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How to Assess & Hire JavaScript Developers Using iMocha’s Coding Features

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07 April, 2021

JavaScript online coding tests aren't hard to create, There are almost 1.6 billion total websites in the world, and out of which 1.52 billion websites use JavaScript. That’s 95% of the total websites! It’s the true programming language of front-end engineering and the underlying language that ties everything together. 

JavaScript is a runtime language for web browsers. This means when you open a web page, the page will load both the foundational JavaScript, which is standard with the page, and any new JavaScript added to a page. The new JavaScript will load in parallel with foundational JavaScript and can perform actions and make decisions.  

According to a survey conducted by Stack Overflow, JavaScript has maintained its stronghold as the most commonly used programming language (eight years in a row!) 

Skills JavaScript Developers must have: 

JavaScript developers are responsible for ensuring UI/UX feasibility, optimizing applications, and implementing architecture and API designs. It is the responsibility of the developer to understand the need for a scripting language and frontend platform-related duties. 

A good JavaScript Developer must be ready to perform in a fast-paced environment and implement complex design specifications in the least amount of time. So, besides having an in-depth understanding of JavaScript, an ideal candidate should have the following skills as well: 

  • HTML, CSS, and JavaScript: These will be needed to build dynamic websites or web applications. 
  • React, Angular, or Vue: These are part of JavaScript libraries and frameworks, and are used for building user interfaces.  
  • Knowledge of web markup, including HTML5 and CSS3. 
  • Proficiency with jQuery (“write less - do more” JS library) and Bootstrap frameworks. 

How can you hire the best JavaScript developer for your team 

Despite the popularity of JavaScript among developers, finding the right JavaScript developer, who not only matches the skills required but is also culture-fit, can take some searching.

Begin by determining what sort of JavaScript developer you need in order to narrow down your quest and save time for both you and your candidates. 

From there, you can construct the hiring and evaluation process to assess your candidates on all of the important parameters we discussed in the last part. This process will not only serve you in finding the ideal JavaScript developer for your team, but it will also serve you in doing so swiftly, giving you confidence that you are making the right choices at every step of the way. 

Some Quick Do's and Don’ts to Hire JavaScript Developers

  • Do test your candidate's skill early 
    Consider screening your applicants' knowledge through a JavaScript online coding test before the screening process. A number of organizations mandate a quick assessment when they submit the application as well. This way, you won't have to go through unqualified applications and you'll save time.
  • Do choose a candidate with good communication skills 
    JavaScript is a technically complex language, it is critical to find a developer who is also a good communicator. A JavaScript developer with good communication skills will be able to communicate their ideas, suggestions, and project progress in simple language that everyone can understand. 
  • Don't limit yourself to only technical questions. 
    In order to understand how your candidates' technical skills are applied in real-world situations, ask contextual and situational questions. 

Use iMocha's JavaScript Online Coding testA brief look into the JavaScript Recruitment industry

Average JavaScript developer salary based on years of experience 

JavaScript Developer Salary

Interview Questions to Hire JavaScript Experts

For Entry Level JavaScript Developers: 

  • What are the different data types present in JavaScript? 
  • Is JavaScript a statically typed or a dynamically typed language? 
  • What is the use of a constructor function in JavaScript?
For Senior Level Java Script Developers:
  • In JavaScript, why is ‘this’ operator inconsistent? 
  • What are the differences between ES6 class and ES5 function constructors? 
  • What is a generator in JS? 

Hiring JavaScript Developers Using iMocha

Often, resumes lie. So the two key factors deciding the fate of any candidate are assessment and interview process.

iMocha's digital skills assessment platform enables you to leverage AI in the recruitment process. You can create a test, invite the candidates, and analyze the reports of the test to make the best hiring decisions. And not just that, you can:

  • Use iMocha's Job-Role based tests
  • Use iMocha's comprehensive skills library to create tailored assessments
  • Upload your own questions
  • Use a combination of iMocha's skills library and your own question
  • Contact our 24x7 customer support executives in any part of the assessment process

To know more about how you can create tailored assessments for your hiring, you may visit here.

Here are some more ways you can leverage iMocha to hire the best developers:

  • Live Coding Interview 
    Live Coding Interview provides a hassle-free and seamless platform to conduct coding interviews by assessing the programming skills on the go in a real-world coding environment. It allows the interviewers to remotely recreate a coding interview environment that can help assess the programming skills as they code. 
  • Code Replay 
    With Code Replay, you can watch the video of code written by the candidate, view the compilation details, test case results, and memory usage. Each video timeline is plotted with hotspots that appear each time the candidate compiles a code. This will help differentiate good programmers from average programmers. 
  • Coding Questions Repository 
    iMocha has a wide range of question types to test candidate's skills in various ways: there are contextual and situational questions, logic-based questions, and questions that test one's theoretical knowledge as well. While screening for a developer role, you can prioritize what's important to you and create tailored assessments. 
  • AI-LogicBoxes 
    LogicBoxes is an artificial intelligence-based pseudo coding platform designed to assess programmers’ logical and problem-solving skills. 

JavaScript will continue to dominate, be it with its use in AI or mobile apps or be it its wide usage. And not just that, new libraries and frameworks for the language are constantly being released, keeping it relevant in 2021 as well. So just as JavaScript will remain in demand, the need of good JavaScript developers, too. Keep this quick guide handy, and you shall be fine!

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Deval Solanki
Deval Solanki
Deval Solanki is a Business Analyst at iMocha. With a background in Computer Science, he has worked for over 2 years as a Research and Development Analyst. He's very passionate about science and technology. In his spare time, he likes to read about the technological advancements, watch scientific experiments, and indulge in sports activities.

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