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We're constantly strengthening and innovating, and each month we have new enhancements and features that we'd like to tell you about. 

In the month of February, here are all the enhancements we made:

  • Reduce hiring time: Assess technical, functional, and business English skills in a single assessment. Leverage the power of our new AI-evaluation: Speaking & Writing question types and create a single assessment for evaluating multiple skills. Know more.
  • Hire candidates faster: Use our industry benchmarked 25 ready job-role based tests created by SMEs for IT/Technical skills. These tests are created after studying the job description for these roles by top companies. Know more. 
  • Enjoy greater control over the test creation process: The new test creation process enables test creators to configure the changes in draft mode and publish when they are ready. Know more.
  • View candidate pipeline in one click: Update the hiring status for multiple candidates in one click and save recruitment time. Know more.

In addition to these enhancements, we also strengthened our skills library by the following:

Automation Testing                                         

Selenium with C# Test

API Testing Online Test

Fortify Static Code Analyzer Test


Data Science

Matplotlib Online Test

Machine Learning

Keras Online Test 

Scikit-learn online test


SciPy Online Test

Software Development

Workflow language online test

Unisys Online Test

Unisys DMSII Online Test

Business Skills

Personal Effectiveness Test

Emotional Intelligence Test

System Administration

Nagios online test


If you wish to know more about these additions, you can watch our Product Round Up Webinar here:


For any further queries or clarifications, you can write to us at or read our Knowledge Base.

Happy hiring!

Neha Kulkarni
Neha Kulkarni
Technical writer at iMocha

Topics: Product Updates

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