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Top 10 Video Interview Software and Platforms for Virtual Interviews in 2023

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07 September, 2022

As more and more businesses are going remote, the demand for Video Interviewing Platforms is increasing drastically.

According to The ‘provision’ or ‘privilege’ of remote working (depending on which side of the bed you wake up) has opened a plethora of hiring opportunities, as today recruiters can hire qualified candidates from diverse geographical locations and backgrounds.

And, this is why having a holistic video interviewing software or platform in your talent acquisition arsenal has now become a top priority.

why use video interview software

But that being said, the video interviewing platform market is actually quite disparate. Although there are hundreds of similar-looking solutions available today, still finding the best video interviewing software for your organization can be an uphill task:

Let me tell you why!

  1. Finding one umbrella solution that suffices all your video interview-related needs is tough. Some offer an excellent interface and reliable communication service but fail to provide inbuild assessment features, while others are opposites.
  2. It’s hectic to conduct face-to-face interviews with candidates from remote areas.
  3. It’s challenging to schedule and hold one-to-one interviews with bulk candidates.
  4. The pricing of some of these solutions can be a little out of pocket.

Then what to do now? Don’t worry we’ll help you find the perfect solution for your virtual interviews.



Table of Content

#1 iMocha

#2 VidCruiter

#3 HireFlix

#4 myInterview

#5 Spark Hire

#6 HireVue

#7 Harver

#8 Breezy HR

#9 Avature

#10 InterviewStream


Here are the best video interviewing software and platforms for 2023:

#1 iMocha

iMocha-HomepageiMocha is a comprehensive skill assessment platform that offers dependable talent analytics, AI-powered skills assessment tools, and expert guidance to help you create your winning team.

Using its Automated Video Interview capabilities, you can reduce your hiring time, as its one-way video interview questions assess both technical and soft skills in one go. Moreover, using iMocha’s async interview app, you can add custom questions that will help you in assessing your candidates’ communication skills.

iMocha helps you:

  • Reduce interview time by 70%
  • Eliminate scheduling conflicts
  • Simplify Collaborative Hirings
  • Eliminate the scope of any malpractice
  • Remove bias from the hiring process

iMocha offers:

  • A comprehensive assessment and video interviewing solution with a vast skills library
  • Customizable video questions as per job-roles
  • Zero dependencies on hiring managers and candidates for interview scheduling
  • Seamless team collaboration tools and capabilities
  • One-click integration with any ATS partner of your choice

Customers: HP, Cognizant, Capgemini, TCS, Ericsson, Fujitsu, TCS

Trial: Free

Pricing: Visit the iMocha website to get a quote.


Reduce Interview Time up to 70% by Using iMocha's Video Interview Platform



#2 VidCruiter


Founded over a decade ago, VidCruiter helps HR professionals worldwide save time, money, and headspace by modernizing outdated recruitment processes. It is a robust solution and a trusted vendor that facilitates both live and prerecorded video interviews, and also offers additional solutions for interview scheduling, virtual event hosting, applicant tracking, and assessment.

With VidCruiter you can:

  • Choose the modules you want and purchase them individually, or purchase the entire recruiting suite, inclusive of all modules, i.e. video interviewing, applicant tracking, skill assessments, scheduling, and more
  • Save your hiring managers’ time and eliminate scheduling conflicts using its pre-recorded interview feature
  • Get a multilingual recruiting solution that’ll help you aim for candidates that belong to different backgrounds and demographics


  • Several VidCruiter users have reported that its UI is tough to learn and not too user-friendly
  • Occasional video lag issues that aren’t internet connectivity-related
  • Its skills assessment module isn’t that vast when compared to other point solutions in the same space
  • It lacks pre-built integration options with HRIS/Payroll systems

Customers: Lowe’s, Lionsgate, Samsung, Bears, US Foods, United Nations

Pricing: Contact the VidCruiter Pricing Expert to get a quote



#3 HireFlix


HireFlix is a one-way video interview software that helps businesses, institutions, and recruiters radically improve their screening processes and hire faster. It comes with a user-friendly interface that is free from lengthy implementations or legacy systems that complicate the hiring process for you and your candidates.

HireFlix offers:

  • An intuitive and minimal interface that is easy to use and works on all devices and browsers
  • Interview recording capabilities through which you can build the interview once and then invite as many candidates as you want
  • Bulk and individual shareable links, ratings, GDPR and SOC II compliance, multi-language options for candidates, white labeling options, Zapier, and more


  • Users have reported some loading glitches in the app
  • Interviews on HireFlix are not real-time so you lose the opportunity to interact with candidates

Customers: PGA, Sotheby’s, Iceland Air, Coin Gecko, Netquest

Trial: 30 days free trial

Pricing: Plans are available both monthly and yearly and start at $75/month



Improve your candidate's interviewing experience by iMocha's Video Interview Tool



#4 myInterview


myInterview is a candidate-centric video assessment platform that allows candidates to express their true personality, experience, and qualifications and helps hiring teams save significant time and resources.

myInterview offers:

  • Live interviews
  • Asynchronous interviews
  • Employer branding
  • Email templates
  • Multi-language candidate experience
  • Easy integration with several products including Greenhouse, JobAdder, and Workable


  • Users have reported that when using myInterview directly (not via an ATS) for recruiting volume roles, it's hard to manage previously rejected candidates in the pipeline stages without losing their videos
  • Users have also reported technical glitches
  • myInterview does not have advanced email templates

Customers: McDonald's, Unicef, Vodafone, Hyatt, Facebook

Pricing: 5 different pricing plans based on the active jobs, user seats, and number of candidates



#5 Spark Hire


Launched in 2012, Spark Hire’s video assessment tool promises to speed up your candidate screening process by 5 times.

