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Vervoe vs TestGorilla vs iMocha in 2023

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09 March, 2023

Planning to introduce a skill assessment tool in your hiring process?

Well, you must have already heard about the whispers echoing various benefits of skill assessment platforms. You would also know that these tools streamline the hiring process by reducing time and costs while ensuring you bring on board skill-fit candidates.

As more and more tools emerge and become available, finding the right one that better fits your organization's recruitment needs can be challenging.

In light of this, we have compared Vervoe vs. TestGorilla vs. iMocha in this article to determine where they stand against each other. We’ve included various parameters such as an overview of each, their features, G2 ratings, and pricing of each software to help you make an informed decision.

Parameter 1: Overview of Vervoe vs. TestGorilla vs. iMocha

About Vervoe

VerVoeVervoe is an AI-powered skill-testing platform that enables you to assess and hire strong candidates based on their industry knowledge. It allows candidates to display their job readiness through various assessments, assignments, and tools. This tool also allows you to custom-create the assessments according to the specific requirements of a role.

Pricing of Vervoe

Verovoe offers 3 different pricing options:

  • Pay & Go: The annual charge of this plan is $228.
  • Skilled-Based Hiring: This plan provides custom annual pricing tailored to suit your requirements.
  • Skill Validation via API: Pricing varies; it depends on the usage.

About TestGorilla

TestGorillaTestGorilla is another skill assessment platform that helps recruiters to make skill-fit hiring decisions. Using this tool, recruiters can assess candidates on a variety of skills without any bias. This platform's skill library and test platform enable organizations to make hires based on data instead of subjective judgments.

TestGorilla Pricing Model

TestGorilla offers 4 different pricing options to its clients:

  • Free: This plan offers 10 free tests
  • Pay as you go: The annual charge of this plan is $312. It includes 282 tests.
  • Scale: The annual charge of this plan is $3,900. It comprises various features and customization options.
  • Business: The annual pricing of this plan is $26,400. This plan also offers various features and customization options.

About iMocha

iMochaiMocha is an online skill assessment platform that enables organizations to make skill-based hiring decisions with its in-depth talent analytics and reporting. The robust test library of this platform helps recruiters gain data-driven insights about each candidate's skills and competencies, and helps you benchmark them against the required skills level. Hiring managers also evaluate candidates' overall skill proficiency using industry benchmarking capabilities.

iMocha Pricing

iMocha offers custom pricing options depending on your organization's requirements. If you wish to learn about the features and benefits included in their plans, visit the pricing page.
You can also book a demo and speak to their experts to get a custom price quote that fits your organization's needs.



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Parameter 2: Features comparison of Vervoe vs. TestGorilla vs. iMocha

Even though Vervoe, TestGorilla, and iMocha are online assessment platforms and offer a number of similar services. There are prominent features that set them apart from each other.





 Skills Library

The skill library of Vervoe includes 300+ validated assessments.

Whereas, TestGorilla's skill library comprises 260+ skills.

The skill library of iMocha is more extensive as compared to TestGorilla and Vervoe as it covers over 2500+ skills.

 Functional Skills   Assessment (SAP,   Salesforce, RPA,   etc.)

Vervoe does not have this capability.

TestGorilla provides technical as well as functional skills assessments like SAP, Salesforce, and RPA.

Similarly, iMocha offers a comprehensive range of functional skill assessments for various topics, such as SAP, RPA, Salesforce, and more.

 Domain Skills -   Banking & Finance,   Supply Chain

Vervoe currently only supports finance skills in domain knowledge.

TestGorilla, on the other hand, covers domain skills like supply chain and finance

iMocha offers around 77+ Domain skills.

 Next-Gen Skills

Vervoe does not offer Next-Gen skills testing capabilities to its clients.

TestGorilla also does not have this functionality.

Contrary to that, iMocha provides 66+ Next-Gen skills.

 Aptitude Skills

Vervoe’s skill library presently support about 4 Aptitude skills.

