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How to Hire a Bash Developers in 2023

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17 March, 2023

Bash or Bourne Again Shell is a command-line interpreter (CLI) used in Unix-based operating systems, predominantly Linux OS. Organizations use Bash as a command language to work with big files or process large quantities of data on a computer.

Apart from this, Bash shell scripting enables the automation of many computing tasks, a primary reason driving the demand to hire Bash developers. Bash has powerful programming capabilities, yet it's simple to use.

This particular aspect of Bash Script has made it popular among data scientists. They require Bash to automate numerous systems tasks.

The advantages of Bash are many, and a good Bash developer can make a big difference for an organization. If you're tasked with hiring bash developers and don't know where to start, you're in the right place.

The following guide will assist you in hiring the best Bash developers.


What Does a Bash Developer Do?

Before you plan to hire Bash developers for your project, know what a Bash developer does. The knowledge will help you set the parameters to assess candidates and evaluate them accurately.

The roles and responsibilities of a Bash Shell scripting developer are:

  • To write, audit, test, and validate Bash scripts.
  • To fix bugs and implement configuration changes.
  • To troubleshoot process difficulties.
  • To create, deploy, and maintain automated solutions.
  • To identify potential hindrances with databases, systems, networks, etc.
  • Collaborate with the team to report issues, solve them, and document the solutions realized.

Steps For Hiring Bash Developers

1. Define the Needs of the Company

Bash is popular among system administrators, network engineers, software developers, and data scientists. The use cases of Bash for each of these professionals is different.

Hence, you must first define the job role of the developer.

  • System administrators use Bash for troubleshooting systems and ensuring their optimal performance. They also use Bash Script to monitor, update and configure systems.
  • Software developers use Bash to automate development tasks such as code compilation, debugging, change management, etc.
  • Network engineers use Bash for optimizing organizational networks.
  • Data scientists use Bash to automate tasks and manage research systems.

For example, if you are to hire shell script developers for the system administration team, ascertain the skills required and experience criteria.

Know on what operating system - Linux, other Unix-based systems, or macOS - the developer needs to work. Determine the exact roles and responsibilities of the developer before you begin calling job applications.


2. Create a Job Description

A concise and comprehensive job description to hire Bash developers will attract the top-most talent from across the world. It should explain to the prospective candidates what you are seeking from them and the skills required.

A good description saves you valuable time as it attracts only candidates who fit the criteria. Here's a sample job description for reference.

“We are looking to hire Bash developers to monitor our systems, optimize their performance, and collaborate with team members to automate tasks using Bash scripts. We are looking for developers with 3+ years of experience and a good understanding of Linux/Unix system administration. We expect you to take up challenges as your own and fix them in collaboration with team members.” 

After this, you can mention the roles and responsibilities of the developer, the skills required, and the qualifications expected for the job role. Also, if you wish to know more details. Visit our Bash Developer Job Description. 



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3. Determine the Salary Range

There's a growing demand for bash developers. To attract the best talent to your company, put out an attractive salary for the job.

If you want to hire a Bash Shell scripting developer for on-site work, know that the average base salary in the US is $84k. For senior developers, the average salary is $111k.

For freelancers who charge by the hour, the hourly rates are between $25 and $40. With these facts in mind, determine a salary range that entices the best talent to choose your organization.


4. Choose Between Local and Remote Talent

Depending on the project requirement, you can hire a developer either full-time or on a contractual basis. Further, you can hire a developer locally or from remote destinations like India.

Office working/on-site work requires hiring local talent who has the benefit of no communication issues and cultural differences. You can also monitor the developer directly.

When you hire remote talent, though it has the benefit of hiring a developer for lower salaries, communication challenges, and work efficiency, monitoring becomes a hassle.

The middle ground is to deploy a hybrid model, where you hire developers for both on-site and remote locations.

You can share the work between the teams where the office team handles communication and reporting, and the remote developers work on development tasks.


Where Can You Source Bash Developers?

There are many ways to source Bash developers. It involves inbound and outbound sourcing methods, recruiting tools, and hiring outsourcing agencies to hire Bash developers.

  • A company’s careers page is the first place to post job vacancies to attract talent.
  • Social media platforms like LinkedIn are the best places for posting job descriptions and sourcing skilled talent.
  • Freelancing websites like UpWork and Fiverr are the best places to hire freelance developers and bash consultants according to project requirements.
  • Job portals like Indeed, Glassdoor, Monster, and others are some of the best places to source entry-level bash developers.
  • Recruiting tools like iMocha with automated hiring processes are best for sourcing experienced talent as these platforms engage the candidate in the recruiting process and have high accept-to-interview ratios.
  • Seeking out Bash Developers through references is another option.
  • Shell Scripting or Linux development conferences are good places to search for the best Bash developers.
  • Hiring outsourcing agencies is an option to source remote bash developers.

Skills to Look For in a Bash Developer

The following are the necessary skills of a Bash developer. When you plan to hire Bash developers, make sure that candidates have these skills.

1. Technical Skills

  • A thorough understanding of Bash shell scripting.
  • Deep knowledge of Linux or other Unix-based operating systems.
  • Proficient in command-line skills.
  • Programming proficiency in languages like Python, JavaScript, etc.
  • Knowledge of system administration and networking protocols.
  • Experience in testing, auditing, troubleshooting, and debugging.
  • Experience in handling version control tools like Git, SVN, CVS, Mercurial, etc.
  • Familiarity with automation tools like Chef, Ansible, and Puppet.