At its core, it is an easy-to-use video interviewing platform that makes the hiring process more accurate, collaborative, and enjoyable for everyone involved.

Spark Hire offers:

  • Pre-recorded video interviews
  • Remote interviewing capabilities
  • Seamless team collaboration that saves time and effort
  • Features to monitor the most engaged candidates


  • Expensive for multiple jobs
  • No free trial or plan
  • Fails to integrate video interviewing and recruiting in one tool

Customers: USPS, Ikea, Volkswagen, Bae Systems, Love’s

Pricing: SparkHire has four plans. Starter costs $199 per month for unlimited interviews for 1 job at a time with 3 users.



Wondering how to create whiteboard assessments using video interview tool? iMocha can help!



#6 HireVueHireVue-Nov-03-2022-11-14-39-0541-AM

Founded in 2004, HireVue is an AI-powered on-demand interview platform that helps recruiters conduct the initial screening of candidates. It claims to improve how you, engage, screen, and hire talent with text recruiting, assessments, and video interviewing software.

HireVue offers:

  • A virtual assistant that performs the initial screen of applicants on its own, leaves messages for you, and gets responses in return
  • An on-demand interviewing feature, using which recruiters can sit and watch candidates’ interviews as per their convenience
  • A great customer support team that takes the time out to understand your business


  • HireVue is not too affordable for small and mid-size companies, also the offered features are quite less when compared with other competitors.
  • The range of software that it integrates with is pretty small.
  • The screening and proctoring process in HireVue is not too reliable and requires human intervention.

Customers: Amazon, Unilever, Vodafone, Beacon Health System, SmartLynx Airlines

Pricing: The ‘Essential’ plan starts at $35000 per month and is targeted toward organizations with 2500 to 7500 employees. The ‘Enterprise’ plan is for companies with over 7500 employees.



#7 Harverharver-1

Harver is a purpose-built volume hiring solution that enables companies to hire digitally and fairly. It comes with an especially designed interface that facilitates all sorts of pre-employment assessments, from virtual interviews to cognitive, behavioral, and skill assessments.

Harver offers:

  • A unique two-way matching methodology that manages high employee turnover rates
  • End-to-end automation for optimal efficiency
  • Mission-critical Business Intelligence capabilities

Customers: Netflix, McDonald's, UI Path, KPMG, BurgerKing

Pricing: Not disclosed publicly



#8 Breezy HRBreezyHRBreezy is an HR and applicant tracking platform that also offers a Video-Interview feature.

Breezy offers:

  • Reporting and analytics
  • Candidate management
  • Job advertisements
  • Candidate sourcing
  • Easy Integration with third-party tools


  • Getting assistance with issues is difficult unless you pay for the highest tier plan
  • The reporting capabilities in Breezy HR are not reliable
  • Users have reported that its system is not intuitive when it comes to setting up candidate scorecards, capturing candidate feedback, or who sees what information

Customers: Swagup, DuoLingo, Tonal, Product Hunt

Pricing: 4 pricing options. The ‘Bootstrap’ plan (for 1 position or pool) is free, while the premium or the ‘Business’ plan costs $399 per month.



#9 Avature

avatureAvature is an enterprise-grade video interviewing solution that facilitates interview scheduling, be it for one-on-one, group, or panel video interviews.

Avature offers:

  • A full-fledged ATS with built-in video interviewing, offer management, and onboarding solutions
  • AI-driven automatic talent matching and candidate ranking
  • A mobile application for recruiters that also provides offline availability


  • No Free Trial
  • The UI is not intuitive and tricky
  • The assessment feature is basic and demands third-party interference for specialized skill sets

Customers: Shell, Cisco, L'Oréal, Mondelez, Siemens, KPMG

Pricing: Not disclosed publicly



#10 Interviewstream

Interviewstream (2)Interviewstream is a collection of video interviewing and interview scheduling tools that help you find the right talent, faster. It specializes in video interviews and facilitates both live and on-demand interviews.

Interviewstream offers:

  • Intuitive dashboard and UI
  • Easy Integration with ATS systems
  • Modules such as Interview on demand, Interview connect, Interview scheduler, and Interview builder

Customers: Santander, Hershey, Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

Pricing: Not disclosed publicly




We hope that this blog helped you narrow down your choices for the best video interviewing software that’ll fit your organization’s custom- like a glove.

But before we leave, here are a few other features that you can consider while choosing the perfect video interviewing solution for your organization:


Want to accelerate your hiring process? Use iMocha's Automated Video Interview Assessments


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Kartik Mishra
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