TestGorilla supports about 10 Aptitude skills.

In comparison, iMocha supports over 100+ Aptitude skills.

 Coding Skills

Unfortunately, there is no public information about coding skills of Vervoe.

In comparison, TestGorilla supports over 30 different coding skills.

iMocha to assess different coding skills of candidates offers about 33+ coding skills.

 Add own questions

All three listed tools, Vervoe, TestGorilla, and iMocha, enable you to add your questions to the assessments.

 Custom Test  (Assessment   Creation   Consulting)

There is no public information available, if Vervoe offers this ability or not.

TestGorilla assists you in creating a customized test library according to your requirements.

Similarly, iMocha also allows and assists you in creating a personalize tests according to the specific job needs.

 Soft Skills

Vervoe tool does not offer soft skills testing functionality.

TestGorilla offers about 40+ soft skills.

In order to assess interpersonal skills of candidates, iMocha offers more than 55+ soft skills.



Parameter 3: Technical skills assessments

For technical assessments, iMocha offers various products such as AI-LogicBox: Innovative pseudo-coding platform, for which it was granted a patent. This feature of iMocha grants it a competitive edge over Vervoe and TestGorilla.

So, what is AI-LogicBox?

In simple terms, it is fill-in-the-blanks, or more precisely, code-in-the-blanks questions designed to assess candidates' coding skills. Using this tool, recruiters can make intelligent hiring decisions more efficiently.

Candidates do not have to write lengthy codes from scratch manually. Instead, they can simply fill in the appropriate answers to finish their script.

On the other hand, Vervoe, as well as TestGorilla, do not offer this functionality.  Moreover, Testgorilla and Vervoe don't provide any specialized tools for technical evaluation.





 AI-LogicBox Questions

Not Available

Not Available



Concerned about the candidates' integrity during assessments? Leverage iMocha's AI-based proctoring technology that raises flags for suspicious activities.



Parameter 4: Comparison of Vervoe vs. TestGorilla vs. iMocha: Communication Skills Assessments






Not Available

Not Available



Assessing the candidates' communication skills and technical skills is becoming the standard practice for many employers. Many recruiters believe that candidates with the right communication skills can help organizations achieve their goals more efficiently.

Thus, iMocha offers skills assessment to assess both technical and communicative capabilities.

  • It provides over 1000+ calibrated questions across 6 categories and 55 soft skills.
  • It includes features like AI-EnglishPro, which evaluates a candidate's proficiency in speaking, writing, reading, and listening according to CEFR level.
  • Some common soft skill topics are Business Communication, Leadership, Career skills, and much more.

Similarly, TestGorilla also features communication skill assessment capabilities.

  • It covers about 5 communication skills.
  • The soft skills are Verbal Reasoning, Verbal Comprehension, Written Expression, Listening Comprehension, and Non-Verbal Reasoning.
  • This platform also offers English language tests to evaluate English on subjects commonly encountered at work and everyday life.

Vervoe's skill testing platform also offers diverse communication skills.

  • This tool offers a variety of communication skills to assess job seekers' soft skills.
  • The communication list comprises problem-solving, communication, teamwork, leadership, creativity, innovation, critical thinking, and more.
  • It also offers English language assessments.

Parameter 5: Assessing coders in Real-time





 Live Coding   Interview

Vervoe does not offer this capability.

Whereas, TestGorilla offers live coding interview feature to understand candidates’ coding skills on a deeper level.

iMocha offers live coding interviews to remotely assess the candidate's logical and problem-solving skills in real time.

 Coding Simulator

Vervoe currently supports 12 Programming languages.

On the other hand, TestGorilla supports over 15 coding languages.

iMocha supports about 35+ Programming Languages.

 Project Based   Assessments

Vervoe does not offer project-based assessments.

TestGorilla does not offer such kinds of assessments.

iMocha offers project-based assessments to assess candidates in real-world scenarios. 



