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14 October, 2020

According to Forbes, Salesforce’s market share is well over 19%. And Salesforce is now the 7th most demanded job in the IT sector in 2020. 

A salesforce developer must have knowledge about a number of things: data modelling and management, proficiency in Salesforce and Apex, lightning framework, and communication. 

However, given the wide variety of use cases of Salesforce, the role of a salesforce developer changes as well. For instance, their work could be bifurcated between working on mobile or website applications, or facilitating integrations with different systems, or even customizing the Salesforce environment for clients.

Given the wide variety of roles that one has to play, to hire Salesforce developers is not an easy task at hand. So let’s get right into it!

First things first, how much do salesforce developers get paid?

According to a Glassdoor report, Salesforce developers get paid $22,000 more than an average developer. So, naturally, having this niche knowledge pays off!

The pay bracket can be further broken down on the basis of experience. 


  • For a junior Salesforce developer, with an average experience of 0 - 2 years, the salary begins at $56k - $60k per year.
  • For a Salesforce developer with 3 - 6 years of experience, this bracket increases to $70k - $100k a year.
  • For a seasoned developer with over 7 years of experience, the pay bracket varies from $110k per year to $140k. 

However, established organizations like IBM, Deloitte, Accenture, etc. offer over $160k a year to the developers. 

What qualifications should you expect a good Salesforce developer to have?

Usually, a candidate with a bachelor’s degree in computer science or IT with over 4 years of experience is considered to be a good candidate. Moreover, under education, you must also look for certain specialization certifications. 

Salesforce Certified Platform App Builder: With this certification, the candidate would have the knowledge on how to build apps on the Salesforce platform, set up security on the platform, create permission sets, use the lightning app builder and its components. 

Salesforce Certified Platform Developer I: For candidates with zero to minimal Salesforce developer skills, this certification covers all the basics one needs to have. With this certification, you can expect your candidate to have an understanding of Apex, SOQL, Lightning Web Components, Salesforce administration, etc. 

Salesforce Certified Platform Developer II: You may look for this certification in candidates with over two years of experience. Candidates who get this certification have a demonstrated knowledge and experience with Salesforce platform and data modeling, with advanced Apex skills. 

Depending on the role and experience you’re looking for, you may make these certifications as a mandate for your candidates. This way, candidates will be able to self-select them out, making your hiring process easier. 

What are the Salesforce interview questions to hire experienced a Salesforce developer and admin?

The assessment process has now become more detailed than it used to be before. While earlier a resume used to be the tell-all asset that candidates used to have to substantiate their proficiency, a detailed assessment test now has taken its place. 

Moreover, vetting your candidates’ proficiency in the assessment would help you save your and the hiring manager’s time. 

So you may include some of the following questions in your assessment model to further ease the process of hiring while spotting great Salesforce admin skills and Salesforce developer skills. 

  1. What are the three types of object relations in Salesforce?
  2. How would you use Governer Limits in Salesforce?
  3. Can one modify an Apex trigger in the production environment in Salesforce?
  4. How would you explain workflow and process builder? Name one use case in which you can use these to solve a business problem?

How can imocha help?

imocha is the world’s largest AI-powered digital skills assessment platform that helps people build winning teams. With imocha’s Salesforce assessment test and Salesforce admin test, you’ll be able to spot candidates that are fit for your requirements. Moreover, you’ll have the agency to switch the proficiency level for each candidate. 

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Radhika Dole
Radhika Dole
Radhika Dole is an Assessment Specialist at iMocha. Passionate about skill assessment technology, Radhika works on product creation based on the top trending and in-demand technologies. She also masters in creating customer-friendly reports along with product marketing material that brings maximum value to iMocha customers.
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