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iMocha started its journey a few years back and got huge momentum worldwide with hundreds of global clientele. Customers love iMocha and refer to it as a complete pre-employment online assessment software. Let's see what makes iMocha the complete online testing solution.

Hundreds of Ready test libraries
iMocha has hundreds of validated and reliable test libraries for numerous job profiles ranging from sales, digital marketing, project manager, coding tests, IT skills to customer support.

Advanced cheating detection and prevention technology

video-proctoringiMocha’s advanced technology including webcam proctoring, window violation, time violations, private links; randomization eliminates the need for human invigilation. This favorite feature saves huge time and hassles for recruiters.

Fastest custom test creation
With an internal team, a pool of SMEs ( subject matter experts), and effective quick simulators, iMocha provides the fastest custom test creation.

Easy and decisive reporting

customized-performance-reportsCustomer-driven easy reports make it easy to determine a go/no-go decision about a candidate. We make it extremely easy to act on the data collected.

Scalable platform
Because of its scalable technology and architecture, iMocha has been awarded as the best PaaS Company by Microsoft. A company can run 5000+ concurrent tests on iMocha platform.

iMocha talks to your HRM, ATS, and all internal tools. We have made APIs available to connect to any platform for seamless integration.

Live Coding Interview 

header-video-imgiMocha assists in remotely conducting live coding interviews, by analyzing candidate programming skills in a real-time coding environment. This platform includes an in-built code editor, real-time collaborations, comprehensive interview ranking.

Recruiter productivity boost up features
Being pre-employment testing focused, iMocha has added many features demanded by customers like an auto follow-up of candidates, integration with website career page, etc. to boost up recruiters' productivity.

Enterprise Readiness 

product-security-complianceSecurity, scalability, and flexibility are all features of this enterprise-ready system. iMocha places a high premium on protecting your company's data, allows you to log in to multiple applications with one set of login credentials, provides your future employees with an intuitive test platform, fun & quick tests, and a sublime test experience.

For custom tests, write to our friendly support team at 

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Amit Mishra
Amit Mishra
CEO, Co-founder of iMocha, the world's largest skills assessment API platform.

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