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Ditch the Whiteboards: Hire Better Coders with Live Coding Platform

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31 July, 2020

Whiteboard interviews have been a particular favorite of the technical hiring managers for a long time. In a typical setup, a candidate is given a coding problem, which is solved on the whiteboard, while the interviewers monitor and pepper them with a number of questions about their approach and solution. 

But that’s not going to happen anymore, is it?  

With the onset of the pandemic, organizations worldwide have now embraced the new normal of hiringi.e. Hiring from Home. Since the traditional ways that we’re used to and a trust are no longer an option, people are being compelled to innovate.


And that’s what we did. 


While our coding assessments with Code Replay are still the primary choice for assessing coders, we realized that people were missing the flexibility and interaction they were used to during whiteboarding coding interviews.  


Hiring managers liked the real-time nature of whiteboard interviews, and this helped them evaluate and assess better.  


To solve this for hiring managers, we have launched our Live Coding platformvideo-based coding environment, to help recruiters assess real-time coding skills in a real programming environment.  


First things first, let's walk you through the features of this module:

Access to the coding library: Interviewers can access iMocha's coding skills library anytime during the live interview. The library has questions based on the difficulty level: easy, medium, and hard. The problem statement along with the sample input and output is displayed to the candidates.   

Team collaboration: The interviewers can edit the candidate's code, provide custom input, and view the result of code compilation live on the platform.

Chat: Interact with the candidate as well as other teammates via built-in text, voice, and video chat.

In-built Code Editor: Live Coding platform comes with an in-built Code Editor, which supports 20+ programming languages with the ability to compile against a set of predefined test cases.

The editor comes with candidate-friendly features like Syntax Highlighting, AutoComplete, VIMS. and Emacs simulation. Candidates can also choose to code in dark or light themes, depending on their preferences

Interview rating: Each interviewer can submit their rating for code quality, technical communication, code optimization, code design, and problem-solving. The rating is confidential and only visible to the primary interviewer. The final score for the candidate is based on the average rating of all the interviewers.  

So, how does Live Coding Platform work? 

Live Coding platform simulates the traditional environment, retaining the flexibility of the whiteboard process and provides a better, more agile platform for candidates and interviewers both to code and assess in a real-time programming environment.


A total of four participants are allowed in a session, with one candidate and three interviewersThe interface has 30 pre-defined coding questions that can be added to the session. The candidate can view the question and start writing their logic in the in-built editor.  


Interviewers can see the code that the candidate is writing in real-time and, just like traditional practices, ask them questions on their approach. They can also view the real-time execution of the code. 


Will I need to upgrade?  

No. At iMocha, we value the needs and comfort of our customers above all. To help you identify and assess the best coders from the comfort of your homes, we are providing free access for 3 months.   


Our Customer Success team is currently working with customers to help leverage the most out of the Live Coding platform. Ask us for a demo here, if you’d like one, or read our help article, How to conduct Live Coding Interviews to identify the best developers. 


If you’re looking to know more about building your remote coding interview workflow, write to us at, and we will help you in putting it together.  

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Neha Kulkarni
Neha Kulkarni
Neha is a Product Marketer at iMocha with a strategic focus on go-to-market strategies. Neha loves introducing new technologies and products to customers and helps organizations optimize their recruitment plans.
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