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You’ve decided you need to hire a Software Tester, and you know exactly why you need their expertise. If, however, you aren’t very sure about the steps to follow in this hiring process, you’ve come to the right place—we’ve put together a list to help you find the perfect Software Tester.

  • Attention to Detail

Is the resumé of the candidate you’re considering for the position free of errors? Resumés are important for any job role, but especially so in positions like that of a Software Tester where the individual’s attention to every detail is a good way to judge if they’ll be able to bring this level of meticulousness and attentiveness to the job they’re being hired for—testing for small errors and bugs in programs.

Questions to ask yourself:

  • What specific role are you hiring for?
  • What do you expect your ideal candidates to know?
  • What does a regular day for Software Testers in your organization look like?
  • 4. What software must they know deeply, and which softwares will require a passing knowledge?
  • Hackathons

This setup has quickly become a favourite to source employees as companies use this platform to showcase their work environment and make it appealing for the candidates. 

By creating an environment where a Software Tester is actually tested makes more practical sense when hiring for this role. Use this opportunity to analyse how the candidate identifies errors and solves the tasks presented in a time bound setting. Start off with the following steps:

  • Organise hackathons for hiring
  • Make it easy for interested candidates to find and take part in
  • Set parameters for what you expect from the candidates

  • Assessments

Skills assessments are of the utmost importance when it comes to hiring a Software Tester. Aside from Hackathons, a candidate can be asked to complete an assessment prior to formal interactions. This simplifies the job of a recruiter by qualifying only those capable to other rounds of the hiring process. 

The same method can be used during the interview as well. Have the candidate perform a testing job, or code a program, to evaluate their skills in real time. Analyse how they plan their testing and how many issues they find through the process.

You can check out iMocha's Software Testing Skills assessment here

All assessments have to be designed to test three particular aspects:

  1. Expertise: Does the candidate know the basics? Have they coded before? Do they know what Functional Integration, Impact Assessment, Load Testing is? Do they know how to carry out the processes mentioned? A candidate must be familiar with everything related to the software industry. Every Software Developer needs a Software Tester, a Quality Assurance expert, to check if the product meets the requirements it has been designed for. 
  2. Working in the chosen environment: Is the candidate a good fit for your company? They must complement the vision and mission of your organisation. Any new employee should be invested in the development trajectory of any project they work on and committed to the professional growth of the company.
  3. Soft skills: Software Testers have to be able to work with other individuals on the team, learning to collaborate with a diverse group of Software Developers. They should be able to communicate effectively in regards to both technical and non-technical aspects of the job. Apart from this, can they stay calm under pressure and prioritise their tasks? 

Look out for these traits while hiring a Software Tester:

Skills a software tester should possess

How can iMocha help?

iMocha (previously Interview Mocha) is the world's largest AI-powered digital skills assessment platform that helps organizations build winning teams. Our platform empowers organizations to thoroughly assess employees as well as candidates, essential to identify and benchmark their skills proficiency according to industry/company standards.

Apart from an ever-growing skills library, iMocha offers features like Live Coding Interview, Code Replay, LogicBox, etc. to ensure Software Testers you are are best suited for your organization. 

Hire software testers

Neha Jadhav
Neha Jadhav
Neha Jadhav is our in-house expert with over two years of experience in multifaceted roles requiring Customer Service, Quality Assurance, and Data Analytics. She is passionate about gaming, and loves to catch up on everything technical in her free time.

Topics: Tech Recruitment, Skills Assessment

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