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03 February, 2020

When hiring a team for your eCommerce project, hiring a Magento web developer is the most critical. Because a programmer is the face of the company. Whatever the coder develops, is the mode of interaction with the customers. 

If the customers are satisfied with your services, you could tell a developer is proficient and can comprehend the user’s needs easily.  

Since smart people have innovated new techniques to earn, eCommerce is one of the successful forms.  Online eCommerce like Amazon, Alibaba, Flipkart and more are scaling at a great pace. With them, many apps and web development companies have raised sudden demand for web developers.

Platforms like WooCommerce website builders-Elementor, Wordpress, Drupal, and Magento are the most favourable platforms to build eCommerce websites.  But, to build a customized eCommerce website, one needs a proficient and dedicated Magento developer

Hiring the right talent needs a lot of research. Without checking the background of the coder, its skillset and domain expertise, it is difficult to employ. Here will share some smart ways to hire Magento developers and make your selection process easy.

Suitable Tips To Hire A Magento Developer For Your Project

There Is Something More Important Than Work Experience 

Do ask for yourself, the developer that you are about to hire have the determination, persistence, curiosity, and drive? If the developer doesn’t have the zeal to innovate new things or provide exceptional services, he/she might not be well fit for your company.

If in case, your industry culture is relaxed about time and deadline management. So you must jot down the criteria for hiring them. Do you want to create a great team or want an unabated environment? If the interviewee matches at least 3 out of 5 criteria, you can consider it.

Evaluate By Hiring The Magento Developer For Small Projects

Forming a judgment just from a face to face verbal interview may be difficult. To comprehend whether you have hired the right candidate for your project, evaluate them with the right candidate assessment tool and offer the right skills assessment. By asking them to prepare a small and non-critical project, you can judge the skills.

You can analyze the time taken for the project to get completed, how effective are the techniques used to solve the issues and is the final result bug-free & more. Also, you will be able to judge team coordination skills.

Pick A Learner, Not Just A Developer

Technology change with time. New advanced techniques come into the market to simplify things in lesser time. Thus, those coders who stay updated with the latest tools and technology will always stay ahead of the competition. When appointing a Magento developer for hire, analyze the zeal to learn the latest technology. 

Ask out a few questions like which is the new language booming in the market for app and web development? Where can you find proven tips and tricks to learn trending technology? What measures have the programmer taken to enhance the skills?

Ensure  Your Magento Web Developer Provides Post-development Support

Because web development is an ongoing process and any eCommerce development platform needs optimization with time. Thus, delivering a project within the given deadline isn’t enough. You will have to provide the post-development support. 

You will have to release on-time updates,  incorporate new features as soon as Magento releases them, updating security regularly & so on. For all that you would need an efficient Magento web Developer on whom you can lay hands on. 

What Should You Hire - A Back-end Or A Front-end Developer?

Designing and development are two different yet important aspects of any website or app development.  Thus, is the significance of both back-end and front-end developers. For a visually appealing website that also functions correctly. 

A web developer is essential because it focuses on the functionality & compatibility of a Magento website whereas the web designer focuses on the usability,  aesthetics and design principals. Else you can hire a full-stack developer, that excels in both. A full-stack handles both, designing as well as the development issues of a site. 

On Which Would You Rely Upon, A Dedicated, Part-time Or An Agency?

What are your requirements? Ask yourself, does your project development need a dedicated web developer or a freelancer? If the project isn’t on the verge of the deadline, will a part-time developer work for your project?

If the project is big and needs experts’ hands, you can hire a website development agency. They will provide a team of certified professionals with in-depth knowledge & years of experience. Thus, you will have to design a workflow, prepare a budget, and set a deadline for your task before hiring. 

What Gives You More Satisfaction - The Quality Or Low Cost?

Your quality of the project depends upon your budget. In order to experience excellent results, you will have to put in some extra money. People encounter disappointment at the time of delivery of their project when they appoint a low-priced Magento developer. 

To provide eCommerce with improved sales and lightning-fast and secure database employ an industry expert. It’s okay if you have to pay a little in the beginning, it's better for the long-run. A programmer with ample experience will deliver less error code than a cheap coder, where you shall have to ask for a rework which can be time and budget consuming.

In The Nutshell -

Hiring an ineffective Magento developer can be upsetting. A single developer can lay down the whole team’s efficiency which can seriously affect the project. Missing out the deadlines, non-aesthetic website, poor functionality can cause serious trouble to the startups. As they have limited resources and the extended or rework can cost them a lot. 

Thus, when the situation arises to hire dedicated Magento developers from a platform or employ an agency, keep a few things in mind. 

  • Draft your needs on a primary basis.
  • Look for the certification, experience, portfolio, ratings & reviews.
  • Seek quality instead of hiring a cost-effective coder.
  • Have a skill test to know it’s expertise and zeal to be innovative.
  • What is your need - back -end development or front-end or both?
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Hemendra Singh
Hemendra Singh
My name is Hemendra Singh. I am Managing Director and co-founder of The NineHertz, a Mobile App Development Company. I am having a keen interest in the latest trends and technologies that are emerging in different domains. Being an entrepreneur in the field of IT sector, it becomes my responsibility to aid my audience with the knowledge of latest trends in the market.

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