Parameter 6: Post-hire services or Upskilling Initiatives





 Upskilling Portal

Not Available




Both iMocha and TestGorilla offer Talent Development platforms to analyze the existing abilities of candidates and areas that require more assistance through reports and scorecards. Using these platforms, you can build pre- and post-training tests based on employee competency levels.

You can utilize TestGorilla’s upskilling service for the following purposes:

  • ROI of L&D programs
  • Easy integration with various LMS
  • TNA analysis

In addition to the aforementioned points, iMocha's upskilling service offers:

  • Identification of critical skills
  • Employee onboarding features
  • Fresher training programs ROI
  • Internal employee hackathons
  • Compliance tracking
  • Internal mobility
  • An integration with Microsoft Teams to help employees upskill in the flow of work

Whereas, if we talk about Vervoe, this is yet to introduce this feature.


Parameter 7: Proctoring offerings: insights with Audio/video & image proctoring





 IP Address Tracking

Vervoe, TestGorilla, and iMocha offer IP address-tracking capabilities to recruiters.

 Audio & Video   Proctoring

Vervoe does not offer the audio and video proctoring feature.

On the other hand, TestGorilla provides audio and video proctoring options to record applicants' responses.

iMocha offers live monitoring and video recording functionalities to protect the candidate's integrity during the assessments.

 Video Proctoring   with  analysis

Video proctoring analysis is not available in the Vervoe tool.

TestGorilla also does not offer video proctoring analysis capabilities.

iMocha allows recruiters access to detailed video proctoring data.

 Image Proctoring

This ability is not available in Vervoe tool.

Whereas, TestGorilla provides an image-proctoring facility to recruiters to enable them to determine the level of cheating utilized in the assessment.

iMocha also captures real-time images of applicants to help detect the level of cheating in the assessments.

 Randomization of   test questions

All three listed tools, Vervoe, TestGorilla, and iMocha, provide test question randomization capabilities to recruiters.



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G2 Ratings

Vervoe: 4.6/5 (55 reviews)

TestGorilla: 4.5/5 (770 reviews)

iMocha: 4.4/5 (189 reviews)


Pros & Cons: Vervoe vs. TestGorilla vs. iMocha

Pros & Cons of Vervoe


  • The UI/UX of this platform is very intuitive.
  • It easily integrates with various ATS.
  • This tool offers high-quality insights into the skills of the applicants.


  • There is a lack of personalization in a user profile.
  • Customer service is relatively slow.
  • Vervoe’s AI grading system is only about 83% accurate

Pros & Cons of TestGorilla


  • The assessment creation is straightforward and intuitive
  • It allows you to assess candidates' technical skills early in the process
  • It offers excellent customer support


  • Some recruiters have shown concern over the slow processing of the tool
  • It does not provide in-depth test analysis
  • Video and audio proctoring analysis is not available in TestGorilla

Pros & Cons of iMocha


  • It features an unbiased screening process
  • The platform provides detailed reports for each assessment, helping recruiters understand each candidate's strengths and weaknesses
  • It offers industry benchmarking capabilities


  • It does not offer psychometric tests
  • This tool does not support background checks of candidates

Which is better: Vervoe vs. TestGorilla vs. iMocha?

It is difficult to say which tool is better than the other since the best tool is the one that best meets your organization's hiring needs. You can, however, use some of the points covered in the article to make an informed decision.


Wondering how to get your candidates to take assessments? Make them fun! Use iMocha's Coding-in-the-blanks, patented tool to create a holistic experience for your candidates and save time!


Ankita Kharwal
Ankita Kharwal
Content writer by day and fickle reader by night. Ankita is a creative individual who is passionate about writing and enjoys finding new and interesting ways to engage with the audience. She is writing to support iMocha in its efforts to educate people all around the world about Talent Acquisition and Talent Development. When she is not writing, she is probably spending time with her family, reading a good book, or exploring the great outdoors.

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