numerous proctoring suite options to assist recruiters in monitoring the test environment and eliminating any potential cheating strategies.

These platforms also provide comprehensive test report analytics to determine how well the applicants performed. Despite the fact that both platforms offer almost identical proctoring mechanisms. The audio and video proctoring features and candidate ID verification feature of iMocha gives it a competitive advantage over HackerRank.


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¹Jennifer Liu (2022) 61% of people working from home are doing so because they want to, even though their office is open

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