 2. Code Logic Understanding

When understanding code logic, the Bash developer must have the skills to design and write Bash scripts. The Bash shell scripting features variables, piping, control flow, loops, functions, etc.

A good Bash shell scripting developer will have a strong knowledge of these concepts.

3. Verbal and Written Communication Skills

A Bash developer must have the ability to collaborate with team members to solve problems. The developer must communicate errors with the team and report failures. Excellent communication skills are thus a prerequisite.



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How Can You Screen and Assess Bash Developers?

Effective screening and evaluation are essential to hiring Bash Developers of high quality among those applied. Here is how you do it.

How Do You Screen Bash Developers?

Conducting a pre-employment test is an effective way to screen candidates before calling for an interview. While resumes give a basic idea about a candidate’s competencies, they do not identify practical skills.

Moreover, the demographic information in CVs leads to unconsciously biased selection. If you want to save time and hire Bash shell scripting developers of high quality, conduct a pre-employment test.

Prepare the test to assess candidates’ foundational knowledge and skills to solve real-world problems. It will help filter out many candidates and let only competent ones proceed to the next stage.

How to Assess Bash Developers?

To assess Bash developers from the test, you need to set performance parameters; attaining them will move the candidates to the next level in the interview process.

Recruiting platforms like iMocha allow you to fix the difficulty level of the test and assign performance parameters.

If you are to conduct a coding test, instead of expecting the candidate to complete the code, set the parameter to check coding logic or time to write the code.

Further, you can assess the candidate's soft skills like creativity, problem-solving, and time management.


Challenges You Might Face While Hiring

Any hiring process has its fair share of challenges. The following are the potential challenges HR managers may face when they hire Bash developers.

  • If your knowledge about Bash or Shell scripting is narrow, conducting tests and interviews is a big challenge. What questions to ask and what responses to expect is a problem.
  • How do you avoid bias in recruiting and improve inclusiveness among candidates? Unconsciously-biased hiring is a big challenge for any recruiter.
  • When good Bash developers are available in remote locations, how do you interview on short notice? What if you want to test coding skills in real-time?
  • Accurately assessing a candidate's skills and competencies is challenging.
  • Coding tests are particularly intimidating for many candidates. Keeping candidates engaged throughout the test is a challenge.
  • How do you avoid plagiarism and cheating in coding tests?
  • Conducting interviews for remote candidates is a challenge. You need to figure out scheduling and communication issues with remote developers.

Use iMocha to Hire Bash Developers!

iMocha is a versatile remote recruiting platform that will help you hire the best Bash developers. Powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI), iMocha is an intelligent hiring system capable of delivering accurate results.

It can complete a recruiting campaign swiftly and on a large scale. The platform complements HR managers by enabling them to automate most of their hiring process.

You can automate processes like creating and posting job descriptions, screening and assessing candidates, etc. Conducting assessments to test technical skills is always a challenge for Hr managers.

One of the hallmarks of iMocha is it makes testing technical skills simple. iMocha has an extensive library of skills tests.

You can select tests from the library like Linux commands test, Linux Bash test for expert developers, Bash Script test for mid and expert-level developers, Bash shell test for entry-level developers, and Shell test to assess applied skills.

These tests have numerous types of questions - MCQs, AV questions, coding simulations, etc. - that challenge the candidate’s knowledge and evaluate skillset.

Industry experts with vast experience and subject knowledge expertise prepared the questions for the test. The tests also assess the soft skills of a candidate.

The real-time post-assessment report shows all performance metrics of a candidate. It makes it easy for you to forward the candidate to the next stage.

Our recruiting platform consists of an efficient and effective coding simulator that helps you test coding skills in real time. Using the simulator, you can assess coding logic, clean code writing, creativity, and problem-solving ability.

Moreover, the simulator is user-friendly, and the coding editor is customizable, an advantage in keeping coding tests engaging. Another great feature of iMocha is it allows recruiters to test the functional skills of candidates.

The AI-LogicBox feature helps you conduct coding challenges for langauges whose compilers are not freely available. The platform helps you assess functional skills and on-the-job problem-solving ability. Another challenge many recruiters face is conducting interviews for remote candidates.

The Live Coding Interview (LCI) feature of iMocha is the solution. With LCI, you can interview a candidate with ease. You can collaborate with multiple interviewers and ask the candidate to write a code during the interview.

iMocha is the perfect solution for your hiring challenges. It's data-driven and helps you make the right decisions. Try the platform now to hire Bash developers with the right skills and competencies.



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1. What questions should I ask a Bash Developer?

Ask questions that test the candidate's foundational knowledge about Bash, Shell scripting, Linux administration, network management, etc. Further, ask questions on practical experience in Bash, problems faced, and solutions discovered.

2. What is the best way to hire Bash developers in India?

Job portals, freelancing websites, and hiring agencies are the best sources to hire Bash developers in India.

3. What is the best way to hire Bash developers in the US?

Recruitment platforms like iMocha, social media, and job portals are the best sources to hire Bash developers in the US. References are also good sources for hiring Bash developers.

4. What is the salary range for a Bash developer?

An entry-level developer's salary range is $79K - $87k. A Senior Bash developer's salary in the US range is between $94k - $137k. Bash scripting freelancers' hourly rate range is $25 - $40 per hour.


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